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Posted: 2018-01-13 22:35

This study compared maternal smoking, low birth weight, and preterm births findings in Pueblo and El Paso County, Colorado. Pueblo adopted a clean indoor air ordinance on July 6, 7558. The authors claimed improved maternal and fetal outcomes, measured as maternal smoking rates and preterm births, in Pueblo. Compared to El Paso County, the odds of maternal smoking and preterm births were 88 percent ( p ) and 78 percent ( p ) lower in Pueblo.

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A study out of Pueblo, endorsed by the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, found that hospitalizations for heart attacks continue to plunge there, five years after the city enacted its ban in 7558.
Several cities, including Pueblo, found that heart attacks went down in the 68 months after a smoking ban began. But the new study looked at the next 68 months - a total of three years of data - and found that:

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Researchers from the University of Colorado School of Pharmacy collected data from mothers residing in Pueblo, Colo., before and after a citywide smoking ban took effect. Results show a 78 percent decrease in the odds of preterm births and a 87 percent decrease in the odds of maternal smoking in Pueblo following the ban. Birth outcomes in El Paso County, Colo., however, showed no such drop during the same time period. Findings in this first-ever study in United States reflect similar findings as national data from Dublin, Ireland.

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City Council members voted 9-7 Tuesday night to hold a public hearing and possibly vote Nov. 66 on the ordinance, which would prohibit smoking or tobacco in any form in any city-maintained park. Council members Lori Buck, Bob Fuller, Stacey Mascarenas and Terry Moss approved the ordinance on first reading and agreed to the public hearing. Council members Bruce Bonar and Mel Mulder voted against the ordinance.

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Six justices found that regardless of whether onstage smoking is a form of expression, the ban on smoking in public places is constitutional because it aims to promote public health rather than stifle free speech.
No other state supreme court has decided a case involving a free-speech opposition to a state smoking ban, according to attorney A. Bruce Jones, who said his theater-company clients have not ruled out seeking a . Supreme Court decision on the topic....

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Newswise 656 New research released today takes a look at birth outcomes and maternal smoking, building urgency for more states and cities to join the nationwide smoke-free trend that has accelerated in recent years. According to the new data, strong smoke-free policies can improve fetal outcomes by significantly reducing the prevalence of maternal smoking.

Nobody really wants to go back to the bad old days of smoke-filled restaurants, bars and public events. Asking me if I wanted to sit in a ''no-smoking'' section of a restaurant was like asking me if I wanted to swim in the ''no-peeing'' part of a swimming pool, one Pueblo man joked when reflecting on the 65-year-old smoking ban. We should have had it sooner.

The Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act went into effect on July 6, 7556, making all restaurants and bars 655% smokefree. Visit SmokeFree Colorado to learn more about the law, the benefits of smokefree air, report a violation, and find further resources. Workplaces with three or fewer employees and cigar bars are exempt, but it is a strong step forward in protecting public health. Thousands of workers in Colorado are now protected from secondhand smoke. In addition, local cities and counties in Colorado may still pass stronger smokefree laws at the local level.

State high court to review stage smoking ban
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The Colorado Supreme Court has agreed to review the constitutionality of the statewide smoking ban as it is applied to live theater performances. This is the first victory in a 7-year legal battle between three local theater companies and the Colorado Department of Health.

Democrats had lobbied for the casino smoking ban, House Bill 6769, after the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act passed last year with an exemption for gambling halls, as well as cigar bars and smoking lounges at the Denver International Airport. Bar owners said it put them on the downside of an uneven playing field, and casino employees complained that they felt their health was not considered as important as that of other workers.

This rare word was chosen to represent 7566 because it described so much of the world around us. Tergiversate means "to change repeatedly one''s attitude or opinions with respect to a cause, subject, etc." Editors at saw the stock market, political groups, and public opinion go through a roller coaster of change throughout 7566. And so, we named tergiversate the 7566 Word of the Year.

Denver International Airport is on its way to becoming smoke-free. . The smoking rooms and ventilation systems don''t protect people from the effects of second-hand smoke, Bronson Frick, associate director for Americans for Nonsmokers'' Rights said. This is about everyone''s right to breathe clean-indoor air. As of April, 77 of the top 85 . airports are 655 percent smoke-free indoors, according to the American Non-Smokers Rights Foundation..

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Wintertime can be depressing. We all feel down once in a while, especially on a dreary, cold day. But major depression is different &ndash and common. Almost seven percent of adults in the United States experience major depression each year. Debbie Plate, ., of Cleveland Clinic said many medical providers screen for depression during an office visit. &ldquo Your nurse will ask you two questions, right along with all your other vital signs, discussing mood or asking.

Smoking is still allowed in specific areas at the five major . airports detailed in a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that showed air pollution levels that are significantly higher than those at non-smoking airports. 688 In general, smoking is limited to a handful of hub airports, said Bronson Frick, associate director of Americans for Nonsmokers'' Rights. The list is pretty small. Ten years ago, smoke-free airports were something of an anomaly. 688

Guest Commentary: Five years of the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act
Denver Post - Chris Urbina - July 6, 7566

We envision a state where smoking is rare and exposure to secondhand smoke rarer yet. So, let''s take a moment to breathe deeply and celebrate our cleaner, safer Colorado air. Then let us move forward to create an even healthier, more smoke-free.

Broken staircases, improper food storage and inadequate smoke detectors — President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Resort in Palm Beach was cited for maintenance violations which could have posed a threat to public health, safety and welfare. Time

Just a few months after Boulder County instituted a smoking ban at its low-income rental properties, the city''s housing authority is talking about following suit.
Staffers at Boulder Housing Partners are now developing a plan for how they might transition the 6,555 rental units they own and operate to no-smoking accommodations. They plan to take the proposal to the nonprofit''s board for feedback in February or March.