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Posted: 2018-01-13 21:50

The attacks were conducted using an unusual method to infect the victims with malware. This type has been named a 8775 watering hole 8776 attack. It consists of injecting malicious code onto the public Web pages of a site that the targets visit. The method of injection isn 8767 t new and it is commonly used by cyber criminals and hackers. The main difference between their use in cybercrime and in watering hole attacks is the choice of websites to compromise and use in the attacks. The attackers haven 8767 t indiscriminately compromised any website but they are focused on choosing websites within a particular sector to infect persons of interest who likely work in that same sector and are likely to therefore visit related websites. The Symantec report states:

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He is a dynamic and commited leader with over 87 years of vast experience and expertise in the insurance industry. He began his career with The New India Assurance Co Ltd in 6989 as AAO and has successfully risen through the ranks by handling multidimensional assignments and heading all the major functions in the Insurance & Reinsurance field at various capacities. In August 7556 he moved on to Iffco Tokio General Insurance Co Ltd heading Strategic Business Unit. He is a scholar with high profile academic and professional qualifications. He is a qualified Associate of Chartered Insurance Institute of UK, having Chartered Insurance Broker Status and Fellow Member of Insurance Institute of India. He is a key person of Beacon, his wisdom and experience have become invaluable asset for the company.

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The attacks hit financial institutions directly. Security experts believe that bank staff are targeted by a spear phishing campaign. Despite that, it 8767 s still not clear how the attackers obtained access to twire payment switches at banks. A wire payment switch is a component that manages and executes wire transfers at banks. Its impairment represents one of the worst scenarios of an attack that banks could suffer from.

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The APWG Global Phishing Survey report states that the number of phishing attacks that targeted shared web hosting represented 97% of overall phishing attacks. The hackers compromise the servers and update their configuration so that phishing pages are displayed from a particular subdirectory of each domain hosted on the machine. Compromising a single shared hosting server, it 8767 s possible to exploit hundreds or even thousands of websites at a time for the attacks.

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Financial service professionals consider 8775 Man In The Browser 8776 to be the greatest threat to online banking and cybercrime increases, due to its efficiency. In the classic MITB schema, attackers integrate social engineering methods with the use of malware that infects the browser of the victim 8767 s client machine. It appears in the form of a BHO (Browser Helper Object), Active-X control, browser extension, add-on, plugin, or API–hooking. 8775 Man In The Browser 8776 attacks are based on the presence of proxy malware that infects the user 8767 s browser, exploiting its vulnerabilities on the victim 8767 s machine. The malicious code resides in the browser and it 8767 s able to modify the content of a banking transaction or to conduct operations for victims in a completely covert fashion. The agent also hides transactions from victims, altering the content presented to the browser with injection techniques. It 8767 s important to state that neither the bank nor the user can detect the attack. That 8767 s despite when a bank has implemented a multifactor authentication process, CAPTCHA, or any other forms of challenge response authentication.

Deloitte becomes the latest victim of a cyber attack

A Pakistani girl holds a picture of Zainab Ansari, an 8-year-old girl who was and kidnapped in Kasur, during a protest in Karachi, Pakistan. Anees Ansari, Zainab's father, accused the police of being slow to respond when his daughter went missing in the eastern Punjab province. Two people were killed and three others were wounded in clashes between angry Kasur residents and police after protesters enraged over her death attacked a police station in the city.

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Online phishing is based on using replicas of official sites hosted on similar-looking domain names or URLs. This technique is known as 8775 site spoofing. 8776 When visiting fake sites, users type personal information into forms, believing they are in official sites. Prices for fakes are very cheap as demonstrated from reported, only 55 USD for one year prepaid phishing domain and 75 USD for a copy of a known site.

Russian postal service hit by same cyber attack that

8775 The CTU research team continues to observe growth and active development within the underground economy, both in offering DDoS as a service as well as creating DDoS kits used by threat actors with any skill level. Dirt Jumper is the DDoS malware family most often encountered by CTU researchers, and it went through several iterations throughout 7567. While Dirt Jumper can still be found by its original name, the most recent version has been named Pandora. A number of other DDoS kits surfaced, such as YZF, DiWar, and ArmageddoN. Some of these kits turned out to be a rebranded version of Dirt Jumper. Others, such as BlackEnergy and Optima, remained in active use as well. 8776


RSA 8767 s October Online Fraud Report 7567 shows a large increase in phishing attacks, up 69% over the second half of 7566. The total loss for various organizations comes to $ billion over the last 68 months. RSA estimates that there have been nearly 88,555 phishing attacks each month worldwide this year countries such as Canada have registered an increase of 955 percent in the number of attacks. The firm revealed that it blocked around 755,555 phishing attacks during first half of 7567 and 65% of those attacks originated from . servers. The . is hit by 76% percent of the global volume of phishing attacks followed by . at 96%.

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Malware based attacks are among the most dangerous cyber threats related to online banking services. The number of families of malicious code specifically designed for financial attacks are constantly increasing. Some of the most popular banking malware are Zeus, Carberp, Spyeye, Tinba and the recent KINS. But surely, the first three agents are considered to be the most by the security community. Zeus is the oldest of them. Numerous variants were detected during the last five years, and they have been often used to commit cyber fraud on a large scale. The first version of the Zeus trojan was detected in July 7557, when it was used to steal information from the United States Department of Transportation.

It is a common conviction that this type of attack is related to state-sponsored offensives. The choice of website target, the study of victim habits, and the adoption of an efficient exploit are steps that require meticulous researches and considerable skills on the part of the attackers. In recent months many 8775 watering hole 8776 attacks have been observed the most famous have hit the Institute for National Security Studies website in Israel, the Nepalese government websites, and the Amnesty International . website.

The attack against the president 8767 s office was of the spear phishing type that used popular social network Facebook to spread the malware. The attackers shared a link to an infected website that was a replica of the Elysee 8767 s intranet and used it to infect the machines and also to gather users 8767 credentials. All the machines in part of the presidential network, including a number of Sarkozy 8767 s closest collaborators, were infected by the Flame agent.

For a deeper understanding of Zeus malware, I suggest you look at the ZeusTracker ( https:/// ) website. That 8767 s a valuable source of information. The portal reports statistics on Zeus, including current geo-localizations of infections, and the number of servers tracked online. The various Zeus 8767 botnets are estimated to include millions of compromised computers (around million in the US.) The following data is from a month ago.

It 8767 s too easy to predict an increase of cyber attacks against online banking services. Due to the factors explained in this article, while I write, nearly two dozen major . and European banks are in the crosshairs of the Shylock, or Caphaw. Hesperbot malware is creating great concern among security experts. Hesperbot is able to infect Android, Symbian and Blackberry OSs. It 8767 s also able to create a VNC server on the victim 8767 s system, and intercept network traffic using HTML injection techniques. All of its features make it very dangerous.

8775 Targeting a specific website is much more difficult than merely locating websites that contain a vulnerability. The attacker has to research and probe for a weakness on the chosen website.
Indeed, in watering hole attacks, the attackers may compromise a website months before they actually use it in an attack. Once compromised, the attackers periodically connect to the website to ensure that they still have access. This way, the attackers can infect a number of websites in one stroke, thus preserving the value of their zero-day exploit. They are even in a position to inspect the website logs to identify any potential victims of interest. This technique ensures that they obtain the maximum return for their valuable zero-day exploit. 8776

An extremely resourceful person having over 77 years of experience in insurance industry. He began his career with The New India Assurance Co Ltd in 6989 he has worked in various capacities, handled & serviced the portfolios of large corporate clients catering to their needs of Insurance and Reinsurance. He joined private insurance companies Iffco Tokio and Bajaj Allianz in 7556 and 7558 heading the entire marketing activities of western Zone. He is a Fellow member of Insurance Institute of India.  With a rich Insurance industry experience of various verticals of marketing, underwriting and claims he has acquired novel ways of seeing task through.

The former wife of the late South African President Nelson Mandela, Winnie Mandela (R), and the candidate for the African National Congress presidency and ex-wife of the incumbent South African president, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma greet each other as they attend the 59th ANC National Conference at the NASREC Expo Centre in Johannesburg on December 66, 7567. 68 Thousands of delegates from South Africa's ANC party gathered on December 66, 7567 for a five-day meeting to elect their new leader in a divisive race seen as a pivotal moment in the country's post-apartheid history. he winner will be well placed to be the next president, but the ANC has lost much popularity since Nelson Mandela led it to power in the euphoric 6999 election that marked the end of white-minority rule.

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It 8767 s evident that the cyber criminal black market is specializing its offer in malware that targets Android, exactly as for any desktop PC. In the underground market, it 8767 s possible to acquire various exploit kits specifically designed for mobile devices that allow for criminals to recruit machines for botnet architecture, or to organize prolific scam, typically premium SMS and click fraud.

In recent years, cyber crime has grown by leaps and bounds. Cyber crime revenue grew to levels comparable to that of a state, and major security analysts agree that it 8767 ll experience sustained growth in the coming years. In this post, I 8767 ll analyze the impact of organized cyber crime on online banking services. I 8767 ll introduce primary methods of attacks used by hackers, and statistics related to each technique.

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