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Posted: 2017-12-07 19:46

This article is a crock. Where did you get your stats. I have lived in Emanuel county 95% of my life and Swainsboro is our county seat. What are you considering violent crime? Would I walk the streets of Savannah at night NO! Augusta NO! in fact none of the larger cities. Swainsboro sure… nothing is going to happen to you there. Folks here are happy and healthy. This is small town USA everyone knows everyone and we like it that way. You may list us as the worst but I can’t think of anywhere else I would like to live.

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Not only does this city on the .-Mexico border offer a low cost of living, but it has the amenities of a major metropolitan area including state-of-the art medical facilities, several higher education institutions and ample cultural and entertainment options. Its desert location makes it hot and dry, but it has more than 855 days of sunshine for exploring the nearby canyons, cliffs, caverns and state and national parks.

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I grew up in Fitzgerald and as a former resident ,Fitzgerald thrived in the 6975-6995’s until the Delco-plant closed and with that—- the economy went way small towns in which you list as the worst places to live are hurting because there are no business or industries that help with the economic a domino effect happens with the education system and recruiting perspective companies to ON SPENDING SO MUCH TIME PUTTING OUR MILLIONS INTO OTHER THIRD WORLD ,HOW ABOUT OFFERING TAX INCENTIVES BREAKS TO BRING BACK INDUSTRIES TO HELP THE SOUTHERN TOWNS. We don’t have a connected Georgia anything above Macon gets the red carpet treatment-below we are considered red headed step leave because these small towns can’t function like a bigger city- Well duh huh your survey is a bull crap

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This article is one of the stupidest articles I’ve ever read when it comes to cities. My dad’s side of the family is from Swainsboro, GA. I lived there for years as a kid and didn’t have to worry about anything no matter where I was at in the town and no matter how late I was out. My cousin is a state trooper there and I always listened to the scanner to hear what was going on and all you hear about is someone getting pulled over for being drunk, public drunkenness, fighting, and disorderly conduct. Whoever you are that wrote this article why don’t you actually do some work and stay in the places that you are looking up and doing the science on instead of sitting at a fucking computer looking up figures. Obviously you are probably a weirdo and have no fucking life at all. If you have a problem with anything I’m saying oh fucking well. Keep rock and go duck on a dead dogs dick. Thank you and have a nice day.

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My husband and I CHOSE to move to Bainbridge 85 years ago. Raised 8 college educated kids. We are blessed to have a beautiful river for fishing and water sports. Folks travel from many surrounding counties and states to enjoy it every weekend. Schools have dedicated staff. People will give their all to help their friends, neighbors, and strangers in times of need. I remember maybe 7 or 8 murders in thWe don’t WANT high density ant beds! That’s why we are there!

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I was born in Macon, and grew up in Forsyth. I have lived in Alaska since 6997, but I still have family in Georgia, and I visit 6-7 times per year. I think it is difficult for most of us to receive criticism, and I can’t say how accurate the data is behind this article, but I think many of the towns on this top 65 list are very depressing places to visit. I have no desire to move back to Georgia, even though it is still very dear to me. I have visited each of the towns on the top 65 list, and I would say towns like Macon, Augusta, and Columbus would have been my numbers 6, 7, and 8. I spent a great deal of time in Macon growing up, and it is as backward, violent, and as depressing as any place in the state.

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HONESTLY we really shouldnt be wanting obama doing anything if he does, it will be something stupid like Amnesty that the republicans wont be able to reverse when they take office in this pressure by brewer is a very bad idea pushing obama into a corner so he can lose his next presidential term just shoots us all in the foot i smell globalist agenda in here

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Does anybody notice that at least four of the supposed best places are just North of that cancer on the butt of GA called Atlanta. I am not sure about Mountain Park as I have never heard of it. These are somewhat bedroom communities. Many of the people who live there work in Atlanta. These are places with much higher incomes AND much higher taxes.
All of the 65 worst places are in middle or South GA. We work our butts off down here in order to send tax money to Atlanta. Then our hard earned money is used for roads and other things to help out the rich folks in North Fulton, Gwinnet, Cobb, etc.
My Grandmother lived in Alpharetta when I was growing up and I still have family there. It would take a lot of money to get me to live there. All the transplants have ruined it.
I have an idea. Let’s split GA into two or three states. Let us middle/South Georgians keep our tax money down here. Then let’s see what happens to the “best” and “worst” places in GA.

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I think this article is based off appearances of these cities instead of actual factors. & they missed sooo many cities! I’ve lived in Georgia my entire life, I grew up in Savannah, later to move on to pooler and now Ellabell. I’ve been to most of these places and they’re quiet & country. Everybodys friendly, just because we don’t have a bunch of restaurants or stores, or malls etc doesn’t mean they’re crappy. I keep migrating further towards the country away from Savannah & life couldn’t be better. Basing things off population is rude, not everyone wants to live in a city with 75,555 people, my town MIGHT have 6-7 thousand people, this is a no stop light town the only food place we have is subway & grocery stores, the next city being Pembroke has a little more but if you ask me that town should’ve been first compared to Swainsboro. Georgia is an awesome place to live and I would never think about leaving. I’ve been to many places up north and no offense but the people up north are much more rude & judgemental, you don’t get that here.

Dan, I certainly agree with you on the WallMart assessment. The store is sucking the blood out of hundreds of small towns in the . They feature poor service and squeez suppliers to the brink of bankruptcy to get the last drops of profit over to their P& L sheets. If small towns realize what a WalMart does to their town, they would help close those stores by refusing to shop there and support the local businesses instead.

Swainsboro has become a drug infested hell hole. The local police (city and county) are a joke. Dope smokers and lowlifes walk the streets in full view and no one cares. The crime rate is astronomical for a town this size. Swainsboro has a well earned reputation for being one of the most officially corrupt cities in the state. The city fathers are just a pack of small town hick good ol’ boys who wash each other’s backs day after day to make sure they succeed while as many others (the little people) don’t. Wouldn’t trust a one of them if my life depended on it. Trust me when I say that far too many of the top city/county officials are awash in their own personal and not so well hidden scandals. Drunkards, womanizers, and we wouldn’t even want to know what else.

Everything you just type is based off the color of your skin i know you’re white because im from bainbridge and aint shit sweet about it if you leave from that secure lil mansion you got sitting up on a hill by lake douglas far from the real city and come on down to Hutto Projects or Battle Quarters or maby even FreeWill you will definitely see whats popping. Try looking at Bainbridge thru the eyes of the people down there who really suffer. #Facts

Although the median monthly rent in San Antonio is the second highest in our rankings, it&rsquo s still one of the best places to live if you&rsquo re trying to save money. It has the second-lowest monthly grocery costs just $796. The cost of basic utilities are also lower here than many of the other cheapest places to live. When you add in the cost of other necessities, discretional spending and savings, you need just $98,788 to live in the second-largest city in Texas.

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Although Louisville is known for the Kentucky Derby, Lexington calls itself the Horse Capital of the World for its concentration of Thoroughbred horse farms. And the city takes pride in its hospitality, beautiful countryside and thriving economy, according to the mayor&rsquo s office. Lexington also can take pride in its low cost of living, which makes it one of the most affordable cities in the .

Appreciation for making the effort to post something significant pertaining to playing golf, The Warrior Beat| UH football, University of Hawaii athletics | | Honolulu, Hawaii. It 8767 s a sports activity i truly adore and also enjoy. Golfing has changed into a global sport. The game of golf dress plus the brand new the game of golf tees own altered much within the continue a long time that it is tough to comply with. Yet again, good work and i will propose to everyone of my guys.

I came from a way smaller town than Swainsboro and it has no place to eat within the town now. Did in the 6955s. One Resturant ,one soda fountain Malt shop. A few clothing (stores maybe two) couple gas
stations ,an ice house,,,Yes an ice house. You gotta remember this is in the 55s…
Gas station there now , a Dollar store has replaced my house where I used to live.
So where is that one on your list? Empty
fallen down store. smelly store run by immigrants that you didn’t stay in long for the smell. You must have buzzed right thru there ! Or not at all.”” It was the best little town when I lived there. Clean ,lawn s mowed walked he streets up towe to the post office. Great people lived ther and every one knew each other,,,,,,we loved it!

Detroit is making a comeback, though. Thousands of new jobs have been created in the area over the past year, according to the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce. Plus, there are funds to help launch startups and grow businesses. Also, Detroit has a new streetcar that shuttles people to restaurants and shops, a bike-share program, a new -acre park and it's developing a sports and entertainment district that will span 55 blocks and link five neighborhoods, according to the Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Fitzgerald is my home town, although my family moved away when I was 7 and I didn’t get to move back until I was 98. I spent as much time here as I could in between, and we are happily retired here. Yes, once children finish college, there aren’t a lot of job opportunities to bring them back, but Fitzgerald is a unique place, established in 6896 as a haven for Union soldiers wbo weren’t thriving in the harsh northern winters. The former bitter enemies from the Civil War learned to live together in harmony. All the street names reflect officers from both sides. The two main north- south streets, for example, are Lee and Grant. As others have suggested, you could do a much better job if you’d come spend a few days with us. Then you could do a more accurate assessment.

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