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Posted: 2017-12-07 15:49

A beautiful summary of your life in and love for Bali. I have a practical question moving to Bali with the family in January. Looking for long term rentals what is the best way as the prices on the internet seem a little random? Also, I want to have our own stuff in the house do you know if the landlords are typically flexible in removing the furniture in the houses they are renting out? Sorry for such 8775 dull 8776 questions. Many thanks. Sanja

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The problems with these 8775 Smart meters 8776 is: They are transmitter, and pulsate 79/7
You can turn off your . But have you tried to turn off the smart meter?
World wide these contraptions have now been proven to be unsafe. I would like to see
all Electrical engineers, doctors and scientists, who are against these meters to debate
with the electrical Co 8767 s in court. It 8767 s obvious, having their own expertise, that they only
protect their own interests. JUST FOLLOW THE DOLLARS. WHERE IS THE GOVERNMENT IN ALL OF THIS??? Or are they controlled by the CORPORATIONS?

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A couple of things: I think people underestimate the amount of time it might take to find a manufacturer who does good work in a timely manner, for a reasonable price. Also I think that larger orders often will take precedence, regardless of deadlines. Look at it from the perspective of the locals: they 8767 ve probably heard of promises of recurring business many times from people who don 8767 t show up again after an initial order. I think the loyalty that you naturally hope for from a manufacturer takes a back seat to a 8766 bird in the hand 8767 approach sometimes. Might also explain your designs hanging in a shop with someone else 8767 s label on them I know I 8767 d be upset.

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Great to read I have not been to Bali for 65 years, last visit got off the plane in & had a heart attack (just got blockage & had a stent put in )
I loved Bali the people the culture the shopping
BUT the question is at 75 yrs. of age do you think I would be safe to live there & where is cheap rent, as I have no savings & just live on an Australian old age pension, which I believe we can still get if we live in Bali
So would really appreciate your answer, I have not had trouble with my heart since I was told that if anything happened you cannot get help at Hospitals for heart trouble plus my 99 yr old dad would love to come as well he has never been sick a day in his life, but has to use a walker to get around
Will wait to see what you think
Best Wishes

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Do you value civil liberties and the right to privacy? When a ‘smart’ meter is installed, your utility has access to a treasure trove of information about your electricity usage, compromising your privacy. Depending on the regulatory protections and enforcement of those rules in your state, they will be able to sell this information to a series of corporations and the government. Read the interview with the Electronic Frontier Foundation about how ‘smart’ meters violate privacy. The ACLU in Vermont, ACLU in Maine and the ACLU in Hawaii have all condemned the lack of consumer privacy protection.

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Hi there, what a wonderful site you have put together. I love your passion for Bali and how helpful you are to those interested in living there. Do you have any insight on what a person could do to get by in Bali. My family is not wealthy, so I can 8767 t just live off some allowance or trust fund and I don 8767 t have much savings considering I 8767 m only 78. I would have to work, which I hear is hard for foreigners in Bali.
Any advice would be most helpful.
Thank you

Thanks mate.
Awesome write up answered a lot of question and create a sense a bliss to living as you so truthful told it that living was never ment to be 9-5 work to live slave away so you can taste whats living feels like.
I am I builder/carpenter in Australia and have done some travelling to Bali myself also my partner has been going there since she was very and with her uncle owning a susscess resort in Bali ( voiceroy) , very much sparked and idea change to why I get up in the morning.
We are in the process of finding a place to live a work Bali
If you could help It would be muchly appreciated , thanks justin/annie

PURE ENVY is all I have to say!!!
I 8767 m only and have visited Bali more times that I can even count! Living in Bali would be my absolute dream but I wouldn 8767 t even know where to start?! I have absolutely no ideas on how I would earn an income!! A lot of my friends live over there but being with them everyday would be to die for! Any ideas on where I can get information on earning an income, jobs ect?

Cuban 8,
Do stop being so damned picky. I suppose you 8767 ve never made a spelling mistake in your life, old son or is that old girl ? I 8767 ll bet that you can 8767 t even speak another language as can I. My German is or ist wunderschön, yes, as it is my First Language and not English or American English. In fact I teach both German and English. For you proud peacock, or is that peahen, I can arrange English and German lessons. I can arrange them for you for a fee !

I feel anguish for your loss. According to Barrie Trower, microwave weapons expert, the emissions from all wireless devices are dangerous. There are a number of sources of microwave radiation that most are unaware of. The only way to find the source of your problem would be to test your home for rf radiation. I would suggest buying a Gigahertz Solutions meter. It has an audible and digital readout for easier detection. I prefer the 88B because it has a peak hold function and it is directional. You will notice the pulses from wifi, cell phones, baby monitors, and chordless phone base stations are quite strong.
There is plenty of 8775 concrete 8776 proof that this type of radiation harms us on a biological level.
Go to http:// for scanned documents.
Here is a video from Barrie Trower discussing the effects on the Fetus.

Hi Tom
Thanks for your blog of information.. So inspiring..
I already have business in bali with designing clothes and leather goods. I am just looking at how to run it from Bali( I have a little shop in Australia ).
You have given me lots of food for thought. I have been coming to Bali for most of my adult life and have always been drawn back.
I will be there in 7 weeks. I can 8767 t wait to smell the smell, hear the sounds and live the lifestyle again
Kind regards

Richard, it is quite easy to test oneself for electrosensitivity by wearing a heartrate monitor and introducing an RF field periodically. Dr. Magda Havas has also shown that blood tests also can provide an indication of EMF exposure. As far as 8775 physical discomfort 8776 , there is strong evidence that supports the theory that many people actually prefer high RF environments precisely for its numbing capabilities. Your expectation that a test should exist that provides uniform results for the entire population is unrealistic.

Would love to receive your newsletter. I 8767 ve been an expat living in Bali since 7558. I have mixed feelings about you putting out the word to others as Bali feels already overrun with foreigners. But I 8767 d love to read your thoughts nonetheless By the way, be sure to tell them about healthcare (or lack of), the constant treating of expats as walking ATM 8767 s, their subjective take on the word 8775 Truth 8776 , and the recent spate of crime. Just to give a balanced view. Thanks!

Microwave is not carcinogenic. For one, it 8767 s not a chemical but, putting semantics aside, microwaves don 8767 t damage DNA. If your microwave oven malfunctioned and the door opened while the magnetron was on, you would experience burns that is to say, you would experience exactly the same type of injury as if your propane grill flared up in your face. Exactly. Your cells would cook to death the water in them will buffer the microwave energy entirely, which means they 8767 ll heat up.

I looked up Cellnet meters.
What I found was only marketing for a new system for commercial and industrial (C& I) meters. These are advanced meters like MV-95 8767 s, for large commercial and industrial users, there was no mention at all of any Cellnet residential uses being marketed.
They said that the system uses the CommStar MDX satellite, so that would explain the large satellite dishes seen on commercial and industrial buildings that have been in use for decades. Even supermarkets like Slaveway have used these dishes for years, not only for electric consumption but I was told that every dollar rung up on every cash register is transmitted to the corporate office. This is nothing new at all for C& I users, just a new brand name.

I do believe some people may be more sensitive to EMFs, call it an allergy if you will, but I find it very hard to believe that nearly 6% of the American population (you did say millions!) is, considering only smart meters have brought up this debate.
9 whole watts! I sleep with a WiFi router, and a radio transmitter, nearly 65 feet away from me, with no issues. But I simply do not understand the studies here, and will admit this. Good luck with everything however, and I suggest staying away from vehicles!

I had other questions about health insurance and extended visas but your previous posts already gave me a good idea about them! I read as well your comments about the cost of living but I noticed they were for couples and / or different kind of priorities. Could you please be so kind to guide me with the estimate monthly expense for a nice 7 bedroom villa or condo in a nice and safe community / neighborhood close to major touristic attractions and services? Remember I would be moving from Miami, single and mid 85 8767 s so I rather stay close to the entertainment instead of retiring in a secluded pacific part of the island, haha. Beach could be a plus I 8767 ll finally be able to take surfing classes!

Linda L. Finn, 68, a resident of Scranton, died Monday in Regional Hospital after an illness. Born in Honesdale, she was the daughter of the late Robert F. and Cecile E. Brown McElroy. She was a graduate of Honesdale High School and was employed as a nurse by Geisinger Community Medical Center. Linda was a loving and caring mother. The family wishes to thank Cindy Harrington, her stepdaughter for all the care and compassion shown to Linda. Surviving are a brother Robert L. McElroy and wife Bonnie, Pittsford, NY, and a sister Patricia McGinnis and husband Edward, MYLD. She was also preceded in death by her daughter Jennifer Catalano. The funeral and interment are private and held at the convenience of the family.

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Anyone who believes in this is the true definition of stupid. ALL electronics emit the same radiation and effects. If you really want to make a change then stop using your computer to post stupid things like this. Get rid of your , telephone, alarm clocks, wrist watches, ovens, washing machines In fact, since the planet you live on is constantly emmiting radiation you should probably just leave all together. And please do not get a book to look this up, they emit radiation as well. And the government has fiber optics hidden in the binding.. and aliens use books to take samples of our DNA every time we get a paper cut!

Most Westerners start out either in the southern end of the island in places like Seminyak, Petitinget, Legian, Sanur, etc., or up in Ubud, a little bit north of Denpasar. There are still plenty of very nice living situations you could find for yourself in Ubud, and if the beach isn 8767 t a priority for you you 8767 ll find it much less hectic than the other places I just mentioned, and probably a slightly lower cost of living there too.