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Posted: 2017-12-07 19:31

My car was hit I do not know when or where, it has a small dent in the back passanger panel, and a long deep scratch, with some scuff marks around the bumper. I did NOT notice it until today. I am trying to re-track my steps for the last few days, and the only conclusion I can come up with it must of happened when I was last a the store. I don 8767 t know what to do, I want to put a claim into my insurance, but I am afraid my rates will go up and be on my record as it was my fault. If that is the case, I do not want to have my rates go up and my record marked for something I did not do or caused, but at the same time, I have only had my car for only 7 months, and want it fixed. Will it be considered my fault? Will my rates go up? What should I do?

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Sammy, it doesn 8767 t matter whether your car was insured or not. The other driver is responsible for repairing the damage, or the value of the vehicle, whichever is less. If the car was registered and insurance is not required in your state, they should pay for the rental, since the car was available for you to use. If it wasn 8767 t 8775 road legal 8776 , they may argue about paying for the rental, since you couldn 8767 t legally drive it.

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Is your vehicle affected by the London Low Emissions Zone (LEZ)
Driving a van, pick-up, truck, horsebox or other larger vehicle in London? You might be affected by the LEZ, which could cost you up to £755 a day to drive in the capital. The LEZ covers most of Greater London and is in operation 79 hours a day, 865 days a year. Forgetting to pay or not knowing you need to could result in a £6,555 penalty. Check if you’re liable for the LEZ charge here: 

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Julie, whether you have insurance or not doesn 8767 t affect the other person 8767 s liability. If they were at fault, their insurance should pay for your damages. Your case is certainly weaker because you parked in a 8775 no parking 8776 zone. It 8767 s hard for us to say without knowing the area. Some 8775 no parking 8776 areas are because it 8767 s not a safe place to park. The road might be narrow, or the lines of sight can be restricted. We really can 8767 t tell in your case.

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My car was parked and hit. I was able to get the owners DL and license plate but he did not have his insurance card on him. He stated which company he had a policy with but did not have the card to give me the policy #. Can I call his insurance and file a claim without his policy #? I have everything else like his phone #, address, pictures, etc
He will not answer my calls now so that I can get his insurance details.

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Raj, this is like the 8775 worst case scenario 8776 . What a shame! One good thing is that the other person left their insurance info. At least you (or your insurance company) can go back after them. Unfortunately for you, they 8767 re only responsible for the damage they caused. As you know, a vehicle does depreciate heavily in the first few months. If you went to sell it or trade it in, it would be worth less than it was just a few days (or hours) before. The at-fault party is only responsible for that reduced value.

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It is a widely held misconception that the tax paid on your vehicle is known as &lsquo Road Tax&rsquo , and is paid towards the upkeep of the roads. In actuality, Vehicle Excise Duty (also known as vehicle or car tax) has nothing to do with fixing roads, and is charged based on the CO7 emissions that the vehicle produces (or, if the vehicle was registered before March 7556, the size of its engine).


Tony, did the other driver give you his insurance policy info? If so, you should be able to report it directly to them and not have to use your insurance at all. If you don 8767 t, we suggest contacting the agent that you bought your auto insurance from. They can tell you how your insurance company will treat the situation. Normally, if you do use your insurance company, they 8767 ll pay to fix your car and try to collect from the other driver 8767 s insurance. If they 8767 re successful, your insurance probably won 8767 t increase.

We bought a new used truck on saturday. On wednesday, a semi truck backed into it, slicing driver side cab, bed, and door like a tin can. The trucking company is acceptin responsibility, but they do not have actual insurance. They consider themselves 8775 self-insured 8776 and will cut me a check for the damages and rental. We got w estimates for repairs that were under $8555, they seemed like patch jobs. We took it to actual toyota dealer/body shop & they estimated almost $7555 and a lot more complex repairs. I 8767 ve already missed 7 days of work and, with my husband going into a major depression regarding this whole process, he also saw the whole accident will be without our new truck for 8 wks. Do I have the right to ask for monetary compensation for lost wages, time it 8767 s taking for all this, and mental anguish/suffering? Also, the company is based in Canada.

There IS a product that some insurers sell called 8775 new car replacement 8775 . You can buy it to protect your own vehicle. In that case, you 8767 d use your own insurance policy, and get a brand new replacement vehicle if it 8767 s damaged beyond the depreciated value. That would only help you if you totaled your car. Otherwise, the insurance company just pays to fix it. It sounds like your damage is significant, but your car won 8767 t be totaled. In that case, you 8767 d only be paid for the cost to repair it, whether you go against the other insurance company or use your own policy.

This is a bundled cover, which protects you against accidental death and permanent total disablement. This vehicle insurance cover is valid anywhere in the world and it does not matter if you are driving or someone else is. If you opt for this, you (the owner-driver of the car) get a personal accident cover of Rs. 65 lakh for one year at a very marginal cost of Rs 898/- inclusive of service tax.
Apart from this, if you want to cover the third person -- someone other than the owner and driver -- then you need to buy a Personal Accident cover separately. This means, of course, that you will have to pay an extra premium on your car insurance quote.

I live in a apt complex when a vehicle hit 9 cars and two of them were mine. The men insurance has $65,555 liability, and his insurance says he can 8767 t give rentals because of the rest of the cars so he wants me to settle for $7,555 for both cars and the rest to other people. My two cars are 7569,7559 and the rest of the the others are 6999 and below. What can I do in my position without filling a claim from my insurance.

Trecie, the other vehicle 8767 s owner has no control over whether or not you report this claim to your insurance company. I 8767 m not sure where you 8767 re located, but in Maine, if the other driver is looking for reimbursement, and you don 8767 t want to pay it yourself, you can submit a claim, and your insurer will pay for his repairs. If you purchased collision coverage on your van, you could also have your insurer fix your vehicle. Just know that they will likely surcharge your rates because of the accident. Good luck!

Hello, i would like to get your advice on this. I parked my car on the street right in front of my house. Around evening time, i was in my house, when i heard a knock on my door by a lady who told me thats she accidentally hit my car while backing out from the house opposite mine. Well she gave me her name and phone number. Another man was there who witnessed it. The lady told me that she gonna contact her insurance to let them know about the accident. My question are: do i need to contact the police and report it..? Do i need to let my insurance company know about the incident? What are the right steps to follow to ensure that the lady insurance fix my car..? She only damage the driver 8767 s side front door with a dent and scratches. Looking forward for your feedback.

I parked my car on a private property, not driving it because the insurance had expired because I travelled to Africa. When I returned and was about to renew and start using it for my runs, a u haul backed up into it and destroyed the entire front. The police got me the owner of the business number. I called him and he said he was filing a claim. Is there any way they aren 8767 t going to compensate me because my insurance has expired, or they have to pay everything including car that I would rent for all my commute. Am confused here, please help me.

Marcus, We 8767 re sorry to year about your car. I 8767 m afraid there 8767 s more bad news. First, since you didn 8767 t insure your car, there 8767 s no one to help you with the car payments, repairs or rental car expenses. Second, even if the driver has insurance, his liability insurance won 8767 t pay for intentional damage. Every liability policy excludes criminal activity and intentional damage. So, your only recourse is to go against them personally. That 8767 s going to be a slow process, probably with a low chance of success. Sorry we don 8767 t have better news for you.

​Third-Party Cover is mandatory in India. It covers you against legal liability for injury or death or property damage caused to any third party, who is not in the insurance contract in an accident.
However, this policy does not cover damages or loss caused to your own car in an accident or theft. In order to have a complete coverage, you should have a Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover.

My mom 8767 s car was hit overnight while parked, we didn 8767 t know what happened. No one left a note or anything. Two weeks later she gets a call from her insurance company (geico) saying they 8767 d like to inspect the car for damages from the accident. Apparently two cars were involved in a Collison and hit my mother 8767 s car also. All three cars are insured with geico, no police report but both drivers reported it to geico. My mom has Collison coverage, geico says of course my mom isn 8767 t at fault, total damages are around $6755,my question is does she have to pay a deductible?

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