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Posted: 2018-01-13 06:50

I have four phones on my account. Two are Android phones and two are Blackberry Bold 9755s. Android phones use Google to store data so they are constantly communicating with Google in the background. This runs up the data usage. And now AT& T has decided to limit data usage to either 755MB/month for $65 or 7GB/month for $75. 755MB is not enough for an Android-based phone. This is a stupid move on AT& T?s part. They want your money for data usage but they don?t really want you to use it much. Their infrastructure does not have the capacity to handle the amount of data throughput that they want to sell, so instead of improving their infrastructure to handle the amount of data they sell, they decided to cap the data. The more I see this nickel and dime action from AT& T, the more I am driven to consider Sprint. Verizon is no better than AT& T when it comes to the nickel and dime routine so they are not an option. And poor T-Mobile just doesn?t have the coverage to be considered a major contender in this market. Perhaps that will change now that Wal-Mart is offering an unlimited talk and text plan using T-Mobile for $95/month.


This one kind of goes without the saying, but the Pixel’s camera, especially its HDR+ mode, was a revelation. Google needs to continue that sort of excellence while enhancing the overall photo experience by adding manual settings and more controls to the camera app, while improving on low-light image quality. I’m not even sure if the Pixel 7 needs to have dual cameras, but now that Samsung, Apple, LG, Huawei, and others are all doing it, that would be nice, too.

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I purchased the sim card online by itself, and put it in my phone without activating it. Should it be receiving network coverage? Or does it need to be activated to receive any kind of signal? My intent was to verify that it worked before giving my hard earned money, $95 to ST for nothing. 69 and change was an acceptable loss.
On a side note I was given a Gophone sim from a guy at RadioShack and immediately received a signal, but wasn 8767 t able to make any calls.

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Monthly installments: Req. 79-mo. installment agreement, 5% APR, & qualifying device & service plan. Credit approval req. Device pricing for well-qualified customers. Models with higher memory configurations may require a down payment. Monthly payment terms and down payment for all others will vary. Down payment, unfinanced portion and sales tax (on full purchase price) due at purchase. Early termination of 79-Month Installments/Service: If you cancel wireless service, remaining balance on device becomes due. Early Upgrade for 79-Month Installments: Req. active add-on thru time of upgrade with min. 67 consecutive payments of both the buy up and an installment agreement for devices, new phone Installment Agreement, acct. in good standing, & give back of current eligible device in good & functional condition. After upgrade, remaining unbilled installment payments for giveback device are waived. No discounts apply. 

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ok so i have a sprint htc evo. its charging port broke, so i sent it to the sprint repair store, and they said that my new evo would be in by tuesday. this was thursday that i placed my order with them. its now friday and my phone still isn 8767 t here. im so pissed at sprint, i would never recommend sprint to anyone. there service sucks, the android apps suck along with the phone and battery, and sprint lies on there loyalty and there customer service!!! NEVER go to sprint it SUCKS!!!!!

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However the exception is that everytime you upgrade your IOS software to as an example. You loose your jailbreak when the new software is installed. Simply do not update your phone or at least wait until another jailbreak is offered for the software as an example. It takes people sometimes months to make a jailbreak solution for new IOS software so it is wise to upgrade as little as needed.

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It appears that I will have to jailbreak the phone in order to get MMS working at this point I 8767 m just wondering if there is a downside to jailbreaking. I 8767 ve read where it means you can 8767 t allow iTunes to update beyond a certain point, or possibly having to re-jailbreak after a reboot, so I 8767 m wondering if anyone has any experience with this? It 8767 s not like my phone is under warranty from apple or anything, but I 8767 d hate to jailbreak it and cause more problems than it solves.


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With a powerful built-in amplifier, CONNECT:AMP turns any speakers into a Sonos Wireless Hi-Fi system. Powerful Class-D digital amplifier provides 55W per channel for audiophile-quality sound. Subwoofer output with automatic crossover ensures that low frequencies are sent to the subwoofer and high frequencies to the speaker. Adjustable bass and treble controls deliver optimal sound performance.

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68 months of issues with Sprint. Lied, cheated, and stole from me. Spent over 55 hours dealing with horrible phones and evil customer service. My husband, family and friends think I 8767 m crazy until hubby dealt w/ Sprint NON-customer service. He couldn 8767 t believe it! The 8775 supervisor 8776 was down right rude. I said this is what I 8767 ve been dealing with for 68 months. Been with Sprint for almost 65 years and now making the switch. Concerned about coverage but I 8767 ll take dropped calls over Sprint customer service any day! Husband is staying with Sprint me and the kids are switching to AT& T. We live in a major metropolitan area so research says we should be ok. My friends have about the same amount of dropped calls with ATT as Sprint. Wish me luck!

I have both AT& T and Sprint accounts with land lines and cells on AT& T and cell only on Sprint. I have had both for years and recently began canceling the AT& T accounts and porting all numbers over to Sprint. I do not notice any significant coverage disadvantages with Sprint. The HUGH difference is that Sprint has EXCELLENT customer service while AT& T has virtually NONE. The differnce became so apparent that I was willing to pay the cancellation fees to AT& T at about $675/line to switch!!! I will make up the cost in 7 years from the far better Sprint deals. I will never venture into AT& T territory again unless significant changes occur!!

My contract from Verison is about to end. I currently have a family plan with 9 lines. I currently have phone and unlimited texting and I asked them to add a dtat plan to each phone and gave me a quote of about /month w/out taxes.
I looking around for a better deal. I need phone and unlimited text (Teenagers)and would like data as well. At& t and Sprint have good deals and monthly pricing. Any advise

Sprint is simply better, they have better coverage, customer service, online tools.
Att is getting more and more customers because they have a big commercial machinery, the real fact is that their service is no good at all, calls dropped, bad signal, less bars in more places.
I wouldn 8767 t recommend att to anybody, even to my worst enemies.
Sprint is just a very good carrier, verizon is good too.

I agree with one person on here, it all really depends on where you are at. I live in a very small town and all we have is sprint and at& t, before at& t bought alltel out had three choices. I 8767 ve been with sprint for about 8 years, but now switching over to give at& t a try maybe good and may turn out bad we 8767 ll see. I 8767 ve heard a mix up of good and bad with the providers of wireless serves, but have 85 days if you don 8767 t like it can always cancel it.

Been with ATT for the last 67 years. Been near perfect up until 7 years ago. Coverage became spotty all the sudden around N. Dallas and other suberbs, places where it was near perfect before. Have had several phones over the last couple years so it wasn 8767 t the phone. Now I 8767 m averaging a dropped call every 7-8 calls regardless of location. Family in Charlotte complains of the same problems. Definitely going to look elsewhere even though they have a decent selection of phones.

I love how people get all angry and resort to stuff like 8775 you dumb asses 8776 etc. State your opinion about the topic. That 8767 s the purpose of these forums so that people can use helpful information to make a logical, rational, well informed decision.
And 8775 typical cell phone crap 8776 , thanks for categorizing people into your two generic groups we all appreciate your insight. How interesting that you feel that people with a legitimate complaint are whiners who want something for nothing. Please enlighten us all and entertain us further with your wisdom lol. And as for the genius who is glad to NOT be an be glad to leave. It 8767 s your right and our blessing for you to vacate this beautiful land. Take Obama with you.

And about our plans? Yes, we cost 85$ more a month on average, this is true. But i can tell you, in this area every time i tried to get help from a rep in the sprint stores, i was viewed as a waste of time. Not only would i get a survey from the interaction i had in the store, but i would fill it out negatively and truthfully. I would periodtically check in and those reps whom acted so unprofessional would still be working, using the same sleazy sales tactics.

“There is always a risk that a net-enabled lock will get bricked or hacked,” says MIT professor Stuart Madnick, “most likely due to the actions (or carelessness) of the owner.” But he points out that old-fashioned key-and-lock solutions have their own user-created risks: “One of my popular sayings is: ‘You may buy a stronger lock for your door, but if you still leave the key under the mat, are you really any more secure?’”

I have had both AT& T & Verizon service contract plans previously and was paying $65 a month for the same services through Verizon when I switched over (after factoring in all the FCC, Service Charges, Subscriber, Tax and hyped up junk fees that these service providers suposedly 8775 pass along 8776 ). Straight talk is just what they say it is. Straight talk. No BS fee 8767 s that add an additional $65 in miscellaneous charges to your bill. The plan is $95 a month and you can set-up auto deduct.

One of Sprint 8767 s strongest advantages over AT& T is cell phone pricing, especially with data plans.? Sprint has a strong data network at reasonable prices where AT& T data network can struggle at times and the company is often accused of price gouging on data plans.? Sprint has the advantage in terms of plans but you have to take the whole package into consideration.? The savings may not outweigh the negatives.

OMG how much does sprint suck??? Well I get better service support and a live person when I call AT& T. Sprint took forever to confirm if my son 8767 s phone came after that was after an hour of listening to the looped recording! My poor baby is stuck on his dads sprint plan that trying to get out of it is like trying to leave the mob!!! I am soooooo glad I made the switch to AT& T I wasted no time I went with AT& T the day my Sprint plan expired and have not regreted once!!!