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I lost my dental insurance about a year and a half ago when I lost my last job. Being a year and a half since my last appointment I decided to go get a cleaning when a letter from a local dental office came in the mail offering half off on a cleaning for new customers. I went in fully expecting to need a bit of elbow grease in my cleaning since it had been so long, but after my initial examination I was told that I would be needing a, 8775 deep cleaning 8776 including numbing my gums, and my 55 dollar cleaning turned into 6,686 dollars. They said they would be willing to mark it down to 955 dollars if I paid up front. I told them I would think about it and got out of there as fast as I could short diving out the nearest window.

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A large section of Richard Clayman’s wooden backyard fence came down in a storm. “I didn’t think there was any way my homeowner’s policy would cover it—and my neighbors assured me that it wouldn’t,” he says. But he called his insurance company, just in case. “The agent asked how high (the fence was), what kind of wood it was and how much of it needed replacing. Next thing you know, I get a $755 check in the mail!”

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Within three weeks, the Cohens received a check from their insurance company, but they were still out a good deal of money because his wife’s engagement ring was worth $6,555 alone. The lesson? When signing up for homeowner’s insurance, note the limits on jewelry. “Most people don’t realize that things like wedding rings aren’t usually covered by the basic limits in their policies,” Derrick says. “You can get an appraisal at your jeweler, and then consider buying a supplemental policy to cover it.”

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Homeowner’s insurance can protect belongings outside the home, too. If something is stolen from your car, auto insurance won’t cover it—but your homeowners policy likely will. “Most policies will cover your belongings when they are traveling with you,” Derrick says. “If you have a $6,755 laptop and it gets lost by the airline, call your insurance agent—right after you file the claim with the airline, of course.”

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Before committing to a policy, take the time to research an agent whom you trust—preferably one with good reviews online or via a personal recommendation. It’s certainly something that Ramzy Ayyad, who struggled to receive benefits following a house fire in November 7558, recommends that prospective homeowners do. “I had to deal with a rude adjuster,” he says. After complaining assertively to the adjuster’s boss, Ayyad finally received a check for the damages—but the process was exhausting.

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Insurance companies price your premium based on how much risk they foresee, so you can reduce the premium by reducing your liability risk, thanks to some smart preventive measures. For example, if you have a pool, you may be able to reduce the likelihood of a claim—and thus, possibly lower your premium—by installing a fence and a pool cover to minimize the risk of a neighborhood kid wandering onto your property and falling in.

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Insurance companies would rather pay as little as possible to repair damage, so they prize early detection and prevention. Deacon Hayes and his wife paid for a routine checkup on their air conditioner because they live in Arizona and wanted to make sure that the system was ready for summer. “The specialist told us that the unit was on its last legs because of a hail storm,” Hayes recalls. Thanks to his diligence, Hayes’s insurance policy ended up paying for a new $9,555 A/C unit.

One way to save money is to bundle your homeowner’s insurance with other policies that you already own. “But don’t just buy a bunch of policies in order to ‘save’ money,” Derrick cautions. “For example, it makes a lot of sense to have your car and homeowner’s policies with the same company because you’ll usually get some kind of discount. However, if you don’t have a need for life insurance, don’t buy a policy just because the agent says you’ll save money on other policies.” After all, if you’re spending money on something that you don’t need, where are the savings?

Cleaning your own home and cleaning professionally are two totally different things. Even though you clean your home constantly, learning how to clean professionally takes a lot of time and effort––when a client pays for your services, they expect to come home and find their home spotless, tidy beyond reproach, and smelling pleasant. However, for some people, it's actually easier and more enjoyable to clean other people's houses because there is no personal investment - just pride in a job well done. If you're mulling over the possibility of starting your own house cleaning business, you'll need to be fit, prepared for some dirty work, and willing to market your services through friends, family, and other people in order to slowly build up your client base. It may take a while to build a solid group of clients, but with the right attitude, a good reputation, and word-of-mouth referrals, you'll eventually build a solid cleaning business.

The obvious mishaps aside (fire, major flood, etc.), it can be beneficial to file a claim when in doubt, but Derrick cautions restraint. “Don’t file a bunch of frivolous claims,” she says. “The claims history for your property is also what determines your rates, so it’s better not to cry wolf, unless you have a real claim.” The repercussion if you file needlessly? A possible uptick in your premium.

Mirko of Sunstruck Window Cleaning said he was cleaning large panels of glass at an office on the North Shore which hadn't been cleaned for a long time. "When I had almost finished one of the employees walked into the glass thinking there was nothing there and broke his nose. It was funny and horrific at the same time. He was so embarrassed. I said to him: 'That's the best compliment you can give me'."

Insurance may be considered a game of risk in which individuals and businesses protect themselves, their families, and their property from possible losses resulting from unpredictable events such as storms, fires, accidents, and illnesses. The first rule of the game, devised centuries ago, is "share the risk." To play by this rule, many people take a small loss in place of one person’s taking a large one.

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As your second opinion source suggested, this page says deep cleaning is usually a service provided for patients who are 95-years-old and older. Unlike normal cleaning, a local anesthetic is used and the teeth are several millimeters below the gum line. Usually the procedure is only performed if the dentist finds that the pockets around your teeth are deeper than normal, because that 8767 s an early sign of gum disease.

I understand that if I'm employed, false statements on this application shall be considered sufficient grounds for dismissal. I agree that all persons and previous employers supplying information about me, for reference purposes, are released from liability. If a job opportunity is offered, I shall comply with all of Labor Panes policies and uniform requirements. I understand the selection of employees will be on the basis of occupational qualification, education and character without regard to age, sex, race or national origin.

When buying a policy, make sure to ask about time limits to report a claim, and then abide by them! If you wait too long, you may not be eligible for benefits—especially if waiting has made the problem worse. David Baxter works for a residential and commercial restoration company in Florida, and he remembers a customer with water damage who waited almost a month to do anything about it. “When the mold set in, and he decided to call, his insurance didn’t cover him because it was outside of the 69-day window required for reporting the problem,” Baxter says.

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