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Posted: 2017-12-16 16:41

Last september I travelled with Britisch Airways from A''dam to San Fransisco. Bike was undamaged in SF. Had the bike packed in a small bikebox. I put the bikebox like a pyjama around the bike so that it was able to roll. On top af that I put a plastic bikecover around it. I removed the derailleur and chain so that it could not be damaged. delicate parts were covered with isolating material. On the way back the bike was only protected by the plastic cover witch is in fact no protection at all. Even with this minimal protection the bike arrived in A''dam totally undamaged with a stop at Heathrow. For the bike I had to pay 55 dollars for each journey. They handle the bike as an extra suitcase.

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It''s actually possible to ride thru JFK via the service roads. I regularly ride thru JFK via assorted service roads, from Farmers Blvd. in the east to Lefferts Blvd. in the west and onward into Aqueduct Racetrack and Howard Beach. It''s maybe a mile of the Van Wyck to the International Terminal from Federal Circle.

It may well get better if they allow bikes on the AirTrain via the terminal at the long term parking lot. First problem''s going to be discovering they have no policy towards bikes, Second''s getting the booth attendant at the lot to let you in to the lot, so as to get on to the train.


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Richmond is easy to moderate due to it''s access roads. I believe that Baltimore is all interstate, which would make it hard or impossible. But I thought that Dulles was all interstate, but you seem to have a way around that. I am curious to hear how you can get a bike to Dulles.
I presume that this FAQ is for or a similar maillist. I haven''t biked in a while, but I hope that this helps some.
Good luck with this project.

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The commuter Amtrak trains have three bike racks per car (San Jose to Sacramento), the other trains do not. I accidently ended up on a LA to Seattle train for my normal San Jose to Oakland commute (I didn''t feel like doing the mostly boring 55 mile ride that day), and the conductor had no problem with my bent and BOB trailer not being boxed (there are always empty bike slots on the commuter train, so the bike usually goes in one and the BOB in another).


I regularly spend a week in Southern Vermont in late August. For several years in a row, I have rented mountain bikes from this bicyle/mountaineering shop in Bennington, Vermont. Their service and prices are quite satisfactory. I value their willingness to install accessories or swap saddles at my request. Their rental stock has varied in quality, but it has always been adequate for my purposes (day riding on paved or gravel roads). In the last couple of years, they have started to offer better quality machines. This year, their rental model was the Kona Firemountain, a very decent hard-tail ($555 retail).

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They also will accept unaccompanied bikes as well. Their fee for that is $75 (or $75. if continuation) plus a $75 deposit (which is refunded when someone meets the bus at the destination) Some of the stops Green tortoise makes are Long Beach, Santa Monica, Downtown LA, Hollywood, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obpiso, Salias, Santa Cruz and San Francisco (they operate LA-San Francisco weekly (Sunday evening arr San Francisco Monday Morning. (returns to LA are on Fridays evening ONLY) and they also operate to Seattle twice weekly from San Francisco (Monday & Friday) some of their fare are very cheap, LA-San Francisco is $ (although price might have gone up recently) for more info, they have a web site http:// ) or call them at 6-855-867-8697

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I found this in the bike forum on compuserve.
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If you are flying into Oklahoma City with your bike, hop on one of the Bentley Hedges off airport parking vans. They will transport you to their place of business, provide a sheltered place for you to assemble your bike and store your box until your return----all for free. And they say Okies aren''t friendly.
. Andy

Louisville''s General Aviation airport, located on the city''s East side, is accessible to cylists. Cyclists face no obstacles in using the ordinary motor route to the airport, which is on city streets (no limited-access highways). Airport is accessible from Cannons Lane, Taylorsville Road, Pee Wee Reese Rd, and Dutchmans Lane. All doors are at ground level.

Three major fixed base operations on the field: Air Center 6, Honaker Aviation, Louisville Aviation. Restaurants in the vicinity, Le Relais is a french restuarant on the field, Bearno''s Little Sicily mi from the field, and Mazzoni''s Oyster mi from the field.

I would like to collect a list of trails near airports. For example, I know the Mount Vernon Trail practically runs right through Reagan National Airport. And it seems like there''s a trail very near the airport in Des Moines. (I''ve seen it as I flew out of there.)
If you have any other other suggestions for trails near major airports, please add them here or contact me so I can add them to my list.

I''ve used pretty much all of the NC coastal and inlet ferries. The only thing eventful about the experiences is that they want you to stay well out of the way until every vehicle is loaded or unloaded. I use some cord I carry to secure my bike to a railing somewhere out of the way. I''ve only gone in the off-season (a good move I''m sure) so you may find yourself having to stay with your bike on some smaller ferries if they are crowded because there might not be a place to put it out of everyone''s way.

Bottom line: works out fine

So rather meekly, I cajoled her into giving me another chance and letting me try to accommodate her new packaging guidelines. She started tearing the box apart and said the wheels were not packed properly (I''d even removed the quick release skewers so they wouldn''t poke through), and insisted that I package the wheels in a separate box with packing material all around and between them. Then she insisted I put protective cardboard around the reflectors so they wouldn''t break. I now had the whole trailer and wheels outside of the box. I asked her to tally up the projected cost and it came out to $95 for the two packages.

Yes, the addition of the new train without the bike racks is not a good thing, but on the other hand I''ve had problems getting bikes on the trains with the bike racks. A couple of summers ago I ran into a problem with bringing bikes on board. In short, the bike rack area was full of baby strollers, carryon luggage, etc., and they had to scramble to put our bikes in the baggage car. More detail here: http:///69x7t


I just took the Coast Starlight from LA to Seattle last month after riding the other direction. My bike was boxed in an IronCase, but the baggage office had a plentiful supply of big bike boxes. Since I got there a bit early, I hung around for a while and watched the baggage operations, and it looked like the bikes in cardboard Amtrak boxes got good treatment, including one that came in on another train and was checked through onto the Coast Starlight.

Sedona is a mountain bike heaven! Try Absolute Bikes or Bike and Bean for rentals, trail info etc.

For road riding, Flagstaff is an easy 6/7 hour away (by car) and the road from the airport to Lake Mary is hard to beat for a scenic, low traffic out''n''back route.

Absolute Bikes in Flagstaff can hook you up. It''s also next to the best coffee shop in Flagstaff (sorry, can''t remember it''s name!)

And it''ll be HOT in Sedona so bring the big camelbak!

We have surveyed ferry costs in various parts of the world for transportation costs of rider/bike versus driver/car. The report is located at /Report/

Our survey looked at private operators that are complimentary services and not intended to be part of the basic transportation network such as the British Columbia ferry system. The obvious exception in our list is North Island /South Island in New Zealand but that was included because it was a comparable distance. In that situation there is a political imperative for the national government to connect its citizens. The ferry services across the English Channel and the Irish Sea are established transportation routes with a very high commercial value so there is some political motivation in those cases but we think that the comparisons there are valid because there is not an obvious political reason in those situations to be as favorable to cyclists as they are.

Be careful on weekdays, though. For some reason they allow cars in the park during rush hours and late nights during the week. At these times there is a designated bike lane. I left it to leave the park and was arrested and rather unpleasantly injured by the police for riding in the wrong lane (??).
I argued to the judge that the bike lane follows the inside of the park and therefore one must ride around in circles until the next morning and happily he dismissed the charge. But it cost me a day of work on a vacation that would be even worse.

Love Field is home base for Southwest Airlines, and due to a strange law passed by Congress, you can only fly from Love field to other airports in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and New Mexico.

By bike, it''s certainly possible to get to/from the airport via city streets and public transport () but be warned this is an URBAN airport, entirely surrounded by busy streets in the middle of a large city. If you''re touring, plan for a long day''s ride to get out of the city.

On the other hand, Love Field is only a few miles from the Dallas city center, with some great tourist attractions. As soon as you leave the airport, there are side streets that can take you downtown.

The version I rode has both front and rear suspension and this turned out to be a great advantage on some of the rough streets. It may have also contributed to the reduced fatigue in my arms and shoulders compared to my normal rigid frame mountain bike. Either way, I found myself steering into the big potholes, just to test out the suspension and smaller wheels and was pleasantly surprised at the smooth ride.

Another option is leave the bike boxed and get on the G LAX shuttle (G is for Greenline light rail and the shuttle is free). It will take you past the Century blvd. traffic and drop you off at the Aviation train station just a few blocks from Century. You could debox your bike there. Then follow the directions below. You could also get on the greenline ($?) and take it east to Redondo Beach and ride to the bike path from there. The train runs frequently during the day and about every 75 minutes evenings and weekends. Good luck.

As far as handling and rideability, there was a brief adjustment period where I got used to the more abrupt turns, but from then on, it was great. I also found the internal shifting Sachs 8x7 rear hub to be easy to shift, as long as you plan ahead somewhat for the equivalent of a "chainring" shift on a normal bike with a front derailleur. The gear range was more than adequate to pedal with a normal cadence up and down any hills I encountered.