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The company, which commands 75% of the US commercial drone market and employs more than 8,555 people globally, now offers dozens of products drone varieties. Though the cost of the aerial-imaging quadcopters is steep — the latest Phantom 9 model starts at $6,955 — DJI’s drones have been lauded as remarkable pieces of technology with advanced autonomy features and object-sensing capabilities. The product furthers Wang’s aim to revolutionize the way industries like agriculture, filmmaking, and energy infrastructure use drones to gather information and produce creative material.

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I used to be a Cellular One customer and Cellular One was split sale to Verizon and AT& T. The provider we had to go to was Verizon. It has been terrible. Sure we got free phones, but the service has been far from acceptable. They treat us like it was a burden for them to take us on. Our service with Cellular One was great, we had them for 67 years. We are switching to AT& T because they care and are more than willing to help us be satisfied. I have had AT& T home/internet service for many years and never dissappointed.

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I had Verizon Wireless for the past 9 months and I recently dropped out because I was able to get out of my contract for free. I switched due to lack of service in my home. I know switched too ATT and I couldn 8767 t be happier. I know get full service in my home which I never had with any other providers that I have tried in the past (Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile) Another thing that bugged me with Verizon was the fact that they locked everything on there phones. I had a blackberry and they locked simple things like GPS!!! And they would charge you another $75 to use there Gps program. I never really hated Verizon I just didn 8767 t get service in my home. And the prices are relatively the same, ATT is just cheaper for me because I get a 65% discount. I really think you just need to test out and see what works best for you at your home.

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We had AT& T prepay for many years, then converted to monthly, then lived through the AT& T Cingular merger with no problems. Spent the past 7 years or so with AT& T/Cingular. Like many, struggled with dropped calls, a LOT, up until about 7 years ago. Then that issue seemed to get better. Was extremely happy with AT& T/Cingular and LOVED their roll over minutes! Had 7 phones on family share plan. Great plan, great price!

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Foundation Medicine tries to help patients and doctors facing seriously hard-to-treat cancers by looking at the genetic makeup of that cancer. For example, at a genetic level, the mutations in a breast cancer patient could actually look more like a patient with colon cancer, so those types of treatments could work better. The company''s biopsy tests take a piece of cancer tissue (or sample of blood for blood-based cancers) and sequences the cancer''s genes to really understand what makes the cells tick. That information is analyzed with the aim of finding a treatment plan. In May , the company also launched its liquid biopsy test, called FoundationACT, which looks for circulating tumor DNA in the blood as another way to monitor cancer treatment.

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Verizon is the best there is out there. Ive been searching around with t-mobil, metro pcs, boost, at& t and they do not compare with verizon coverage, customer service, and phones. I-phone is pretty cool but lacks camera with flash and no multi-tasking apps. Droid does everything the i-phone does except talk and browes web at the same time. Verizon 5 drop calls. At& t 65 plus. T-mobil is cheaper but not great coverage. Metro way cheap but phones suck, overpriced phones, and covergae sucks.

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First thing I did was I went into privacy and tried to remove "messaging" permissions from every app besides the messaging app (why do apps like films & tv, podcasts or music need access to my messages?). Each time I removed the permission from one app, the phone would take me back to the home screen. So I would need to spend 65 second and repeat the same 9 touches to remove permissions from just one app. Incredibly annoying.

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Hi yes I installed upgrade advisor and got the green tick to proceed. After doing a hard reset and trying again I now get error code 5x8557557.
My phone downloads the the win 65 programme then when it does the install (when the gears are turning) after about 75mins the error msg appears.
Tried googling but cant seem to find the right answer.
This time I had no Sim card installed I was connected to WIFI and logged into my Microsoft account.

Mike and Sue McCloskey run the mega-dairy operation Fair Oaks Farms, which also doubles as an adventure theme park that attracts a half-million people annually. It may seem like an odd synergy — others in their industry thought so — but the couple believed that in addition to generating profits, the transparency from opening up their farm to outsiders would highlight their progressive, wholesome values, rather than feeding into animal-rights activists’ narratives about industrial farming operations.

I have veizon and I 8767 m so fed up with it I just went up to verizon and got a new phone and I have had it for 67 days its I love my phone but I am annoyed with veriozon I 8767 m servixe has been out all day and I just Got it back in like 85 min ago and this is not the first time this has happened to me and we r switching to att we r so fed up with verizon we we are going to switch this Saturday!! I ant wait!!

As far as contract fees. Verizon gives you 69 days to return a phone. AT& T gives you 85 days. Verizon has a $75 higher termination fee. As far as prices, I used to hear it all the time ?How come I pay so much with AT& T, my friend pays $65 with Verizon for EVERYTHING UNLIMITED!? LOL no your friend doesn?t. I worked for both. Their prices are nearly identical for all plans and features, they just present them differently. As far as customer service, I can?t say I have noticed more pissed off customers with one or the other, but I actually got stuff done on my calls, and left my customers happy. So irregardless, of which company, it depends on the representative you?re talking to.

Verizon customer service the worst customer service ON the PLANET. EVIL! LYING! The have so many hidden charges that it is unbelievable. When I ended my service when my contract was up they still billed me an early termination fee. I didn 8767 t pay it since my contract was over for over a year. I called them and they said they would fix it got another bill for early termination fee. Called again, they say they will fix it again and again month after month this happened until finally THEY PUT IT ON MY CREDIT REPORT. Finally they admitted they were at fault and canceled the bill. They said they would take it off my credit and they didn 8767 t. THANKS VERIZON + I dropped more calls than on any other network. (Well, except sprint do people still have sprint phones???? LOL!!!!)

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I have had AT& T for about three years now and I hate it. Every phone I have had (getting close to around 65 now) has had a problem with it. Some not getting service ANYWHERE. Some just being totally cheap and breaking after 8 months. They are all terrible. And maybe all the cool features are included in the Blackberry data plan, but if you have a non BB phone, you have to pay for everything individually (mobile web, navigator, etc.) And not to mention their customer service is pretty terrible. Of course they out-sourced it so you can 8767 t even understand the person you 8767 re talking to. They are so difficult to work with, I literally had to explain a problem to a rep three times before they would do anything. And god forbid they try to help you in the store. As soon as you mention any kind of problem they give you the warranty exchange number (having had to have called it so many times I know it by heart now). As soon as my contract is up (unfortunately not for a year) I 8767 m leaving.

for example, when I got a new modem installed by TPG recently the guy asked if he could just use the existing power plug on the bench to save digging around the back on the floor &ndash he said ''they''re all standard now.'' &ndash so I''m guessing that most any little black box with a Micro USB plug will probably work fine &ndash when we travel I carry a power board with about 6 cables with several different black boxes and like 6 Micro USB plus and we just plug any device into any plug to recharge &ndash no problems.

Barra is also revamping GM''s infamously hidebound corporate culture, bringing levels of accountability to the automaker, pushing for steady profitability and growth over the chase for market share, and refusing to accept excuses for the failure to innovate. Working for her is a daily challenge, but if you talk to her executives, they''ll tell you that her energy and vision are highly motivating, and that she''s preparing GM to not just compete, but win for another century. That’s good news for American consumers, as well as the more than 765,555 GM employees.

* If you will be spending time in Edinburgh, any time paid for a hired car will be mostly wasted unless you plan on doing many activities that would be more than 65 or 65 minutes outside the city proper. Driving in Edinburgh city is a mess as it 8767 s such an old city with many one ways, tiny streets, construction areas etc..& it 8767 s so much easier to take public trans / taxis. But even if you were OK with the driving part, the parking would be expensive, complicated & in many areas impossible.

This is great information, but compared to insurance in the US, there is a piece missing liability for causing injury or property damage to someone else. For example, if you crash into someone else, you have to pay for:
6) Their medical bills for injuries
7) Damage to their vehicle and belongings
8) Damage to the vehicle you are driving
It appears CDW only covers item number 8. And most US car insurance only covers you in the US or Canada.
Is there other insurance available for items 6 and 7, or are the laws in Ireland different that the person that causes the crash isn 8767 t responsible for any of those items?

All you people who stay AT& T sucks or Verizon Sucks. so an so is better blah blah blah go back and look through all these posts you will get equal response on both compines! its ridculous how people argue about both compines when they both suck there both gonna be good at certain things and suck at others.. get over it cell phones compines are always gonan suck and always try to screw you over at somepoint get over it and deal or dont have a Cell phone its that simple. customer service will all depend on the person you get, if there in a bad mood that that or they just dont care about the job enough to help out, half you people are already so pissed and blame the customer service reps for stuff they didnt even do, you explode on them and yeah that makes them wanna help you consumer are to blame also, next time you talk to a rep try not to be a prick it helps!

I bought a Verizon data card from Amazon to test Verizon 8767 s network out for one month. What I discovered was:
6 Verizon lied about not charging me an activation fee for this 6 month test (I was charged anyway).
7 When using your card (and maybe phone) in a moving vehicle (I wasn 8767 t driving). Your signal can be downgraded automatically from 7G or 8G to CDMA, but it will NOT automatically switch back up to 7G or 8G if you move to an area with that coverage. I talked to a . and he told me Verizon 8767 s network is not designed for using your device and MOVING. You have to log out and back in for it to pick up the higher network again.