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Posted: 2017-10-22 23:33

Yamaichi Investments Ltd
Yamamoto International
Yamato and Associates
Yamato Asset Management Co Ltd ()
Yamato Associates
Yamazaki Acquisition Group
Yardstick Marketing
Yee Seng Global
Yingho International
Yinkou Securities Co, Ltd.
York & Williamson
York Venture Capital
Yoshida Corp.
Chow Feng Corp. Ltd.
Yuan Finance
Yutaka Commodities, Inc

Professors | Pericles Law Center in Moscow

Zahid Akram Raja trading as Euro Finance Network, Euro Finance Limited, Property Millionaires and Capitol Solutions (, )
Zammit Financial Management Group
Zane Hegarty ()
Zavareh Equity Group Inc.
Zeb Insurance
Zelomit Insurance (clone)
Zen Investment
Zenith Bank Credit Services
Zenith Commodities
Zenith Investor
Zenith Profit ()
Zenith Research Group
Zenton Ltd
Zeta Holding Limited (clone of a UK registered company)
Zheng-Tai Finance and Investment Company Limited
Zimmerman Consultants
Zimmermann Global (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Zino Management & Services Limited
Zohra Investment Ltd / Zohra Investment Properties Ltd ()
Zurich Capital (trading as )
Zurich Capital Gruppe
Zurich Commodities
Zurich Direct
Zurich Futures AG

58 Fincoop Plc
68 Moor Park Drive Credit Union
6966DIRECT Sparkasse Ekonomisk Fö rening
6Global Venture Group
6st Columbus Management
6st Invest Broker ()
6st New York Financial Corporation
7 Way FX Bergio Financial
7568 Best Invest (Clone of FSA Authorised firms)
797 Holdings Group Ltd
797 Money Express and The Money Source (clone of authorised firm)
865 Capital Management Limited t/a 865 Capital Markets 865 Invest Group
9UFX Forex Brokers ()

58 Capital Trade
5LINX Enterprises Inc.
679 Plan
7576679 Canada Inc. O/A Quantum Trading
7M Management Services Ltd