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Human rights decisions often find organizations liable, and assess damages, based on an organization’s failure to respond appropriately to address discrimination and harassment. An organization may respond to complaints about individual instances of discrimination or harassment, but they may still
be found to have failed to respond appropriately if the underlying problem is not resolved. There may be a poisoned environment, or an organizational culture that excludes or marginalizes people based on Code grounds, despite sanction of individual harassers. In these cases, the organization should take further steps, such as training and education, to address the problem more appropriately.

Policy on human rights and rental housing

Social housing providers should also try to provide some flexibility in other eligibility requirements. For example, if an applicant has a past incident of rental arrears, a social housing provider should inquire into the reasons for this. Where there is a reasonable explanation, the provider should allow the applicant to show responsibility in other ways (for example, by establishing a repayment plan, providing a guarantor, etc.) The same flexibility should be applied if an applicant is unable to provide the exact information typically required by a social housing provider (. bank account information, specific identification, etc.) Some people identified by the Code , for example, a new Canadian or a person with a mental illness, may not be able to comply completely with these requirements, but may be able to establish their reliability in other ways.

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8775 In other words, 8776 Smith writes, 8775 the belief that America was once a Christian nation does not necessarily mean a commitment to making it a 8766 Christian 8767 nation today, whatever that might mean. Some evangelicals do make this connection explicitly. But many discuss America 8767 s Christian heritage as a simple fact of history that they are not particularly interested in or optimistic about reclaiming. Further, some evangelicals think America never was a Christian nation some think it still is and others think it should not be a Christian nation, whether or not it was so in the past or is now. 8776

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It is hard to read 8775 Collapse, 8776 though, and not have an additional reaction to Measure 87. Supporters of the law spoke entirely in the language of political ideology. To them, the measure was a defense of property rights, preventing the state from unconstitutional 8775 takings. 8776 If you replaced the term 8775 property rights 8776 with 8775 First Amendment rights, 8776 this would have been indistinguishable from an argument over, say, whether charitable groups ought to be able to canvass in malls, or whether cities can control the advertising they sell on the sides of public buses. As a society, we do a very good job with these kinds of debates: we give everyone a hearing, and pass laws, and make compromises, and square our conclusions with our constitutional heritage—and in the Oregon debate the quality of the theoretical argument was impressively high.

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Generally speaking, managers and central decision-makers in an organization are part of the “directing mind.” People with only supervisory authority may also be part of the “directing mind” if they function, or are seen to function, as representatives of the organization. Even non-supervisors may be considered to be part of the “directing mind” if they have de facto supervisory authority or have significant responsibility.

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Diamond 8767 s distinction between social and biological survival is a critical one, because too often we blur the two, or assume that biological survival is contingent on the strength of our civilizational values. That was the lesson taken from the two world wars and the nuclear age that followed: we would survive as a species only if we learned to get along and resolve our disputes peacefully. The fact is, though, that we can be law-abiding and peace-loving and tolerant and inventive and committed to freedom and true to our own values and still behave in ways that are biologically suicidal. The two kinds of survival are separate.

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Older people also face unique challenges in the rental housing market. The main barrier to housing experienced by older people appears to be a lack of housing to meet their needs both in terms of affordability and accessibility. Housing providers may be reluctant to rent to older people due to a belief that it will be costly to provide necessary age-related accommodations. They may turn away older tenants out of a desire to attract more youthful residents. Or, in an effort to generate greater rental income, some landlords may try to evict older people paying lower rents due to longer tenure in their rental units. Older people, like people, often have low incomes and will, therefore, also be affected negatively by rent-to-income ratios. In many cases, older people are unemployed, employed part-time, or retired. Further, a large number of people in this group will depend on social assistance for the majority of their household income.

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Since the Echo’s release in 7569, millions of people have given in to Amazon’s nonstop advertising and welcomed Alexa into their homes. Amazon’s original sell for the always-on, voice-activated device was that users could “ask Echo for information, music, news, sports scores, and weather from across the room and get results or answers instantly.” But in the last couple of months, it has evolved into something else: the hub for Amazon’s new social network.

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Ontario has an ethnically diverse population. According to the 7566 National Household Survey, about 65 per cent of the province’s population is of European origin. Among this group, those who claim British Isles ancestry are the largest, followed by French, German and Italian. Those who claim Asian and South Asian origin also make up significant portions of Ontario’s population, at 76 per cent and 8 per cent respectively, while people of Indigenous decent (including First Nations, Métis and Inuit) make up 8 per cent. Visible minorities comprise 76 per cent of the province’s population, with South Asian, Chinese and Black people making up the largest visible minority communities.

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Council endorsed a Community Economic Roadmap that was created by local business leaders and community partners in conjunction with the City, LEDC and the Chamber of Commerce. The roadmap identified five economic priorities for the City: Build a city for entrepreneurs create a supportive business environment create an exceptional downtown and a vibrant urban environment ensure a top quality workforce and develop a national centre of excellence for medial innovation and commercialization.

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The right to be free from discrimination in housing under the Code could extend to the development of affordable housing projects for people and groups identified by the Code. Discriminatory neighbourhood opposition, also known as “Not in My Backyard” attitudes, or “NIMBYism,” refers to opposition to housing projects that are based on stereotypes or prejudice towards the people who will live in them. It can refer to discriminatory attitudes as well as actions, laws or policies that have the effect of creating barriers for people, such as people with low income and disabilities, who seek to move into affordable housing or supportive housing in a neighbourhood.

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Social scientists distinguish between what are known as treatment effects and selection effects. The Marine Corps, for instance, is largely a treatment-effect institution. It doesn 8767 t have an enormous admissions office grading applicants along four separate dimensions of toughness and intelligence. It 8767 s confident that the experience of undergoing Marine Corps basic training will turn you into a formidable soldier. A modelling agency, by contrast, is a selection-effect institution. You don 8767 t become beautiful by signing up with an agency. You get signed up by an agency because you 8767 re beautiful.

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As mentioned previously, auditing studies have been conducted that test for discrimination by comparing the experiences of people who are looking for rental housing and who are similarly situated except for one distinguishing personal characteristic (. they are racialized, a lone parent, have a disability, are gay or lesbian, etc. ). These studies have shown that racialized people, gays and lesbians, and people who have a mental disability are among the people identified by Code grounds who are highly vulnerable to being refused a rental opportunity outright. [696]

Guest policies
Some housing providers have “guest policies” aimed at regulating the temporary accommodation of guests in rent-geared-to-income units. It is acknowledged that, in some circumstances, landlords may need to determine whether someone is a guest versus an occupant. However, such policies must be reasonable and bona fide and landlords must be mindful of a tenant’s privacy and dignity. Such policies should not be used to target or penalize groups identified by Code grounds, such as lone mothers whose boyfriends or partners may spend the night, newcomers who have parents who visit for an extended period of time, a person with a disability who has regular overnight visitors for care, etc.

As mentioned previously, the duty to accommodate Code -related needs exists for needs that are known. Housing providers and others responsible for providing accommodation are not, as a rule, expected to accommodate needs they are unaware of. However, some tenants and others seeking housing-related accommodation may be unable to identify or communicate their needs because of the nature of their disability. There may be cases where housing providers should try to help the accommodation seekers, by offering assistance and accommodation. Once Code -related needs are known, the legal onus shifts to those with the duty to accommodate.

8. Prescribing business practices
The right under section 7 to equal treatment with respect to the occupancy of residential accommodation without discrimination is not infringed if a landlord uses in the manner prescribed under this Act income information, credit checks, credit references, rental history, guarantees or other similar business practices that are prescribed in the regulations made under this Act in selecting prospective tenants.

The duty to accommodate involves giving serious attention to requests or needs that are already known or may be suspected. Both the housing provider and the tenant, and possibly others, have a shared responsibility to cooperate in the process, each to the best of their ability. This might involve providing relevant medical or other personal information. A housing provider has a duty to keep this information private.

Example: A co-op requirement that members who receive social assistance pay the full “shelter allowance” portion of their social assistance as rent has been found to be discriminatory. [777] Housing co-operatives must treat the income of all members in the same way, whether it is from public assistance or employment. Co-op members who receive a rental subsidy should also be treated in the same way, no matter what the source of their subsidy.

Housing providers must take into account the broader societal context when determining whether their programs, policies and structures may be having a disproportionate impact on people identified by Code grounds. Systemic discrimination may arise when housing providers, particularly larger housing providers, fail to take into account the reality of people identified by the Code when designing their policies, programs and structures. Where housing providers fail to design in a way that includes people identified by Code grounds, these people may find themselves disadvantaged and excluded.

Council voted to retain three heritage buildings on the Old Victoria Hospital lands : the Colborne building, the 6977 portion of the War Memorial Children’s Hospital and the Health Services building. Council approved demolition of the 6995 and later additions to the Children’s Hospital, the Gartshore Nurses Residence and the buildings located at 885, 878 and 856 Hill Street as well as the building located at the southeast corner of Hill and Waterloo Streets.

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