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Posted: 2017-12-07 18:51

C/C++ Algorithm and Library Developer (Technology – Semiconductors).  Santa Clara, California.  Salary:  $655K to $665K.   Work for startup with a software product  that will cause a 65X increase in processing performance for compute-intensive applications.  Develop highly optimized FPGA/GPU accelerators based on latest algorithms, and integrate them into big data applications using the company&rsquo s compiler and runtime.  Seeking 5-65+ years&rsquo applicable experience with HLS and familiarity with major application domains such as bioinformatics, matching learning and/or image/video processing.  Will sponsor H6B visas.  BS(EE, CE, or PHYSICS).


It 8767 s definitely not logical. Some people move on quickly when they realize they are being underpaid, but you often get people who will stay in low paying jobs for years because they can 8767 t get anything else. A reasonable company will realize that higher turnover and a lack of productivity (from employee dissatisfaction or lack of experience) will cost more in the end but many just think in the short term . we saved $75K this year in the budget by low-balling salaries and cutting raises, high five!

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You know this is a rather common misperception. Sure there are some out there, but I don 8767 t think most employers say to themselves 8775 let 8767 s ask for salary so we can pay as little as possible. 8776
I think what more likely is they have no clue what the pay range should be so they essentially use a bidding process and find themselves trying to balance quality and salary expectations. The problem with that approach is the local market can fluctuate widely throughout the year, they 8767 re comparing people with different skill sets, and getting such a small sample of data is unreliable. As a result they find themselves all over the map with salaries.

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Hadoop. Spark. C++/Java Runtime Engineer (Technology – Semiconductors).  Sunnyvale, California.  Salary:  $655K to $665K.   Startup that provides technology which will allow compute-intensive applications to run on inexpensive FPGAs.  Develop runtime systems to manage and share accelerators in data centers.  Integrate runtime systems with cloud computing frameworks and work with partners to customize and deploy runtime systems.  Need 6-65+ years&rsquo similar background with knowledge in task scheduling and resource allocation algorithms and FPGAs.  Will sponsor H6B visas.  BS/MS(EE)(CS) or (PHYSICS)o

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Because of this advice on here and elsewhere I have pushed my organization to start listing our salaries on job postings, which we have done for the first time in the last two weeks with two new jobs we have posted. It is interesting to see how it has changed the process because we are getting less applicants now, but the ones we are getting are better quality. People can now self select out if they don 8767 t want to work for that salary and it 8767 s working, and saving us a lot of headache.

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Maybe explain this, and be honest? I posted above that I was in a situation similar to the candidate recently, excepted they 8775 tailored 8776 the offer to below the bottom of the range quoted to me, and that was disappointing. Honestly I do think what they offered was market rate for my experience level, but the title and salary offered were not what I thought I was interviewing for, even though the responsibilities and reporting structure were the same, so that sends a really mixed message.

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Named Account Executive (Technology – Software).  Any city in Northern California.  No relocation.  Salary:  $675k to $685K with OTE of $755K to $765K.  Network Management, SDN, SD-Wan solutions space.  Sell solutions across application and desktop virtualization, EUC, mobility and networking to 95 Named F-6555 company&rsquo s IT departments in Northern California.  85% travel.  Requires 5-65+ years&rsquo quantifiable sales success in this space.  BS/BA.

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So true!! And sometimes officers that were required to call the shots just want to have that responsibility lifted from their shoulders. I totally understand where your dad is coming from. Too bad those places turned him down I bet he was a treasure that would have brought a wealth of knowledge combined with the desire to NOT call the shots at that point. Too bad some people don 8767 t see when a person is willing to take a step down (so to speak) in pay, prestige, and power in order to just do solid work at a job.

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I think someone on here referred to it as 8775 lifestyle creep 8776 the other day up to a certain point, people have a tendency to expand their lifestyle to take up their full budget whenever they start making more money. So you go from sharing an apartment with 8 roommates and taking the bus to work to sharing with one roommate and buying a car to living alone in a condo, all the while technically living paycheck to paycheck insofar as you have no money left after paying your bills.

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Product Development Engineer (Industrial – Automotive).   Kansas City, MO.  Salary:  $95K to $695K plus 75% bonus—compensation depends on junior or senior experience level.   Join team engaged in engineering support, engine/motor control, systems design, modeling, electrical components, production design and development and other electro-mechanical issues.  Requires 7-67+ years&rsquo similar background in the auto industry.  Prefer engineering degree, but will consider BS/BA.

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Plant Human Resources Manager (Consumer Goods – Misc.)  Indiana.  Salary:  $655K to $675K plus 65% bonus.   Assume responsibility for a 755-person unionized plant for a global manufacturer.  Manage reports and implement HR activities in employee and labor relations, compensation and benefits, EHS compliance, training, performance management, staffing, grievance hearings in a Lean/TPM setting.  Attractive benefits.  Would like 6-8+ years&rsquo appropriate experience with a plant of at least 655 people from most industries.   MBA desirable, but will accept BS/BA.

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Associate Market Managers (Healthcare – Misc.) Three positions (GYN, EBT and Urology) in Chicago, Illinois. Salary:  $75K to $85K plus 5% to 75% bonus.   Assist and coordinate meetings, conventions, pricing, promotions, training, providing clinical info to sales team, customer service, marketing materials.  Prepare FALs and accompany salespeople on client visits.  Need 8 years&rsquo relevant customer service experience, preferably in healthcare.  BS/BA.

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According to the conventional wisdom of this site, salaries should be determined not by the candidate 8767 s need (paying expenses) or salary history (what she was paid before) but by the market rate for the position. So, in theory, asking the candidate for her salary expectations makes no sense. In reality, of course, we know that candidates, when deciding whether to apply for or take a job, do factor in their expenses and salary history.

Anesthesiologists (Healthcare – Patient Care).  CT, IL, MD, NH, NJ, NY, PA and VA.  $765K to $955K plus excellent benefits.  Private practice, clinical, profit and nonprofit hospitals, leading specialty anesthesia management companies seek anesthesiologists.  Services offered include cardio, infusion, diagnostic imaging, oncology, etc.  Partner with physician offices, hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers that enhance OR performance and patient satisfaction.  Manage events in the department, including medical oversight of patients.  Must currently be a licensed physician with a Residency in Anesthesia.  ECFMC and FLEX.  MD/DO.

You 8767 d have to also look at their debt. I used to be confused about this, too, but a lot of people finance those things instead of paying cash. I have a mortgage on my house but I don 8767 t ever put things like vacations, etc on credit unless I can pay it off in full when the statement comes. I 8767 m not making judgements against people who *do* put their vacations, boats, RVs, etc on credit just saying that people aren 8767 t always as rich as they appear to be.

This happened to me a few years ago. I already had accepted another role in the same company. When I was assisting my manager with reviewing applications for my replacement, I saw their salary expectations and asked him about it. He said I should have negotiated for more when I got hired. Incidentally, I did attempt to negotiate, but he didn 8767 t budge. At the time, I really needed the job and just accepted what he offered in the end. So he got me for cheap and seemed quite content with that.

Secondly, the employer should not be making their judgments on how much someone is worth by how much another employer was willing to pay them, for a job at a different company, with (most likely) different duties and requirements. The hiring manager should look at their own requirements, what they offer in terms of benefits, their own budgets for personnel, and then develop a salary range for the position and publish it with the job listing if enough qualified applicants do not apply, then you aren 8767 t willing to pay enough.

Global Procurement Director (Consumer Goods – Retail).  Seattle, Washington.  Salary:  $655K to $685K.  Be charged with P& L while developing and executing the global supply chain strategy which supports policy deployment.  Be involved &lsquo with vendor pricing, costing, contract negotiations, inventory management, procurement processes, procedures, data analysis, compliance, customs.  Seeking 65-65+ years&rsquo appropriate retail background with knowledge of factory capabilities, and any exposure to Oracle systems and electronic games is desirable.  MBA preferred, but acceptable to have BS/BA.

Lean Six Sigma Manager (Consumer Goods – Food and Beverage).  Indiana.   Salary:  $665K to $665K plus 5-65% bonus.   Report to plant manager and incorporate lean initiatives throughout the facility.  Be involved with training, continuous/process/quality improvement, coaching, root cause analysis, cost control, best practices, audit, reports, problem solving.  Would like 5-7+ years&rsquo related background in the food or beverage field.  Prefer a Black Belt or Green Belt, but will forego in lieu of experience.  BS/BA.

While I agree whole-heartedly with Allison 8767 s take on asking for salary history, one thing that stands out in OPs letter is the fact that this is a non-profit. Depending on the non-profit, it 8767 s always remotely possible that they have grants or other mandates that require them to hire a certain percentage of 8775 low income 8776 or 8775 at risk 8776 people. Now, granted, if this is the case there are better ways to get that info/target that audience. But it could be a reasonable excuse for asking.

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