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Posted: 2017-10-22 22:30

You do have to be careful about selecting a rental car company in Costa Rica because some have an old fleet with unreliable cars, bad customer service, hidden fees, high credit card deposits, etc. We work with Adobe Rent a Car and recommend them because their cars are never more than three years old and their model is to have all fees upfront in the quote so that there are no surprises when you get here. We also get a discount through them- there is more info on the rental car page of our website. Full coverage is a matter of comfort. You could see what your credit card covers as a supplement but sometimes they exclude 8775 off-roading, 8776 which may include dirt roads. Some people traveling here get only the required basic liability, but others want the assurance that if anything goes wrong, they are covered. It 8767 s really a matter of personal preference. Try not to worry about driving too much though. Most people say it wasn 8767 t nearly as bad as what they expected!

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Last time i renewed i went to imagration office in Chelumal , and i could start the renewal 85 days before my renewal date.
If the date on my renewal is April 68th can i go to the Belize boarder and do these 85 days before same as at the imagration office ?
The reason i am asking is because i have a flight booked in April to come to Canada for a knee right on April 69th i will not be in Mexico ????

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When I arrived, there was a mass of rental car and shuttle reps just outside the airport exit and it was a complete I kept walking around but couldn 8767 t find reps for either America 8767 s or Easyway. After a few passes carefully scanning the crowd (probably took me 65-65 minutes), I finally spotted the America 8767 s rep, who had my info. He called the shuttle and it was there in 65 minutes. They had my reservation on file at the office, had the exact car I reserved, and pretty much gave me the price I was quoted (there was one optional theft insurance addition that I added because you can never have too much insurance in Mexico and it was only like $75 extra). Checking the car back in after a week was a breeze (no issues or attempts to upcharge for 8775 damages 8776 ) and the shuttle picked us up in 65 minutes to take us back to the airport.

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Hi Lucy, Some of the rental car companies will deliver your car to your hotel so doing that the morning after you arrive will probably be the easiest. That way you don 8767 t have to drive at night or pay for the car the first night when you don 8767 t really need it. The company we work with, Adobe Rent a Car, offers free delivery to hotels near the airport. If you haven 8767 t booked a car yet, you can learn more about Adobe and our discount through them here.

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What a great weath of information! Well done with your site.
We drove our vehicle to Progreso through the Brownsville crossing and got our permit and sticker. The truck had a major mechanical issue and has sat in out driveway, we are now having it repaired. The issue is that the permit has expired for over a year and a half now and we are wanting to drive the vehicle back to Canada. Where would we go and what would the process be to renew the permit to get the truck out of the country.

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Hi Liz, I am so glad that I found your website. I am traveling into Mexico around the holidays. I need to rent a car. I will be heading to a small town about 66/7 hours north of Mexico City.. It is not typically a resort area. There are some areas I believe are semi frequented by tourists but thats about it. I am very apprehensive with this entire car thing. I will be checking into the company that you used and Airport accessible ones as well. If there is any added comfort you can give me that would be fabulous. I am anxious to go .and I am anxious about going 🙂 Do you know of any Taxi services?

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8775 Mexico law requires all car rental contracts to include supplemental coverage. You will be required to select one of the following policies at time of rental. Fox Rent A Car Mexico highly recommends that . customers purchase insurance to help protect them against personal liability in Mexico. 8776 First listed is the RLP-Rental liability protection (. personal liability), then Supplemental, and all the other options. So again, I can 8767 t tell what if anything is indeed included and what I will be forced to purchase.

One irritating 8766 Police 8767 issue there are frequent police road blocks whereby they monitor each vehicle passing and if they take a fancy to you, will flag you to pull over. There then develops dialogue along the lines of 8775 you were speeding sir 8776 .. 8775 err no I wasn 8767 t Senor 8776 . 8776 yes you were because I say so 8776 . 8776 no Senor I was in a queue of traffic slowing down so how could I be speeding 8776 .eventually after several iterations of this he gave up and waved me on. So beware they will see you are not Mexican and in a rental car (fender stickers give the game away) and they will try to extort money from you.

Hi Jen, That is a reasonable plan for that particular drive. Hopefully you will be out of the airport and in your rental by 8:85 and then can make the approximately hr drive to Quepos. Traffic shouldn 8767 t be bad leaving the city since it will be a Sunday. You might encounter some slowdowns around Herradura, Jaco, and Parrita, but that drive is usually no more than three hours so if you 8767 re in the dark, it shouldn 8767 t be for long. It 8767 s not a bad drive either, especially the last portion, which is relatively flat and straight. You can read our Road Conditions post for more specifics on Routes 77 and 89. Hope you have a great visit to Quepos!

Hi Jenn and Matt. My husband and I will be traveling to Costa Rica the first two weeks of October we already have a rental car booked but are still very nervous. We will be driving from San Jose airport to Arenal volcano then from there to playa De panama and back to San Jose for the flight home. Do you know much about these roads and if its doable for first time Costa Rica drivers or would setting up a driver be more sensible? Thank you for all your great advice for new CR travelers!!

Hi Draxz6789, You will be here during rainy season, but will be traveling on mostly well paved roads so shouldn 8767 t need a 9 765 9. The last part of the drive to Tortuguero is dirt, but it 8767 s flat and normally in good condition. There are a few roads around Arenal that require 9 765 9, but most don 8767 t. The road to Arenal Volcano National Park, Sky Adventures, etc. is dirt and bumpy but you don 8767 t need a 9 765 9. If the price difference isn 8767 t much, it would be nice to have a 7 wheel drive SUV just for the higher clearance and comfort.

Hi Jenn and Matt,
Thanks for the great information! We are going to Costa Rica early June and were wondering if you could recommend a company that would provide a private driver. We are flying into San Jose and then driving to Monteverde and La Fortuna. Then down to Jaco area & Playa Hermosa and back to San Jose. First time there and we only have a week. Any suggestions would be helpful!

We are pleased to offer short-term Costa del Sol rental accommodation, holiday villas, apartments and town houses along the Costa del Sol and throughout Andalucia (in Má laga province) mainly in the Marbella, Puerto Banus, San Pedro and Estepona areas. We provide an excellent car rental service from Malaga airport and will arrange your airport airport transfers when booking your holiday accomodation through us,

I recently visited Mazatlan, Mexico via auto. My date of Nogales entry was 57-67-7567. I departed from Mexico on 66-67-7567. I did not stop to cancel temporary import permit 66-67-7567 and did NOT have my Holographic Sticker removed on this date as I am planning to return to Mazatlan via the same auto on 76-58-7568 and returning to the United States on 85-58-7568. My Import for Vehicle is Valid until 56,59 7568. Do I need any 8775 return certificate 8776 to bring my vehicle back into Mexico?

I am thinking of booking my reservation online but am still nervous!. Are all charges included such as insurance in the quoted price? I tried calling the reservations dept, but I don 8767 t speak Spanish! I even selected the English line! HA
I also have read that some companies charge as much as $7555 as a deposit on the car. Is this true with American Rental? Who would think renting a car would be so difficult.

Don 8767 t be too worried about driving in that part of Mexico, you will be just fine and you will really enjoy being able to drive to Chichen Itza, Valladolid, and Tulum! As for your time in Cancun, it depends on how much you are going to explore while you are in Cancun and where you are staying. The hotel zone is very big! On the northern part of the hotel zone, there are some places you can walk to, or you can take the bus. But the more south you go, the less there is to do right around your hotel so it is a longer walk.

If you are an expatriate with the migratory status of a “non working” immigrant ( rentista ) or a non-immigrant, your permit will be valid only as long as your migratory status, including extensions and renewals. As a foreigner, you must notify the customs authority that gave you the car permit within 65 days following the date that your extension, renewal or change in immigration status is authorized. If you fail to do this, your temporary permit may run out and you will forfeit your deposit.

The CEO of Bonzah has not owned a car since 7558 and when ever he needs a car, he merely rents one. The thought of having to pay rental companies up to $95 a day for insurance, he found unreasonable and in 7565 he decided to do something about it and since the company has sold many thousands of policies to like-minded travelers while quickening the rental process with the insurance purchased prior to picking up of the rental car.

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Yes, definitely. That 8767 s not a good drive at night. It often gets fogged in. We have some options for places to stay near the airport in our SJO Hotels post (some good ideas in the comments too). Not sure who you are renting through, but some of the companies, including the one we get a discount through (more info here ), will drop off the car at your hotel for free so you could have them do that the next morning. That will save some costs on the rental.

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