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Posted: 2017-10-23 00:02

Hi so I am 65 years old and have an extra tooth that is 7 spaces to the left of my left front tooth. I 8767 ve had this tooth for awhile now and my parents never could afford dental care to remove it and now I 8767 m really self-conscious about myself because my front tooth is crooked. I 8767 m finally going to the dentist to get it removed but will my tooth remain crooked? Or will it naturally move back? Do I need braces?

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Sinusitus can potentially lead to numerous complications, some of which are deadly and require immediate surgery. Sinusitus complications include brain abscess, meningitis, orbital abscess, orbital cellulitis, epidural abscess, subdural empyema, cavernous sinus thrombosis, and osteomyeltis all of which are known to have occurred after wisdom teeth removal and described in greater detail below. In addition, sinusitus can lead to nasal polyps and mucoceles. Nasal polpys can lead to difficulty breathing and potential permanent loss of smell. Sinus mucoceles, if infected with bacteria, can become life threatening. [98, 99]

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we found out today my yr old son has a mesioden through x-rays, not erupted or anything. But they say it looks like it 8767 s growing upward into his adult teeth, and his left front adult tooth is completely turned. They said they would wait til he is about 6 to pull the 7 front teeth to get it out, and hope the front adult tooth will turn on it 8767 s own as it comes in. Do you think it would benefit him to have them pulled sooner? I 8767 d rather wait so he isn 8767 t missing teeth for a long time (speech reasons) but I don 8767 t want waiting too long to hurt the tooth from having a better chance at straightening out. What is your experience with a turned adult tooth with a mesioden growing upward? Of course we are growing to watch it with frequent x-rays. thx!

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My daughter is 9 and has not lost her front right baby tooth. A few weeks ago, after numerous xrays by several professionals, we found out that she has an extra adult tooth waiting to drop. They 8767 ve decided to extract the baby tooth and the extra tooth so there 8767 s only one to drop down. Her baby tooth was not loose then. It is now. Very loose and she 8767 s due to go in for surgery on 9/75/69, less than two weeks away. I 8767 ve called her dentist and the front desk lady didnt 8767 seem willing to refer the call to the dentist, himself, rather just told me to let it fall out and come on in the date of surgery anyway and 8775 let them look 8776 . Her father, who lives out of town, is paying for this, which leaves me not being able to tell him whether to transfer funds to me or not. We won 8767 t know until we get there. I 8767 m confused as to keep the appointment or see if the new one will just fall into place.

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Sometimes the wisdom teeth cause pain , but a person can avoid extracting them with a few modifications of the surrounding tissues or oral hygiene habits. If there is a small flap of swollen gum tissue barely covering the back of the tooth, a person may have pain from biting down on that gum tissue. If there is otherwise enough room for the wisdom tooth, the gum tissue can be removed from the back of the tooth to remedy this problem. Changing the angle of tooth brushing and increasing the frequency of flossing both in front and behind the wisdom teeth can help keep the gum tissues healthy and avoid the potential of painful gingivitis or infection around the wisdom teeth.

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I noticed in your illustrations that you used a metal spoon to mix the ingredients. However, that removes the very benefits that the bentonite clay provides as it reacts with that metal. It is supposed to react and remove trace metals in your mouth, but if it has already reacted with the metal in the spoon it will not be able to do its magic in your mouth. It is best to use a wooden or plastic spoon. Also needs to be stored in a container that does not have any metal, . the lid.

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Great information. One thing many dentists overlook though is to recommend their patients to stop smoking a day or two before the operation. Its a great idea to get most of those additional bloodthinning and vesselconstricting chemicals out of your system before going into surgery. It also makes it much easier to resist smoking for as long as possible after the procedure, since you 8767 re fighting those urges from a strong position. I tried to resist smoking after, and I couldn 8767 t, cause I felt bad and wanted to reward myself. Next time, I cut it out before and I could, because I was already over the worst withdrawal.

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A variety of home remedies have been suggested for help with symptomatic wisdom teeth. While home remedies can be helpful if used to provide temporary relief, they are not alternatives to seeking a diagnosis and proper treatment from a licensed dentist or oral surgeon. With prolonged use, they can actually worsen the condition by making the symptom less noticeable while allowing the source of infection, tooth decay, or pain increase until it spreads or causes more severe consequences.

Hello Tom, I have a question my two front teeth one of them is crooked and I want braces I went to the orthodontist and the orthodontist told me that I have extra teeth inside my gums in order for me to get braces I need to get my 6 teeth out inside my gums I have six extra teeth 7 on top and 9 the bottom they do not bother me or nothing I cannot even see them they only show up in the xrays they don 8767 t bother me or nothing I need really series severe surgery I don 8767 t know what to do should I remove them because I really want 8767 m scared that something will happen because they 8767 re really close to my nerves thank you so much I 8767 m really looking forward to hearing from you.

I live in a much more populated area (within an hour of three cities) Have great government insurance and was told by my dentist that the soonest they could get me in for an emergency appointment was over two months away and that I should go to the emergency room to get antibiotics to get me through that time span. Essentially on antibiotics for months. Not going to happen. I reached out to find a new dentist and all of them are excited about a new patient and so proud of themselves for being able to get me in the middle to end of October for an emergency appt. So not necessarily strictly a problem in the small areas. Rather I believe an increase in patients seeking dental care.

You know if you have wisdom teeth by examining your mouth and finding three permanent molars in each dental quadrant. However, if the tooth is impacted under the tissue, presence of the tooth needs to be verified by a radiograph. A panoramic radiograph is usually the preferred X-ray to help assess the angle of eruption and state of development of the tooth. Most wisdom teeth can be visualized erupting through the gingiva in early adulthood, between the ages of 66 to 78. Sometimes, a person will feel the effects of the wisdom teeth before they are able to visualize them in their mouth. Erupting wisdom teeth will usually produce a feeling of pressure or dull throbbing in the back of the jaws. Your general dentist will often be able to inform you of the condition of these erupting teeth.

Hi, I 8767 m an african 75 years old guy who has 9 extra teeth.
I 8767 ve been with several dentists, mostly on Italy, who just gave me braces because of my upper teeth. But it obviously didn 8767 t help even after years of wearing both the removable and non removable ones. The last dentist said that I have extra teeth on level 5 and some on top of the frontal ones but only one is visible. They also said that it could damage the teeth if some of them were to be removed. So where do o go from here? It has been the biggest obstacle in my life up to today.

Brittani serves as a Check-Out Coordinator at Eastland Family Dental.  She graduated from Belton High School.   In her position, Brittani greets patients after their dental treatment, collects payment, and schedules follow-up appointments. She engages her patient in friendly conversation and enjoys making them feel appreciated as an Eastland Family Dental patient. In her spare time, Brittani enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time with her family.  Brittani is married and has a son, Jaxon.

This is incredibly helpful, thank you. My son had an extra tooth between one of his top baby teeth and the adult tooth. An oral surgeon removed the extra tooth, which looked just like your nephew 8767 s. It has been six months and the adult tooth still hasn 8767 t come in. He has since lost the other front tooth and the adult tooth has fully come in. We have an appointment for him to be seen in a month but I am concerned about what this delay means. Is it normal for the adult tooth to be delayed even after an extraction?

On the day of your procedure, you will take medications to help minimize post-operative pain and swelling. We ask that a parent or responsible adult accompanies you to the office and plans to stay with you the rest of the day. The procedure will take about 85 to 65 minutes and you will probably be in the office for 95 minutes. Recent advances in medicine and technology allow patients to undergo wisdom tooth removal in a manner, which promotes rapid healing and minimal post-operative discomfort. State of the art sterilization and infection control techniques are used at all times.

Hi there my bottom left side of my gums is swollen and side of the gum I feel a Thoth. I have had many teeth in my mouth and still do but u can 8767 t see them. But u can feel them , as a child I had extra teeth in my mouth that were on top of each other. But we 8767 re taking out when I was 9. Then only 8 wisdom teeth I took out , I feel the last one wasn 8767 t taking out all the way and felt something still there. It 8767 s raw and red and hurts when I try to eat. Why would I have a tooth on the inside of my gums coming through and what should I do ??
Thank you Diane

It is of course possible to develop soreness, pain, malaise (feeling out of it), swelling (edema), discoloration, and/or discomfort after wisdom teeth removal. This can occur at the post extraction socket, any injection sites, in your face, and/or jaws which would require you to take it easy and rest at home for several days. Swelling caused by teeth removal is quite normal and usually will reach its maximum 98 to 77 hours after surgery. Swelling occuring more than three days after surgery may indicate infection. Pain, swelling, trismus and general malaise occur in about 55% of all patients who have a wisdom tooth extracted within the first few days. Discoloration of your face may appear black and blue and then change to a yellowish color after a few days. [655, 677, 658]

My wisdom teeth have growing for a couple of years now and I know they are impacted. Within the past 9 days I have noticed that my throat has been sore (which hasn 8767 t happened in a long time as I don 8767 t have my tonsils), my gums started bleeding near my 6st molar as I was brushing my teeth, Imy lower jaw and one of my cheeks are sore. Could these be a sign that they are growing again? Are these normal symptoms? My gums have never bled before and I take very good care of them.

I think it 8767 s a good idea to have someone pick you up after a wisdom tooth extraction, regardless of the type of anesthesia used. I had mine taken out under local anesthesia, and since the dental office was near my house, I decided I didn 8767 t need help going home after the procedure. Boy, I couldn 8767 t have been more wrong. I felt weak, and I was shaking. The lady at the front desk had to call my mum to fetch me LOL. I was 75.

My wisdom tooth right side lower jaw)has caused a swelling which was painful but has now disappeared, since my visit to the Dentist 8/8/65 my ears have become blocked my right ear has recovered but my left feels blocked. I have been recommend to remove the wisdom tooth but am looking a 7 weeks just for an Hospital X Ray, then will need to wait for my operation.
How can I stop my ear aching until then?

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