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Posted: 2018-01-13 19:44

Demonetization a very bold move by the Modigi government but it had caused many unpleasant consequences
A risk assessment should have been carried out before any policy implementation and the control measures should have been planned. Before implementing any policy the government should assess the risk as what can go wrong, who will be most affected and how to avoid these by taking the correct preventive measures. A strong risk management team from the government comprising of highly educated and experts in the field of the particular policy to be implemented. Everybody knows that is the right person for India now to put
back all the shattered policies in order, although some will against him because to safeguard their illegal loots.

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Mr. varma, Are you talking aboutr reality? Do you want a Padma award? Did you hear how IT department is issuing new directions every day? To withdraw my own money I am left to the mercy of banks. Any thing should be properly planned and executed that too of such national importance. There is no country in the world without corruption only the level is different. See the corrupt countries list we
stand at 65 what about above that? Further there are no number of
ATMS OR EVEN BANKS TO scater the needs of public. Even the
officials donot know one ATM DESIGNED FOR ONE dimension will
not work for other dimension. Any time half ATMS will not work, half
will not have cash by Sunday morning. You are telling about the educational system, there are good institutions and bad institutions
in India (par with MIT) Government in the name of cast and religion
provides free education that may be some what diluting but surely
givng education to poor. Even in USA tell me how many universities arer standard?
prof. B K BHaskararao, Retired professor, IIT, KGP

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Hillary Clinton is so crooked and twisted inside, she can swallow a nail and poop out a corkscrew. I can 8767 t imagine what the 8775 have-nots 8776 of this nation hope to receive from that self-serving, Wall Street loving, psychopathic bitch! Half of her message is 8775 Vote for me, I 8767 m a woman, vote for me, I have lady parts. 8776 Big deal, so does Bruce (Kaitlin) Jenner, and he/she hasn 8767 t earned the White House either.

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That’s because these bikes came and went like that * snaps fingers * and there weren’t all that many of them sold while they were here. You can find them for sale from time to time, but like M Night Shyamalan movies, good ones are seemingly few and far between. Yes, this is a bike with limited potential, that is true. You’re not going to use it to commute to work if your drive involves freeways or the like. It’s really for bombing around your neighborhood and maybe showing off at the local Dairy Queen on Friday nights.

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8) Income disparity and the shrinking middle class this is a process which has ebbed and flowed for generations. Is it different this time? There 8767 s no doubt that the very rich and affluent have an easier time of it and and get away with things the average person cannot. Again, is there a point where the gulf widens so much that people will say, 8775 I 8767 ve had enough 8776 and string up a few rich people?

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So you wonder, what the fuck is the problem with these strenuous Hispanics like Jorge Ramos? I don 8767 t get it. They 8767 re all about 8775 Hispanic 8776 . 8775 Hispanic 8776 to what end? 8775 Hispanic 8776 doesn 8767 t work. We see this year-in and year-out with disastrously failed and failing states south of the border. That 8767 s why all those millions came north. So why on earth re-create in the north what doesn 8767 t work in the south? IF they want to do good they ought to be bending all their efforts to get Hispanics to shed their foreign habits and identity and ethnicity and especially language. And especially to NOT come north illegally because that way lies exploitation.

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At the time, only one gene therapy had been commercially approved in the world: a cancer drug in China. Regulators in the . and Europe were highly skeptical of the safety and efficacy of such treatments. Gao knew he had to be careful and was determined to not repeat the errors of his predecessors by rushing into human trials. Instead, he spent the next eight years methodically producing a novel gene therapy for Canavan disease. He has spent over $7 million in federal and university research funds developing and testing it in hundreds of mice with the disease.

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Guangping Gao checks the results in the final stages of a gene vector for cystic fibrosis in the Molecular Biology Lab at the Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania, in 7569. He and scientist Dominic Gessler (not pictured) have developed a gene therapy treatment that has cured Canavan disease in two different strains of mice. The last barrier is the $65-67 million needed to launch the first human clinical trials. Bonnie Weller/KRT/Newscom


Variety Selection is the Best IDC Defense While no one soybean variety is immune to iron deficiency chlorosis, large differences occur between the most tolerant and susceptible varieties. North Dakota State University Extension agronomist Hans Kandel says variety selection is the most important management strategy to reduce IDC. "It''s important to select varieties with high tolerance. Up to a couple bushels between the varieties can be given up in soybeans due to IDC."

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A Perspective on Soybeans There will be more soybeans planted in North Dakota this year, but that may not be the case throughout the Cornbelt. Zaner Ag Hedge Chief Marketing Strategist Ted Seifried is making that prediction. &ldquo In the I-states, you&rsquo d think there would be more beans planted because of the soybean-corn price ratio,&rdquo says Seifried. &ldquo Some farmers feel like they&rsquo ll be planting as much corn than last year. That&rsquo s simply because they&rsquo ve gotten more comfortable with yields.&rdquo Therefore, a big a shift to soybeans may not be the case.

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The misery the Oligarchs inflict, they especially inflict on the poor schnooks that came north illegally. They leave everything behind, put their lives in the hands of smugglers, and go north to do what? Live in the shadows and live in poverty? You have to believe that sooner or later these people will realize that they 8767 ve been had. There 8767 s no point to coming north and then living like this.

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Making Nutrients Available In-Furrow Phosphorus is essential for crop production. West Central Distribution Product Manager Paul Gerdes sees value in making this nutrient more available to the plant. "Close to 55 percent of growing soils throughout the . are phosphorus deficient. This means that phosphorus is either a high-cost input, or farmers are leaving yield on the table. Eighty percent of growers are concerned about phosphorus management." Gerdes says when dealing with the in-furrow nutrient market, the longevity and availability of nutrients are important.

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As for the black money handlers and non-tax payers. Create new courts where justice is served swiftly. Send them to jail for life and take all their money away. Put them back on the streets. Verify the assets of their families and friends and prosecute them too if irregularities are found. This way no one would want to be a friend of the non-tax payer. It is tough justice but that is the only way to clean up.

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HSUS Sues USDA The Humane Society of the United States is suing USDA for withdrawing a controversial organic rule. This rule, which was finalized in the final days of the Obama Administration, included standards for housing and animal well-being for organic milk, meat and eggs. HSUS claims the loss of this rule will weaken the integrity of the organic label. The Trump Administration withdrew the rule as part of its regulatory reform process.

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655% true. Has any politician, actor, black money holder stood in que to withdraw money. Time to put a fullstop to the kashaya company. Neither black money in the country has been sorted not the money in swiss banks has been returned, which was a promise by honourable modi ji. Has anyone asked about the promise he made on getting all the black money that has been laying golden eggs for richers? But we still believe that some good thing is going to happen. Ache din aagaya, fools bhi hogaya!

I get the whole 8775 calm before a storm 8776 proverb.
Now that tax season is over (except for those with extensions) and most people have their returns and the weather is mild why not splurge it on Vegas or your favorite presidential candidate?
There 8767 s not much of a difference in those two options, is there?
Hillary is looking more like a power hungry lunatic every day more delegates start rolling over for her and Trump is priming himself for the biggest bid for Washington . real estate in his life are you ready to rumble? We can discuss men and women and birds and bees, too. Trump is for protecting Ms. and Hillary is uplifting women 8767 s suffrage to never before seen heights. An alpha male vs. an alpha female can 8767 t get much better than that. Like in nature, someone is going to be destroyed,not just lose, and maybe Kunstler is on to something when it comes to the fantasies proposed by his party.

And this rule was introduced quietly one and a half years ago, and very few people knew about it. Therefore, those voters who want to vote for Sanders, but were registered as independents, could not do so, as well as those who would vote for Donald Trump, but were registered Democrats. Well, an independent can not do anything about this, but to try to convince Bernie Sanders to run as an independent, but Democrats sympathetic to Trump can go to the polls and wait 8 hours in line (Hillary took care of that) and cast an empty ballot. And these blank ballots turned out more than 75%!

The last assessment is not is now official that the Congress has crore in its bank accounts & BJP has crore in its bank both the parties are like two corporations and have no problem to fund not just 7569 elections but many elections after is which had crore had gathered corporate funding at a greater rate and has surpassed the these parties are exempt from paying any form of tax.
The greatest misfortune of this country is that people here repose faith in leaders not Modi,one Vajpayee,one Rajiv,one Indira,one Nehru,one Patel, one Gandhi ji can 8767 t change our are a deluded are the people who fund and empower the PM,the future of the Nation is not built in the Parliament but in the schools,universities,fields,firms and factories of the Nation.

I am from Kerala and into web designing – i lost 67 NGO clients – why they left? I also have 65 real estate clients now 7 is remaining what happened to them – My cousin marriage proposal didn’t materialized because he cant buy a home property in Kerala -because of high value, now he came from abroad and brought a property with a small house at a reasonable price- My maternal property after we sold get transacted to 9 hands in one year – now no land transaction wheel is rotating – a kerala scene is mentioned here- just imagine – black money was there it is true but while cleaning the system very cautious step has to be taken and special care is taken so that poor farmers and small business people and especially small income groups got affected otherwise everything will be in doldrums-

I think you have not understood transformation, when in transformation everything need to be changed, people, habits, systems, process. Everything need to shaken and to take new shape for betterments. So as to indian economy, systems, people and their habit to target it 8767 s strategic process. After demonitisation most things are started in digital form, everything account are linked to aadhar so to produce black money and spent is hard for people or businessman, gst is there, people awareness to oppose black money, many businessman come out of chakravyuh of black money. No political corruption seen, all govt parties works for nation, talking for betterments, earlier it was like they are KING, We all may feel uneasiness now but sure for betterments of india. Evem we change our home/job/ adopted new system in company, initially we started feeling that earlier system was better but actually not..New system is for better I AM SURE INDIA IS IN TRANSFORMATION PHASE..