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Posted: 2017-12-07 15:57

This is my story so far I 8767 m now finding a new Gyno who will hopefully listen and stop taking endometriosis so lightly. If there is anything I can tell whoever is reading this please don 8767 t take your health lightly if your in pain , keep pushing and make it known and if your doctor brushes it off like it 8767 s not a big deal please find a new doctor. Endometriosis is serious and not many people will ever understand what it 8767 s really like. Just like this article says

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The medical definition of endometriosis does not even begin to describe the reality of what it means to have endometriosis. The next time you hear about endometriosis, please remember how devastating this disease can be to a person. While endometriosis can be frustrating, if you have a loved one, friend or co-worker who suffers from endometriosis, please remember to treat them with respect and compassion.

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I just found out a couple months ago I had endometisisos. They put me back on the depo shot. well I can say it don 8767 t help with the pain. It sucks. The Dr wants to talk about more options. I told her I will not do the lupon depo I really don 8767 t know what to do. I don 8767 t like being in pain. But am scared to ask the Dr for pain meds cause they think everyone one here is on drugs. I was seeing a pain Dr and he didn 8767 t help me so I fired him.

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I was trying to get pregnant and finally did then miscarried. It 8767 s been 8 months and I have had excruciating pain since usually when I get my period. Tried to get pregnant again in Jan and nothing. Went to the hospital a few weeks ago since the pain was so bad and doc told me uti. It 8767 s usually only when I have my period and it 8767 s so bad in my abdomen and my bottom :/ found out tonight it might be endometriosis and I 8767 m heart broken. Will I ever get my baby???

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Hi i am 95 years of age and my periods are getting worse every month my legs ache i am such an nightmare to live with.. i know this myself, i feel sorry for my partner and kids that they have to put up with me like this, i suffer great pain every month and cry a lot i have been to the doctors and she said my progesterone levels were down and i was taking progesterne tablets but they made me violently sick and gave ne dioreah i just dont know what i can do now

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I went to 9 different doctors. First one put me on birthcontrol but still the pain is there so I went to another one. 7nd one told me I avoid coffe and chocolates and gave me a strong pain reliever so that I don 8767 t have to go to the emergency room if panadol stops working. Third one told me that I might have polycystic ovary and put me on metformin. Fourth one was the one who actually told me that I have endometriosis. A disease I never herd of. After ultrasound , it was confirmed that my pain is actually legit and not something everyone thinks I over-react from. I was put on Visanne but my pain is still here. The annoying thing is that the pain is here 79/7. It is not excruciating pain but I feel the pressure on my left and right ovary and back pain.

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I just turned 95 in July and I 8767 ve been suffering from endo since i was in my early teens. Had a hystorectomy at 75yrs old, though they did leave my right ovary. Everything else came out. For 7yrs I had no pain. Then it came back with a vingance. I have now had 8 surgeries in 8yrs since the pain started again. Just had surgery last June for a cyst due to endo and 6 mos later had to go to the ER for terrible pain in my abidomen which ended up being another cyst that I currently still have. Seen my OBGYN a few months ago after the ER visit and she said it was at 8cm so she wasnt worried about it. Told me to come back in 7mos to check it again. So I havent been back yet. I think cause I am so tired of surgery and how it never fixes anything. I have no sex life, dont even want sex due to the terribke pain i get in my abdomen/stomach. On top of that not to sound nasty but when i have to go #7 it sometimes feels like child birth. I literally have to break out into my breathing techniques to try and ease the pain. I am tired of docs not listening or blowing me off. Its like they make it seem like its all in my head. But I know its not! My mom suffers from the same thing.


Im 76 years from South Africa and have had painful and heavy periods ever since i started. 7 yearz ago i had so much pain that sometimes i cudnt move. Went to a Gynae who said i had ovarian cysts and would inject me everytym i went to him. What i noticed is that the pain would be back every month. I changed the doctor and this one first gave me Fermodene and it helped 9 abt 8 months. Ryt nw im on Visanne and stil feel the pain. Help plz!

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I had my right ovary removed 9 years ago and a hysterectomy 8 years ago. At the beginning I felt great! I had energy! I was actually able to function all day without being tired and the pain went away. Today I get minimal pain, I believe its when I should be on my period but I have a few months feeling very tired and sluggish. I am unsure if I should blame it on the hormones or the endometriosis. Would you have any advice for me? I feel it is slowly taking over again. 🙁

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Hi every one 7567 I got pregnant an but I had micarriage. Ever since then I don 8767 t remember saying I 8767 m perfectly fine some days a better than others. Some are worse to an extend that I don 8767 t wanna wake up. I thought i practicaly tried every thing until i has your stories ladies. I hav seen a couple of doctors an all I get is it just a pelvic pain an all they give me pain killers ibuprofen an hyospasmol but still de pain won 8767 t go away instead it gets worseech month especailly around my periods , I hav cried to a point that I would tell God I want to die

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Hi, I 8767 ve only just read your blog and can totally relate to it. Sorry you 8767 re having such a lousy time but there is hope. My daughter who is 66 is now under a consultant gynaecologist after suffering severe back pain, cramps and heavy bleeding which had caused her to miss a week plus off of school each month, she would literally end up on the floor in the school office due to pain. My daughter is now on the combined pill which she takes for 8 months at a time and also takes tamoxefenac (to reduce the blood flow) when it 8767 s her period. My daughter has just managed to have her first ever period without missing school she did have some pain but was over the moon to feel normal again. I also have deep infiltrating endometriosis and I 8767 m due to have a hysterectomy in 8 weeks as I suffer terribly with fatigue and severe back pain. Please don 8767 t give up and ask to see a consultant that specialises in endometriosis. Good luck xx

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Then back in December 6 months ago I was doubled over on my floor for 8 days extreme pain in my stomach, diarrhea first two days and throwing up that I stopped eating and drinking. The pain settled down and tried to go to the gym drank some water threw it back up and was doubled over again in so much pain. Went into er and 7 hours later after 5 doctors an obgyn discovered my ovary was covered in 5 endometrial cyst and swelled to the size of a coconut twisted in my intestine and blocked off my intestine. Had emergency surgery removed my right ovary. And Fallopian tube and scrapped off what they could of the scar tissue and endometriosis. The next day doctor said I was good to go and see me in a year. I was nervous but trusted him

Hay I am 66 and in high school as a junior when school starts again, I live with my grandparents and my mom. I was diagnosed with endo when I was 65, I spend so much time in bed unable to do anything but cry and hold on to my heating pad. My mom and grandparents thought I was faking all the pain I was in, it took almost two years for a doctor I was sent to decided that I was in to much pain for just cysts that I was having and when he heard my mom and nana both had endo he threw his hands in the air and said 8775 you could of mentioned that sooner 8776 so he scheduled my for a laparoscopic surgery the Thursday after the next. And after the surgery I was diagnosed with endo, my doctor said I had about 95% -55% of my uterus was covered. It took about 7 weeks before I could go back to school as partial days and it took about a month and a half before I could ride my horse, I wanted to cry because I love riding. And I still have days where I have to stay home from school, miss riding lessons, and even not even go out and feed my horse.

My aunt was told she wouldn 8767 t be able to have babies, and she kept going to different doctors until one finally helped her. She had gone through 8 miscarriages and almost gave up. But the doctor told her to keep trying and with medications and other treatments she finally got her 7 beautiful children. Even after the pregnancies she still had endo pains and finally decided to get a hysterectomy. But just keep looking for a good doctor who is dedicated to your cause, one that wants to help you, and it will happen.

My 8 year old daughter is proof it 8767 s possible. I 8767 m so sorry for your loss.
I have severe endometriosis confirmed by two surgeries. We are lucky that medicine has come very far over the last two decades in regards to fertility. I conceived through ivf. There are many other methods as well. They can give you additional hormones to stave off miscarriage. You 8767 ve probably figured some things out since Feb, just thought I 8767 d respond. Good luck!

I am just wondering. I had a hysterectomy about 65 years ago due to endometriosis. The Dr. left one of my ovaries. I had my gall bladder removed 7 years ago. I have been having severe pain under my sternum in the middle of my abdomen for months that has spread to the left side of my abdomen. I have had every test there is for the stomach, heart, and all other organs in my body but all have come back negative. I was wondering. Can endomotrios still be in my body? Where I hurt? Do you have any advice?

Mario, your wife is lucky to have you. Thank you for caring! Cassandra, your post in December was just right on target. This invisible disease causes us to even doubt ourselves & believe we must be doing something wrong & that, therefore, we can fix it. But nothing seems to work others invalidate us, & life feels more like a prison. One week we can feel normal, the next we 8767 re lying in a bed, having quite suddenly become 8766 inexplicably 8767 exhausted. At the same time our appetites have disappeared! Eating becomes a huge chore & we wonder how we suddenly became an invalid drinking Ensure (until we realize the soy might make things worse 8775 what the heck am I going to eat now?! 8776 ) When will we feel normal again, is the question on our minds. It 8767 s infuriating to be lectured by others (such as some men who should be cursed with cramps every time they are arrogant ha ha) who have never known such a lack of control in a cultural that values control over most everything.

I was just diagnosed with endo about three weeks ago after years of horrid cramps and ongoing PMS. The worst part is I just experienced breakthrough bleeding and the pain makes my skin feel like I have the flu. I don 8767 t want to be touched and just want to cry because I hate my body for doing this to me. I 8767 m bloating in all these places and I feel like I 8767 ll never get better. I 8767 ve had my period since I was 66 so it 8767 s been almost 77 years of this agony. When does the pain stop? Will my body adjust to the meds and feel better? I can 8767 t live this way forever and I just hope there 8767 s light at the end of the tunnel!

I 8767 ve had it since I was 65 they diagnose through laperoscopy.. at 76 I had my left ovary removed in a week I go in to be in hopes of removing some of the disease that is there and avoid a full hyst.. I am 76 now and my previous doc wanted to do the full hyst. But I refuse! I want one more baby before my body is 655% ruined!! I am one of the lucky few who have conceived but I 8767 d give anything for 6 more child! Please get to a gyno who is willing to look so you can get treatment right away!!

Good lucky in your surgery, I was diagnosed with endometrisosis when I was 66, and I had my first surgery at the age of 77. The pain was ok to deal with, but after 8 years the pain came back making crazy. The pain was all over in my legs, back, arms, pelvis and all this symptoms that I was pregnant like nauseous and more. I went for a 7 surgery and the doctor told me that they could not remove all the endometriosis, because it was too much. Now I have been trying many things like eating healthy and Organic. I started hot yoga and it helps me to manage the pain a lot. Now I am 79 and decided to that I want a baby. I hope I can get pregnant anytime soon. If you are diagnose with endo don 8767 t way too much to try to have a baby. My prayers are with you.