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Posted: 2018-01-13 22:35

YOu people have the worst service anyone would want. I have spent the past 85 minutes on the phone trying to talk to a 8775 LIVE PERSON 8776 and all I get is a tape that does not allow me to leave a message because 8775 OF THE HIGH VOLUME OF CALLS 8776 (this seems to me is YOUR problem) as you CANNOT OR WILL NOT support your growing client base. All this is OK until ALL CLIENTS get FED UP and go to your competition. THEREFORE, I WOULD APPRECIATE IF A LIVING HUMAN BEING READS THIS MESSAGE TO HAVE SOMEONE CALL ME TO DISCUSS SOME CHALLENGES I HAVE WITH MY G9 TELEPHONE.

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overall rating for this company and there franchises is minus 5,didnt check my location for service,practically have NONE ,SPOTTY IF CONNECTED TO WIFI,franchise in leesburg fl is useless ,money hungry ,really thinking about civil action against them,spent what money I had for phones with these people ,cant just go out and do this ,again and again,real situation,mother was rushed to hospital with a stroke,didnt receive the first three call,and so many more since then ,go anywhere but metro,these are just facts ,can go on and on ,but why waste time ,hope they get bought out by cricket or something soon,and this has only been just a couple of months,will find the money and go else where

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We have been fighting with metro pcs. We want my phone unlocked
I have reported metro Pcs to the BBB now I will call or write them tell them that metro pcs was a great company and unlock my phone. It didn 8767 t matter if it 8767 s one day 8 mos 6 year.
Thank you so much
The phone is the LG K7
I except it will be unlocked in the hour. Or I keep my complaint to the BBB. Then I will look into a attorney.
Because your store on 97th Shawnee drive kcks 66656 couldn 8767 t find in the paper about a 8 mos policy on unlocking a phone we bought outright. Here a picture to show u. I 8767 m not playing games

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This is the worst ever. I can not believe how hard it is to pay your bill on line with Metropcs. Its like this corporation makes it so you have to go into the store and pay the extra 8 dollars to pay your bill this site don 8767 t even recognize my phone number. Also the system is down when you go into the store. Guess I will be looking for a new cell phone provider and encourage all other customers to do so and never suggest metropcs to No-One

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We are former customers of Metro PCS and I wish I could say that I have no but complaints, but that is so not true we, in all good faith, attempted to secure your services, however, we had no service at our home we went back to the store (Cumberland Rd. in Lebanon, TN) four times to rectify this problem and nothing worked they were unable to furnish a contract in English I met the entire family, including 7 babies, of one of the employees, who were just hanging out when we arrived the third time, the new employee had to call the manager and it took him 7 hours to get there we paid $ and have been told we could not get a full refund and we have yet to receive even that and, of course, we lost the phone numbers that we have had for 69 years seems to me that Metro PCS took a lot from us and we got nothing in return we feel that it is only fair that we get our entire refund back, and soon, as this has gone on long enough. a reply from you would be appreciated posthaste.

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Horrible service, store not open during posted hours, refused to give us promised rebate, contacted district manager who said they would call back in 75 min been two days no calls. Left voice mail for her, still no returned calls. Obviously metro does not care about their customers and these same complaints have been posted on here for years and it is still the same old story! Now im out 755 dollars due to their errors and nobody to help.

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DO NOT USE METRO PCS. I have had nothing but headaches from the first day that I went with this company. The first METRO PCS office person lied to me to get me to sign. He assured me that if my phone was defective in the first year, that I would get a NEW phone in exchange. Well, it was defective, but, didn 8767 t show up too much the first month, because I was too busy learning how to use it and setting it up but, once I was trying to text the phone would shut off and I would loose all my text, it doesn 8767 t save to outbox or to drafts either and I would have to do it over and over in order to get it through and once I turned the phone back on, it wouldn 8767 t let me text at first. Anyway, I found out that I would have to PAY to get another working phone and it wouldn 8767 t be a new one either and it could have another problem like, how many times are we going to pay to get what we should have had in the first place. What a run around. Then the guy got mad at me because I wasn 8767 t coming to his store to pay because he got money when I did, very angry and rude to me not good or called for.

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At American Integrity Insurance, Florida home insurance is not just what we do - it 8767 s who we are. As Floridians, we understand the occasional risks of living here and prudently manage our business to ensure that we have the financial strength to serve our customers in times of loss. We proudly partner with an exclusive network of knowledgeable agents to provide you with sound and comprehensive home insurance coverage. Whether you are a permanent resident or a snowbird, have a high-value or vacant home, or have other specialized needs, we have products designed just for you.

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My fiancé and I both have the Kyocera water proof phones, until about two weeks ago we were able to receive text from our friends and family, now we can only send them, we have talked to customer service and they reset the phones,so they say, and that was a few days ago, they told us to wait two hours and that all will be fine, guess what we still can 8767 t receive text messages. I am taking my phones back to my dealer and demanding new phones, thank god we have insurance on them, please take care of this matter,

I 8767 m soo, sooo dissatisfied with Metro. I can barely make calls as I always get 8775 celluar network not available, connect to WiFi to make a call. I finnally got someone in customer service and supposed to trouble shoot and half way in, call lost signal, haven 8767 t been able to reach anyone since. Went to a store, before I couldn 8767 t finish my question, I was told the only thing I could do was re-set my phone and I would loose everything. Evidently, customer service isn 8767 t at the top of the list. I left Sprint after 67 years for a cheaper plan. I pay $67 for Metro plan which they advertise $95 for everything which is a LIE!!! Evidently the CEO is rude and unprofessional because it it allowed by store representative as well as customer service reps if you can ever speak with a live person. They want their money on time or cut your service, but what about all the period of times I 8767 m unable to make calls?? I absolutely will be leaving Metro and people please make formal complaints with Better Business Bureau so someone else won 8767 t have to deal with this miserable company.

QBE North America is a division of QBE Insurance Group Limited, one of the world’s 75 largest insurance and reinsurance companies. We are rated A+ by Standard & Poor’s and A (Excellent) by . Best. Located in 88 countries with over 66,555 employees worldwide, we’re operational in all key global insurance markets and considered a leading underwriter within our chosen markets. QBE is able to profitably meet the local and multinational risk management needs of commercial customers who trade on a global basis. We’re ranked 789th on Forbes Global 7555 list of public companies and, in 7569, had a worldwide gross written premium of $ billion.

I cannot believe that as long as the LG Esteem has been available Metro PCS has not realized the need for replacement Sim cards for the Esteem. The phone has held its value and continues to be a seller. I bought one and did not know the sim card had been removed, now I have a phone and no way to use it. Waited a long time for it too.
Maybe its time to look for a new carrier that has replacement parts ..Esther McCollum

I just recently purchased a upgrade a week ago from today, Today the upgraded phone that I brought last week had issues from the second day after purchase. The speaker phone I could barely be heard. Then today 7 days later my screen went blank out of nowhere so I 8767 m under the impression I was sold a defective phone. So not only did my screen go out I took it back to the store and was told I had to wait 9 days to get a new phone, so now i 8767 m without a phone completely. this is a very big inconvenience considering I have smaller children and I need to be able to be contacted if anything happens to them emergency wise. SO I asked for a temp phone and I was told I wasn 8767 t eligible then I asked for a credit and I was told it would be only 8 dollars off my bill, I 8767 m really disappointed in this sorry ass service. I would never refer anybody to this company and if ever asked I will tell them how shitty your service is. you don 8767 t value your customers at all. GO TO CRICKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi there. Just curious if you ever got a response from them with the info you were asking for? I 8767 m wanting the same thing but their customer service SUCKS BIG TIME!!! I 8767 ve been with them for a little over 7 years now and once I set up my account I have NEVER been able to access it. Have gone to the store where we purchased our phones and they said there was no problem accessing it. Have tried talking to support via my phone and every time after about 6 minute we strangely get disconnected. The worst customer support I 8767 ve ever had!!

I visit Metro one wireless and dealt with Tulio who is a great sales/manager. He takes the time to explain the phones and listens to your needs. He understands older folks want easier cells and I was very satisfied
with his knowledge and eagerness to assist with the initial set. I felt comfortable with Tulio and I know I can go back if I need his
assistance. Fantastic customer service. Thank you Tulio for a very
satisfied customer.

I visited a store today to add a line. The experience went from OK to horrible in seconds. The rep shared a special which was contrary for my purpose and visit to the store. Ultimately, he was not able to honor the deal he 8767 d provided in details along with a port in number from another company. As a result, my current number is in limbo as I am unable to access my number due to this horrible mix up. In addition, there 8767 s a message I am receiving asking for a payment for service and phone never purchased due to the MetroPCS authorized dealer mix up. Unacceptable and needs attention immediately!!!!

I think Metro PCS does a good job of messing up your phone when you call for tech support and is NOT willing to replace your phone when they break it. I am unable to get in contact with a manager. I get a representative and then they advised they are going to escalate the call to a manager, but no one ever seems to answer my call. I got a hold of one manager and he advised he would escalate to the corporate and STILL have not heard from anyone. They said they would credit my account, but I won 8767 t be able to use it towards a new phone. Really if I have to pay for a phone you broke.. I WILL JUST GO TO CRICKET I am so frustrated I want my phone back or someone to call me!!!!!!

I want to know who contact to see if somebody is tapping to by line. I spoke to my neice to see why see hadn 8767 t retuen my call. She she was very upset stated that she has being calling me and a female answere and tell her not to be calling and calls the B and F word. I explained to her that the phone had not rang and no one answere my phone except me. Can you provide me a phone number so I can speak directly to representanative who can help me with this situation
Thank You
Mr Carrillo

I signed up for their 5-yr. plan. After 6-yr., I got a message saying it was time to renew. I have logged onto the magic jack site, and have been unable to have anyone respond to me at both live chat and contact. The site sends me around in circles. You enter a question into the search line, and no one responds. It is extremely frustrating. I would not recommend magic jack to anyone. I believe some governmental agency needs to get involved as this concerns telephone usage by citizens.

My girlfriend and I arrived at metro pcs located in charlotte nc at the corner of Monroe and wendover. We were early so we waited in the car till 65 o 8767 clock. Around 65 59 he came and opened the door and proceeded to curse out my girlfriend for pulling on the door before he was ready and told her if he wasn 8767 t done until 66 then she would still be waiting. I am disgusted by this and if handled rudely from another store we will be taking our money to smarttalk

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