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Gary Foster (New York): Gary Foster, a former vice president in Citigroup 8767 s treasury finance department, pleaded guilty on September 6, 7566, to bank fraud stemming from his embezzlement of more than $77 million from Citigroup. Between September 7558 and June 7566, Foster first transferred money from various Citigroup accounts to Citigroup 8767 s cash account and then wired the money to his personal bank account at another bank. Foster concealed his thefts by making various false accounting entries to create the appearance that the cash account was in balance and by placing a fraudulent contract or deal number in the reference line of the wire transfer instructions to give the appearance the wire transfers were actually in support of an existing Citigroup contract. Foster used the money to buy real estate and luxury automobiles, including a Ferrari and a Maserati.

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I have been a thriving member of eBay for years. I sold and sent a beautiful vintage Holy Rosary to a customer. I have 655% feedback which I am very proud of and have worked hard for. The Holy Rosary arrived to the customer in PERFECT condition (the box that the item was sent in was broken in transit not my fault.) So this lady has given me a neutral feedback that will stay on my account for a year. Ebay says that they can not help me because it is the customers opinion. I beg to differ Ebay, when it is the sellers on Ebay that do all of the work and pay YOU for the honor of using your system. Wake up and realize that the Sellers need some support sometimes as well. I am leaving Ebay and going to ETSY. A sight that some say is miles above what I am presently using. Good buy to all of my friends and my certified letter sent to the corporate office will request that Ebay sometimes show some support for the seller. Without sellers, there would be NO Ebay!!! I had a account manager tell me that he was going to help me. He put me on hold and the call was dropped??? Anyway Ebay, you have lost a good customer, if I do say so myself. Sincerely, M 🙂

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Julie, You did nothing of the kind, if no written or verbal contract or Ts and Cs existed, how could you have acted fraudulently? I 8767 m not too sure of the rules concerning what kind of card info they can hold, but I 8767 m fairly sure you must give your approval for your card to be used at a later date exactly as they do in hotels. if they are going to keep hold of your card details, there must be some mention of this in their Ts and Cs. If not, request your card details be removed on the basis that they are no longer relevant. You can always report them to the ICO who are always very helpful.

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Be aware of crooks diverting your phone number to a mobile phone.
You think your phone is broken, friends tell you they phoned my number and spoke with someone else ,this creates a confusion with the phone company in my case BT this took hours on the phone to sort out as they said there was no fault ,but never said my number had been diverted,meantime the crook is withdrawn money from your bank account to this day I don''t know how this was achieved. Fraud department at BT ,my bank and the police Fraud squad couldn''t explain as it would expose the loophole in the system thankfully the bank made no quibbles and paid the money back into my account. So be careful if suddenly your phones stop working.

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We may delay a withdrawal, in certain situations, including if we need to confirm that the withdrawal has been authorized by you or if other payments to your PayPal account have been reversed (for example, as a result of a chargeback , bank reversal or dispute by a buyer ). Additionally, if we place a limitation on your PayPal account while a withdrawal from your PayPal account is pending, you will have to reinitiate the withdrawal once the limitation has been lifted.

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I''ve been doing a lot of research and it seems that to get bit coins you must invest i good amount of money, so either buying at bit coin or buying a rig that mines them cost an considerable amount of cash, and the process of mining inst guaranteed income if yu rig isnt top of the line with the most expensive hardware your not making profit, not to mention the cost to constantly update to the latest hardware cost more than is made, in my opinion it seems like a way to make people spend real currency on either the coins or the rig to make a currency that''s not back by anything. Sure the first people who got into are making a profit but like any good scheme, thats what happens, you make it look good.

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When you receive a payment, you are liable to PayPal for the full amount of the payment sent to you plus any fees if the payment is later invalidated for any reason. If your PayPal balance is insufficient to cover your liability for the payment amount plus the fees, then this will result in a negative PayPal balance. Any negative PayPal balance represents an amount that you owe to us, and, in this situation, you must immediately add funds to your PayPal balance to eliminate the negative PayPal balance. If you do not do so, PayPal may engage in collection efforts to recover such amounts from you or take other action as outlined under Amounts owed to PayPal. PayPal may also place a limitation or take other action on your PayPal account as outlined under Restricted Activities and Holds.

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And the paperwork isn’t great either. The remittance details are not usually detailed enough for automatic processing, shifting more work and costs to accounting staff. ACH can be a good solution for a business that makes regular purchases with other businesses that they know and trust. But it’s a problematic solution for companies with a variable client base or which makes purchases from a changing list of suppliers.

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Donna Shebetich (Pittsburgh): On October 6, 7565, Donna Shebetich was indicted on five counts of filing false call reports to the FDIC. Shebetich, a former vice president, director, and loan officer at Metropolitan Savings Bank, underreported millions of dollars in delinquent mortgages shortly before the Pittsburgh bank failed and its deposits were taken over by another bank. Shebetich filed five false quarterly reports with the FDIC. In the last report filed in November 7556, three months before the bank failed, she listed $5 in delinquent mortgages, when the bank really had more than $7 million in loans at least 85 days overdue. The bank had roughly $ million in assets in that quarter.


One of the outcomes of the financial crisis that began in 7557 was the failure of the largest number of . banks since the savings and loan crisis of the 6985s. As a result of the nature of this financial crisis, bank failure investigations have been opened at the FBI under a myriad of classifications, such as mortgage fraud, corporate fraud, and bank fraud. Of the 6,769 pending FIF investigations, only 99 cases, or about percent, involve criminal activity related to a failed federally insured financial institution.

I am not sure that you have a customer service! I am currently in China (I normally leave in the United States) and my account was suspended because I apparently did not reproduce the security question (Q: First employer A: Carl Fingerhuth) exactly, and so I am now suspended. I cannot call, I cannot sign on, and so I have to wait until I return to the . do tend to my bids. I am very disappointed. This is no way to treat a customer.

Forensic Accountant Support Team: The Forensic Accountant Support Team (FAST) is stationed within the FAU, enabling the FBI to quickly respond to significant, high-profile investigations and augment field office resources to notably advance an investigation. This professional support workforce is an asset to all FBI investigative programs and enables the FBI to more efficiently and effectively conduct complex investigations requiring a thorough forensic financial review. The seven members of the FAST have worked a number of priority investigations during FY 7566 across a variety of investigative matters.

Watch out for this: You are selling something from your home that you cannot meet someone for ( heavy furniture Items that can''t be moved easily) You are contacted by someone that doesn''t even want to look at your item and agree to the cost right off. They are VERY interested and want to come pick it up: They ask for the address before they even attempt to set up a meeting time. If you give it to them they start asking you about possible meetings NEVER AGREE TO A TIME WHEN YOU SAY YOU WILL BE HOME BUT SUGGEST OTHER TIMES HOPING YOU WILL SAY "WE ARE NOT HOME THEN". THIS CAN HAPPEN WITH TWO OR THREE DIFFERENT "INTERESTED BUYERS" WORKING TOGETHER.

Equity Skimming: An investor may use a straw buyer, false income documents, and false credit reports to obtain a mortgage loan in the straw buyer 8767 s name. Subsequent to closing, the straw buyer signs the property over to the investor in a quit claim deed, which relinquishes all rights to the property and provides no guaranty to title. The investor does not make any mortgage payments and rents the property until foreclosure takes place several months later.

My daughter a few years ago applied for a up date on her I phone she thought she 8767 d do it via her phone. Got through to India were they took wrong details and she was refused an update. She 8767 s just tried again gone into a EE shop and because of mix up with details fraud squad are now investigating my daughter. She has provided bank details and passport to EE shop and now awaiting fraud investigation to ring her This has caused her great stress she is 8 months pregnant and all because details were taken down wrongly

The eBay Corp. is just a bunch of liars. I purchased a Danbury Lamp from a seller identified as crunchy 6565 which was sold as good condition. This item arrived poorly packaged and the lamp socket and shade was crushed beyond use. I had to have the lamp repaired at a shop and buy a new shade. I opened a case with eBay Customer Support. My case was denied. I appealed. My appeal was denied. My negative feedback of the seller was removed. This was all done in spite of eBay making claims to have a buyer protection program. This pure BS as eBay is simply a greedy company that treats the buyers as crap.

The FIFU protects the public 8767 s interest by educating individuals and businesses about pervasive financial industry fraud schemes working closely with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies and maintaining liaison contacts with our regulatory and industry partners. In addition, the FIFU obtains relevant intelligence data to prepare proactive strategies to neutralize current and emerging financial threats. The FIFU has oversight responsibilities of the mortgage fraud, financial institution fraud, credit card fraud, and bankruptcy fraud subprograms.

You and PayPal agree that each of us may bring claims against the other only on an individual basis and not as a plaintiff or class member in any purported class or representative action or proceeding. Unless both you and PayPal agree otherwise, the arbitrator(s) may not consolidate or join more than one person&rsquo s or party&rsquo s claims and may not otherwise preside over any form of a consolidated, representative or class proceeding. Also, the arbitrator(s) may award relief (including monetary, injunctive and declaratory relief) only in favor of the individual party seeking relief and only to the extent necessary to provide relief necessitated by that party&rsquo s individual claim(s). Any relief awarded cannot affect other PayPal customers.

My wise Mum used to say ''believe nothing of what you hear & only half of what you see''. If you don''t recognise the number on your phone display don''t answer it. The phone preferencial service is only of use if the company respects your privacy these scammers program in a batch of numbers whether they are ex-directory or not, they target you if you answer. If you suspect it''s a scam just say you''re the cleaner, you know nothing.

When your payment is funded by a debit or credit card and requires a currency conversion, you consent to and authorize PayPal to convert the currency in place of your debit or credit card issuer. You have the right to have your card issuer perform the currency conversion and can choose this option during checkout on your transaction review page before you complete the transaction. If your card issuer converts the currency, you&rsquo ll be charged a rate set by them (shown on your statement), and you&rsquo ll be subject to any fees and terms set by them related to the conversion.