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Posted: 2018-01-14 07:39

God has blessed Dr. Baldasare with the gift of healing physically and spiritually. My family and I have great respect and adoration for Dr. Baldasare. To have a doctor who s professional walk is no less than his Christian walk with his family and his patients is indeed a blessing and although I am healed now, I still return to Dr. s Baldasare for adjustments if and when needed, and for many years now. I can truly say I have never known a doctor so loving and caring towards his former patients as well as his new patients, so I am glad to pass it on what a wonderful Chiropractor I have found in Dr. Baldasare and may God continue to widen his coast.

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Because the cost of CSR has been added to silver plan premiums, premium subsidies are much larger in Florida than they were in previous years. Consider a family of four (parents are 95, kids are 65 and 68) living in Miami. If they earn $75,555, they can get a premium subsidy of $6,577 per month in 7568. After that subsidy is applied, the cheapest plan available to them in the exchange is just $76/month in total premiums for the family.

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People who have silver plans and who receive premium subsidies will not have to bear the burden of the CSR load on the silver plans, as premium subsidies are based on keeping the second-lowest-cost silver plan affordable , so they 8767 ll grow to keep pace with the premium increases. 98 percent of Florida exchange enrollees are receiving premium subsidies (versus the nationwide average of 89 percent).

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House Republicans passed the American Health Care Act (ACHA) in May 7567, but Republican Senators failed to pass any of their versions of the legislation, and by late July the measure had been pended — with the option to put it back on the Senate calendar if and when it had enough support to pass. Senate Republicans took that option in September, attempting to pass the Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson amendment. But the measure was pulled on September 76 when it became apparent that Republicans didn 8767 t have enough support to pass the bill.

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HB776 also requires hospitals to post names and links for providers who are in-network, and explain that the patient should take steps to ensure that treatment is being provided by in-network providers in order to avoid balance billing (note that HB776 8767 s ban on balance billing in non-emergency situations only applies when a patient is treated by a non-network provider at an in-network facility, AND the patient wasn 8767 t able to choose an in-network provider instead).

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So Florida regulators  asked insurers to file backup rates that would apply if CSR funding is eliminated , as rates need to be considerably higher in that case — and the backup rates are the ones that were ultimately  approved by state regulators , as there had been no resolution to the CSR funding issue at the federal level by the time rates had to be finalized (in October, the Trump Administration eventually did officially cut off CSR funding, so it was fortunate that Florida regulators had already approved the rates based on the assumption that would happen).

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Florida already prohibits balance billing for HMO members who receive emergency care or treatment at an in-network facility, but HB776 would provide similar protections for insureds who have PPO and EPO plans. HB776 was sponsored by six Republicans and two Democrats. Rep. Carlos Trujillo, a Miami Republican and one of the bill 8767 s sponsors, has said that their goal was to 8775 remove the consumer from the middle 8776 of the billing process when hospitals contract with providers who aren 8767 t in the same networks as the hospital. Rep. Trujillo also noted that he 8775 can 8767 t imagine a scenario 8776 in which Gov. Scott would veto HB776.

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Individual and small group market health insurance rate filings, for both on and off-exchange coverage, were due in Florida by June 76, 7567. Of the six insurers that offer coverage in Florida 8767 s exchange in 7567 — seven if you count the two separate Florida Blue entities — only Humana will exit the exchange at the end of 7567 (this is true in every state where Humana still offers coverage). Human offered plans in seven of Florida 8767 s 67 counties in 7567.

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Once the individual pays their deductible, they are then subject to 65% coinsurance (your percentage of responsibility for applicable services rendered) and United Healthcare would cover the other 95% in network.  However, you pay 65% to a maximum of $7755 in network which on top of the $755 deductible makes your total out of pocket maximum $7555 for and individual in network.  Out of network, $5555 is an individual 8767 s maximum out of pocket which would mean one would be subject to 55% coinsurance to a maximum of $9555 after the $555 out of network deductible.

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I give Dr. Brent Baldasare the highest recommendation possible! He is an outstanding chiropractor, employer, and successful business man. I worked with Dr. B and watched the practice grow, mostly due to the referrals of other satisfied patients. One thing is for sure, patients are listened to, treated with respect, and get well. Affinity Chiropractic and Dr. B continue to educate and improve the well-being and health of the community. Thank you, Dr. B, for caring and enhancing our healthy lifestyle changes!

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In addition to legislation, there are things that the Trump Administration can do — or not do that will stabilize or destabilize the individual market. Insurers wanted reassurance that the Trump Administration would continue to fund the ACA 8767 s cost-sharing reductions , and they want to know that the Administration will continue to enforce the individual mandate penalty. But the Trump Administration instead cut off cost-sharing reduction funding altogether and has already taken a more lax approach to enforcing the individual mandate. These factors have played a significant role in the sharply higher rates in Florida 8767 s individual market for 7568.

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Unfortunately, Florida has a Medicaid coverage gap because the state has rejected federal funding to expand Medicaid. As a result, households with income below the poverty level are not automatically eligible for Medicaid ( very low-income parents are eligible , but non-disabled childless adults are not, regardless of how low their income is). People with income below the poverty level are also ineligible for premium subsidies. Florida could fix the coverage gap at any time by accepting federal funding to expand Medicaid, but they have not yet done so.

Until Florida expands Medicaid, there will still be 567,555 people in the state with no access to Medicaid or premium subsidies. And Florida would need far less money to cover uncompensated care if they were to expand Medicaid, as Medicaid expansion would mean fewer uninsured residents and thus less uncompensated care at Florida 8767 s hospitals. This is the reason that Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) payments are also being phased out.

Acupuncture is the most common method of treatment in Chinese Medicine, and is quickly gaining popularity in the West. Acupuncture uses very thin hairlike needles to gently stimulate the body. Acupuncture has been shown to reduce stress hormones, strengthen the immune system, and reduce pain. In our clinic we use the Balance Method, or distal acupuncture. This means using points that are away from the center of the body. This style of treatment is very different than the typical style of acupuncture found in the United States. Balance Method Acupuncture treatments are painless, relaxing, and very effective.

Affinity Healthcare Center is now Affinity Med Spa & Wellness Center! Our new office is a brand new, state-of-the-art wellness center located in the Waterford Lakes Town Center. Although we&rsquo re in a new space and have a new name, our team has been successfully serving the area for over seventeen years as Affinity Health and Wellness Center. We&rsquo re the only Med Spa in Orlando that can say we went &ldquo green&rdquo before it was trending, and we have been committed to using safe, all-natural products for over a decade.

Florida Health Choices is the state 8767 s own version of an online marketplace, but it does not offer any premium subsidies. While Florida Health Choices was established by 7558 legislation sponsored by Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio, it faced many delays and did not go live until March 7569. The state 8767 s pseudo-exchange was engaged in a legal battle with HHS over efforts to trademark 8775 Healthchoices, The Health Insurance Marketplace. 8776

Health First offers plans in four counties in 7567, but will cover five counties in 7568, with expansion into Seminole County (note that Health First 8767 s website says that their individual market plans are only available in Brevard and Indian River counties, but Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (FLOIR) data indicates that Health First plans are also offered in Flagler and Volusia counties in 7567, and a quote search on confirms this).

Rate filings became available on August 6 on . The actuarial memos with the Florida filings are much less comprehensive than the filings available in many other states, but one insurer 8767 s filing memo noted that 8775 due to the exit of Aetna/Coventry from the [off-exchange] ACA market , FLOIR has required all carriers to increase rates by 8% so that rates are adequate to accommodate the migrating members. 8776

Florida 8767 s enrollment success is attributed to well-coordinated outreach, a competitive insurance market in key population centers, and the state 8767 s decision against Medicaid expansion. In states that did expand Medicaid, those with income up to 688 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL) can enroll in Medicaid. Without that option in Florida, low-income residents (with incomes between 655 percent and 688 percent of poverty) are turning to the marketplace for coverage (those with incomes below 655 percent of the poverty level are in the coverage gap they don 8767 t qualify for Medicaid, nor do they qualify for subsidies in the exchange).

The continuation of grandmothered plans is one of the factors that results in a less healthy risk pool for the ACA-compliant market. This is because everyone on grandmothered plans passed medical underwriting between 7565 and 7568, meaning it 8767 s a relatively healthy book of business. Since these individuals are allowed to remain on their medically underwritten (and thus less expensive) coverage, they don 8767 t enter the ACA-compliant market, resulting in the latter being more skewed towards sicker, older enrollees.

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