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There are a variety of schools in Dubai including daycare, nurseries, primary schools and private schools that offer many different curriculums to cater to the large international population here. Primary education costs between AED 75,555 to 78,555 in schools that teach the curriculum from US, UK or Europe. International schools can be very expensive with high school costs ranging from AED 95,555 to AED 95,555. Moreover, there is a huge demand for good schools and often long waiting lists, so it is very likely that these costs will increase in the years to come.

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Claim Di is a mobile application for facilitating communication and claims between drivers and their insurance companies. The drivers or car owners can download Claim Di and shake the phone near the phone of another party who also uses Claim Di. The insurance companies of both sides will issue claim reports via the Claim Di application, drivers can then separate immediately without the need to wait for surveyors.

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AFIA is one of the largest car insurance providers in the UAE and we probably insure almost every other car you see on Sheikh Zayed Road these days. Our scale and reputation of being a leading broker since 6995 allow us to be in a position to negotiate the best deals for you and provide you with an option to choose from all of the leading car insurance companies in the UAE. In the car insurance domain, we work with brand names such as AIG, RSA, AXA, Oman, Qatar, Tokio, New India, NGI, ADNIC, Oriental and more on exclusive scheme terms that you wouldn 8767 t be able to procure from them directly.

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We only work with first class providers people on whom we can count on at the time of a claim. What 8767 s great about buying from AFIA is that regardless of which insurer you choose, you are guaranteed outstanding claims service. We provide you with your own dedicated claims manager from our office in the unlucky event that your car is in an accident and we would guide you and support you through what can otherwise become quite a tedious process. Insurance companies are commonly bad-mouthed for trying to avoid paying out for a reason! AFIA solves that problem and takes away the stress of getting things done at the time of a claim a much-needed service especially in a place like the UAE where everybody is almost always just too busy.

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Dubai, with its wonderful hot climate, miles of beaches and thriving economy is a popular destination for expats from all over the world.  Since the UAE is a tax free country, most expats come to Dubai expecting to make substantial savings at a relatively quick pace. However, if you are planning a move to Dubai , it would be wise to research your probable monthly expenses as the luxuries on offer in the city often result in more spending, less savings and sometimes even plunging in to debt.

I want to share my story with people who might be thinking to move to UAE. If company providing you medical insurance from Musalla NET TPA LLC ( http:/// ) i highly recommend you do not accept the offer. You are not covered at all! Nothing! This company has big issues with paying to many clinics in UAE those clinics stopped to work with them. They work very slow. They are not able to assist clients. Once i called to check which clinic is nearby and insurance representative started to suggest me over the phone which medicine i need to take. Unacceptable! I am so surprised that they still have license to work!

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Flat rate of interest on a loan refers to when the interest and sum payable is calculated at the start of the repayment schedule, and does not change till the loan has been paid off. For example, A loan of AED 67,555 taken for a period of 67 months, means payments of AED 6,555 every month (without interest). Add to this the flat rate of interest at 5%, which equals AED 6,555 per month (with interest), for 67 months, which adds up to a total interest payment of AED655.

Porsche, Ferrari or any other high end sports car can be seen readily on the roads or valet parking at the top hotels. There are few places in the world where you can see so many of the top model cars in close proximity as in Dubai. Most of the cars on the road are late models, partly because they are affordable and partly because it is difficult to get comprehensive car insurance once the car is over six years old.

Two decades ago, Dubai companies were offering employees large housing and educational allowances as a part of their salary package to lure more professionals to the region. Today, however, with a fiercely competitive job market, such large allowances are becoming extremely rare. Certain items such as cars and electronic goods are often cheaper here owing to the lack of taxation and low import duties, but international food brands and household items are likely to be higher than back home. The government of UAE subsidizes most utilities such as electricity and water to make it cheaper for the local population, although air-conditioning costs are likely to be high during the scorching summer months. Let’s take a look at some of the most common expenses incurred when living in Dubai :

TaCerto is an online insurance broker specializing in sales of car insurance, health insurance, travel insurance and other financial products. It is duly authorized by the Superintendent of Private Insurance (SUSEP). Through their online portal, buyers can also compare insurance from insurers like Allianz, AIG, MAPFRE, etc. and buy them over a call or online. The company claims to provide an online innovative service to learn about, compare and purchase financial products and services.

Despite the traffic congestion seen at times, Dubai was the first of the seven Emirates to establish a comprehensive bus system. This has been augmented recently with the welcome addition of air-conditioned bus shelters in high use areas. Buses also offer areas specifically designated for women in accordance with cultural and religious preferences. Buses are cheap and many routes connect with the two lines of the Metro.

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Probably the biggest reason for traffic congestion is the private car. Neither the cost of vehicles, the Salik toll charges, nor the cost of fuel acts as a disincentive to driving.  While Dubai may make it possible for you to feel the wind in your hair from the comfort of your sports car, you and a good number of the more than two million residents of Dubai are out on those well-maintained roads each day.

There is a view that most UAE banks, by and large, are wary of becoming dependent on a personal loan market share (most banks do not have robust credit reports) owing to an expatriate workforce which, more often than not, does not have a long-term residency status. Expatriates in UAE can, therefore, open a bank account or avail any service only after they furnish a guarantee letter from their employers in addition to other guarantees.

QuanTemplate is a revolutionary marketplace, communications and enterprise workflow technology that offers a secure Web-based platform for trading risk, regulatory reporting and creating financial models for use across the (re)insurance market. Through QuanTemplate, underwriters and brokers can conduct all operational activities required to trade in the insurance market while optimizing their risk in real time, all the time.

The UAE is a largely tax free country. Although, there is no income tax collected by the government, it would be naïve to assume that the government is not interested in revenue collecting. Revenue is collected through the usual means such as car registration renewed yearly, parking charges (minimal in comparison with European countries) and other discrete means. Some businesses, such as restaurants and bars in hotels, charge tax. Despite this, any salary quoted is not going to be divided between you and the government before it reaches your bank account.

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