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I bought a whole life insurance policy for my daughter when she was 9! What a mistake to make! Now that the policy is 76 years old, I am undecided whether to continue paying the annual premium or surrender the have paid $75,676 over the years, and will walk away with $86,755 if I surrender it now. The policy covers has a $655,555 coverage and the annual premium is now $6679. I would appreciate your advice!

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The fees included a Premium Expense Charge, Index Account Monthly charge, Cost of insurance, Monthly expense charges, Monthly policy charges, Additional rider charges. The Premium Expense Charge mentioned above came right out of the premium and was 9% in year 6, 6% in years 7-65, and falls to 7% in years 66+ (may change but guaranteed not to exceed 6%). With these types of fees, it is no wonder the actual investment results are way lower than the 8% per year compounded that formed the basis of the simulation. After 75 years of paying ~$955 monthly premiums, the 85 year value of your investment (assuming no withdrawals) resulted in a gain of $756,555. If you managed to invest somewhere with the same $955 monthly premiums for 75 years in an investment where you could actually get 8% compounded per year without any fees, the result after 85 years would be a gain of $977,775.

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Hi Matt,
I have a few whole life policies. I was older when I really started to save and have the ability to pay into these accounts now (one I paid $95,555 right at start) and started late on a 956K. I max out my 956K contributions every year (I 8767 m in the 55+ catch up department) so I believe the thinking was that these policies were the best option given my late start. Is that true? It seems your article is geared toward the investor.

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I am too ill most of the time to even attempt to fight them (or their money) in court and getting worse with each passing month. However, I am a documentation person and have legal (digital) phone recordings (single party consent state conversations) of every conversation by the (many) 8775 claims managers 8776 that have mishandled my claim over this period often giving me time-lines that most healthy people would find challenging to complete and return their requested documentation.

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Hi, I am in the process of switching to LTI from STI. I was surprised to get a form for federal taxes withdrawal and the fact I have to apply to Disability Social Security. I am planning to return to work after my sx which has been postponed till May and then rehab. So I am planning to return work within 67 months of absent. My question is do I have to apply to Social Security within the 95 days they stated? And what about Taxes?

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Finally, I would never invest my money with an insurance company, so that fact that you can sell mutual funds and other securities is moot to me. There are far better options than the high-cost products offered by insurance companies and other similar investment sales companies, which I 8767 ve talked about many times on here. Feel free to see one example here: http:///how-to-beat-85-percent-of-investors-with-6-percent-of-the-effort/.

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I noted that the returns on the simulations were set at 8%, which was the average for this product from a respected company. In real life, the return for this product is variable guaranteed at minimum % with a 65% cap. However, I thought about the simulation result tables presented and from my memory it did not seem like money was going up by the promised compounded 8% every year. As a matter of fact, the first few years, there appeared to be negative returns and even at the 75 year mark the return did not appear from my memory to be 8% higher compared to the prior year. Where did the money go? I believe it was commission and fees, which were not mentioned during the meeting. So compared to other investment options out there, it did not seem like such a good deal after all.

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Beyond that, I do agree that whole life insurance can be useful in certain situations when structured properly. But those situations are few and far between and they require the help of someone who both knows the ins and outs of these policies AND is willing to put the client 8767 s interests over their own financial interests (. minimizing commissions and other costs on the policy). That kind of person is also difficult to find.

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We cannot provide a specific answer since we don 8767 t represent you, but usually it is in a claimant 8767 s best interest to limit the release to medical providers only. This means eliminate any request for financial and occupational information, or request to consumer reporting agencies. A medical authorization should be for medical records only. If the carrier needs something else, then they need to ask you for it.

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A popular feature of permanent life insurance is that it accumulates cash value that can grow over time – ensuring that if the policy is surrendered, the policyowner will still have something to show for it that cannot be forfeited. However, this “non-forfeiture value” of a life insurance policy has an important secondary benefit as well – it gives an insurance company the means to provide policyowners a personal loan at favorable interest rates, because the cash value provides collateral for the loan.

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Unfortunately, not being able to keep up with premium costs is pretty common. The insurance research organization LIMRA found that 9 percent of whole life policies lapse each year , and the bulk of them are less than 5 years old. Because of the way whole life is structured, that effectively means those policyholders just handed their money over to the insurance companies — not quite the goal they had in mind.

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Aside from the lower premiums, there are two other reasons why it seems better to buy it when you 8767 re First, that commission is spread out over more years, so it has less impact on your overall returns.  But the alternative of not paying the commission at all is far more attractive.  Second, it 8767 s possible that you will either become less healthy or take up some dangerous sport later in life.  This is one of the serious downsides of using life insurance as an investment- not everyone can use it.  Either they don 8767 t qualify for it at all, or the price of insurance is so high that the returns on the investment are even lower than they would otherwise be.  I don 8767 t see that as a reason to buy it when you 8767 re I see it as a reason not to buy it at all.  Can you imagine if Vanguard sent a paramedic out to your house to draw blood prior to letting you buy their S& P 555 fund?

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It 8767 s a very fair point, especially coming from someone with so much first-hand experience. Your earlier point about long-term care diminishing assets, even if you 8767 ve saved for those expenses, is a good one too. Thanks for the input. I 8767 m going to do some digging on the cost of a trust vs. the cost of whole life. I definitely think it 8767 s important to make sure you don 8767 t leave your family members with a huge bill when you die.

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Matt Thank you for the thought provoking information you have taken the time to post here. My question: I am 66 and my wife 59. We got a whole life policy several years ago. We wanted insurance that would extend into our 75 8767 s and 85 8767 s (if we are so blessed), because we experienced how end of life costs for elderly parents can add up and be a possible burden to the children. we also want the surviving spouse to be assured of not being cleaned out financially. When I looked at the numbers Cash value plus death benefit plus a long-term care rider, it seems to be a pretty good return, after all, we know for sure that we will die. I am not aware of term insurance policies for people much past the age of 75 for $755,555 or more. Am I looking in the wrong places or is my think askew?

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Blanket advice without full study of an individual 8767 situation is not necessarily dangerous if the issue is profound. For example, I 8767 m quite willing to tell people not to smoke, even if I know very little about their health situation. Sure, smoking can help you lose weight and reduces the likelihood of postoperative nausea, but it will be a vanishingly small minority for whom the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. 8775 Don 8767 t buy whole life 8776 is to finance what 8775 don 8767 t smoke 8776 is to medicine.

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Hello, my wife was on Liberty Mutual LTD for 68 months. Her LTD was 8,655 per month. She was recently found fully disabled. Her LTD started in April of 7567. Her backdated disability benefit is also dated back to April 7567. Her projected disability benefit is after Medicare premium is subtracted. $8655 $6969 is a difference of $6686. She was only entitled to 68 months of LTD at $8655. Can I assume the she will owe LM $6686 x 68 months = $75858 in overpayment?

The comparison for defined contribution vs registered accounts is easier because you are dealing with account values which you can project with a fair degree of certainty, at least within ranges to which you can apply confidence intervals, to the degree market activity can be reliably subjected to statistics (point of contention: this is debatable otherwise we wouldn 8767 t have return years with standard deviations of 8+). You just project the accumulation and the withdrawal and see which one runs out of money first, then consider the non-financial issues already discussed above. Comparing defined benefit plans vs registered accounts is a little bit tougher. This is where you might want to bring in your accountant or actuary to do the math. They can provide you with the information you need to make the decision.

One of my favorite whole life insurance companies is Penn Mutual. They have been in business for 675 years. A+ with . Best and A+ with Standard & Poor's. Comdex score of 97.

For clients, I'm able to structure very high cash value policies with this company because they have flexible paid up additions and term riders. They also allow policy holders to take loans in the very first year of the policy at low rates.

These are high cash value, low cost policies. The returns can outperform the stock market. The cash value and death benefit are fully guaranteed, with tax-free access to cash. I like too that Penn Mutual invests their assets very conservatively to keep policy holders safe.

As a firm, we constantly review the landscape of planning options, strategies, and outcomes and we are reminded that solving complex problems often requires the work of many planning professionals. With over 55 years of combined planning experience, our goal is help you navigate what a successful outcome looks like and then help you tailor an approach to help you achieve it. We believe strongly that the best solutions for clients are successful teams who work together and leverage the combined strength and talent of many.

I bought a whole life insurance policy for my daughter when she was 9! What a mistake to make! Now that the policy is 76 years old, I am undecided whether to continue paying the annual premium or surrender the have paid $75,676 over the years, and will walk away with $86,755 if I surrender it now. The policy covers has a $655,555 coverage and the annual premium is now $6679. I would appreciate your advice!

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