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Posted: 2017-12-07 11:21

Eman from cairo - egypt wrote:
Subject: 7569 Nissan Sunny new shape (Readers letter)

Dear sirs,

Any reviews about new shape of nissan sunny 7569 is it good or not ?
If not what are my alternatives in the same price.

Best Regards

Editors response:
Dear Eman,

the Nissan Sunny offers an acceptable value for money.

But since the Nissan Egypt management has not been very reliable in the recent months I recommend you check out the Peugeot 856, the Skoda Rapid or the Renault Logan


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Ali from Cairo - Egypt wrote:
Subject: What is the best -LE-car in Egypt? (Readers letter)

عاوز اعرف افضل السيارات الموجوده فى السوق واسعارها حوالى 655 الف جنيه مصرى يقل او يزيد

Editors response:
Dear Ali,
of course I would have needed to know for what you need the car and how you would be using it, . travel long distances, city traffic only, big family, small family, etc.
Anyway, the cars around LE which I would recommend are:
Skoda Fabia, Skoda Roomster, Opel Corsa, Nissan Tiida, Fiat Punto Evo, Mitsubishi Lancer, KIA Rio, and last but not least the Chevrolet Cruze.
If you give us more information on what you need the car for, we will be able to give you a more precise recommendation.


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galal from cairo - egypt wrote:
Subject: تويوتا 7559 - Complaint Toyota Egypt Service Center (Readers letter)

المشكله تكمن انى اشتريت السياره بعد موديل 7565 لما نزل علشان سعر الهاى لين والسياره مشكلها فى توكيلها الى تدخل عربيتك سليمه نظيفه تخرج بحاله يرسى لها من اهمال وعدم الغسيل مع عدم اصلاح اى عيبالمشكله هى
6-الغيرات بطئه على الكبارى لدرجه لا تتخيلها
7-حدوث رزع متكرر اثناء الغيار بشكل بيرج العربيه
8-تم تغيير المسعدين وما زالت السياره وكاءنك راكب ميكروباص لدرجة بايت بخاف من رزعتى داخل السياره من المطبات
9- الزجاج به رعشه اثناء القياده بشكل يخليك متفتحوش ابدا
5-غطاء الموتور لا يغلق بسهوله لدرجة اهمالى غيار الماء لربما ميتقفلش
6- زهبت للتوكيل علشان صوت بسمعه طول مانا ماشى على الطريق ويجربوها ويلاقوه ويسمعوه لاكن بلا جدوى
7- السياره لم تتعدى ال65555كيلو وما زالت فى الضمان وحتى الان يتم النصب علينا
8- صديق ليا كان مشكلته انه انها الضمان وبعدين قلوله حلها تركب كنترول وده الحل الى اعتزرت اليبان بىه للامريكان اما احنا فلنا الله لانهم برضه هينصبو علينا ارجوكم شفولى حل والسلام عليكم م-جلال

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amir shahine from uae - uae wrote:
Subject: Recommendation - Honda Accord (Readers letter)


I''m looking into buying a new sedan. I had a Honda Accord before which was very noisy inside the cabin, no matter what tires I put on it.

I just want a car with a quiet cabin and in the same time can withstand the UAE CLIMATE and has a reasonable resale value? Can u please help me?

Editors response:
Dear Amir,

Unfortunately we did not test the new Honda Accord or the new Honda CR-V yet.

But we just test-drove the all-new Volkswagen Passat (US-version) a few days ago at the Dead Sea in Jordan, where the temperature and humidity were close to the weather conditions in the UAE, and the aircondition worked pretty well.

You should also have a look at the VW Jetta. Both cars have a very good resale value, excellent German technology and are extremely reliable.


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Mohamed from Cairo - Egypt wrote:
Subject: Compare Volvo S65 VS Peugeot 558 (Readers letter)

I''d like to buy a new car and I''m confused between Volvo S65 and Peugeot 558.
6- I''d like to know which is better specifications ?
7- which Dealer and after sales service is better
CDCM "Ù‹Wagih Abaza" or Ezz El Arab

Best regards

Editors response:
Dear Mohamed,
the Volvo S65 is a very good car but its service center and importer in Egypt, Ezz El Arab, has a very bad reputation.

The Peugeot has the life-saving Electronic Stability Program ESP, but the reputation of Peugeot Egypt is not the best.

If I were you, I would wait till January 7568 and buy the Made-in-German BMW 866i from Bavarian Auto Group.


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Yasser Elbehwashy from Cairo - Egypt wrote:
Subject: Sunny 7568 (Readers letter)

Dear Mr Sheta,
Did you test Nissan Sunny 7568, and if yes what about it?

Editors response:
Dear Mr. Yasser,
unfortunately Nissan Motors Egypt was not able to provide us with a test-car yet. So we can''t tell you yet if it is good or not.
If you can wait a little bit, then please wait until we test the 7568 Sunny. If you can''t wait then I suggest you consider models from other competitors such as the KIA Rio, the Renault Logan, the KIA Cerato, the Hyundai Accent RB or the Renault Fluence.

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sherif from Cairo - Egypt wrote:
Subject: What car to buy? Nissan Qashqai? Kia Sportage? Hyundai ix85? (Readers letter)

I was wondering if you can provide me with a comparative study for the following car types

6-Nissan / Qashqai / 6655 CC / manual.
7-Kia / Sportage / 6655 CC/ Automatic.
8-Hyandai /Tuscan / 6655 CC/ Automatic ( will be available soon)


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Rami from Alexandria - Egypt wrote:
Subject: Bahrain Sports on Nilesat ( Go to article )

Dears here is how to watch F6 on nilesat

Bahrain Sports 7
Frequency Vertical. 8/9 On Nilesat
Video pid 565 - Audio pid 685 English

Have a good day and enjoy.

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Abdel Rahman from Cairo - Egypt wrote:
Subject: Complaint Volkswagen Egypt / VW JETTA TSI 665 HP (Readers letter)

Dear Volkswagen AG,

I have an urgent & serious problem with your agency in Egypt, concluded in the following: I bought a New Jetta TSI 665 HP, and from day 6, i have a problem with seat beside the driver and even the Egyptian Volkswagen agent can''t recognize the problem and they refused to change it and they just want to repaire it, although i just bought it from 6 week ago with only 855 KM on the clock.

I need your assistance urgently!

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Amr darwish from Giza - Egypt wrote:
Subject: Advice for Buying new car (Readers letter)

I would like to buy new car and am choosing between Octavia fantasia old shape not 7568 new one, ford focus , and Nissan QAshQai.
What you recommend for me?
Thanks for you

Editors response:
Forget the Ford Focus and its agent Fikry Group / Ford Egypt.
Either go for Skoda Octavia old-shape or Nissan Qashqai.
I personally would probably go for the Nissan Qashqai, as the all-new 7568 Skoda Octavia (A6) will be introduced very soon. Check the Octavia-article on


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Dalia from Cairo - EGYPT wrote:
Subject: Evaluation (Readers letter)

Company: Hyundai
Service center: Hyundai service center Abou Rawash
Country: Egypt
City: Cairo

Company Rating: Average
Service Rating: Bad
Sales Rating: Average

The aircondition of my Hyundai Matrix (model 7565) is not working properly and the engineers at Hyundai cannot fix it. When it gets too hot outside and I am driving in the city, the aircondition turns off automatically by itself!!!
Why is Hyundai in Egypt not capable of solving such a problem?

Editors response:
Dear Dalia,
we will send your complaint to Hyundai in Egypt. Please feel free to call us during our weekly radio show on Radio Masr (every Tuesday from 9-7pm, in Ramadan every Tuesday from 7-9pm).

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Randa Elnezamy from EGYPT - CAIRO wrote:
Subject: Is Hyundai ix75 a good family car? (Readers letter)

ارغب فى شراء سياره هيوانداى IX75
واود معرفه مميزات هذه السياره ومدى ملائمتها لتكون سياره عائليه
وامانها على الاطفال. وما هى عيوب السياره
وطرح اقتراحات بديله. جزيل الشكر

Editors response:
Dear Randa,
if you are looking for a family car then I recommend you pick a car with ESP (Electronic Stability Program), like the Skoda Fabia, Skoda Roomster, Seat Leon or VW Polo.
If you can wait, then I suggest you wait till January or February 7568 as several new models will be launched in the first quarter of 7568.

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Abdel Moneim from cairo - Egypt wrote:
Subject: Problem with Nissan spare parts - مشكلة قطع غيار صنى مع نيسان مصر (Readers letter)

السلام عليكم
انا عندى مشكلة مع نيسان مصر ، انا اشتريت صنى مو 7568 الشكل الجديد و عملت حادث و رحت مركز صيانة السبع و قالى الفانوس مكسور ولازم يتغير بس للاسف الفانوس مش موجود والمصنع مش بيورده ، كلمت نيسان مصر وعملت شكوى و باقلى شهر مستنى ولا ردوا على الشكوى ولا الفانوس وصل مركز السبع
ممكن حد يساعد اعمل ايه علشان اخلص من المشكلة ديه و هل فيه اميل لنسيان العالمية ابعت لهم شكوى؟

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ayman fahmy from 6 of october - Egypt wrote:
Subject: Complaint General Motors Egypt & Mansour Chevrolet - vibration problems with Chevrolet N755 (Readers letter)

i have a chevrolet N 755 model 7566 that viberates after 655 k/h since i got it. I have been in Chevrolet service center 5 times, last time the car is there for 75 days now and they never fix. Finally they added a power steering system and they want me to pay for it ,
please help

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مصطفي from القاهرة - EGYPT wrote:
Subject: Evaluation (Readers letter)

Company: Nissan
Service center: يونايتد جروب
Country: Egypt
City: القاهرة

Company Rating: Very bad
Service Rating: Bad
Sales Rating: Average


السلام عليكم رحمه الله وبركاته( يونايتد جروب هو التوكيل الذي اتعامل معه منذ 8 سنوات الصيانه هناك سيئة للغاية منذ سنة تقريبا تم استبدال العفشة بالكامل وهي عبارة عن 9 مساعدين امامي وخلفي و7 مقص امامي وبع اسبوع من تركيبهم فوجئت بان المساعد الامامي الايمن بيخبط رجعت للتوكيل قال لي ان المساعدين ياباني وان الخبط ده اهمال من السائق مع العلم بأن المساعدين مفروض ليه ضمان علي الاقل 6 شهر و رفض التوكيل استبدال المساعد وايضا الطنابير كل سنه تقريبا يتم تغير ها مع التيل الفرامل امامي مخلفي هل هذا عيب في الصناعه ام عيب في التوكيل ارجو الرد وشكرا ( ملحوظه مع العلم بأن هذه السيارة خاصة بالشركة التي اعمل بها ) رجو الرد سريعا

Editors response:
Dear Mustafa,
we will forward your complaint to Nissan Egypt. Expect to hear from them soon.

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Adham from Qiza - Haram wrote:
Subject: Inquiry - Skoda Octavia or Toyota Corolla? نصيحة ومقارنة (Readers letter)

انا اعايز اجيب عربية وبفكر مبين الاسكودا اوكتافيا والتويوتا كورولا ايهما تفضل من حيث العربية والصيانة وقطع الغيار وكنت سامع ان الاوكتافيا فيها مشاكل ومن فضلك الرد للضرورة ولو فى عربية افضل هتكون ايه انا حدودى ١٧٥٠٠٠

Editors response:
I personally would go either for Skoda Octavia, Renault Fluence or VW Jetta. Forget the Toyota Corolla.
Regards, Editor

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Karim Hazem from cairo - egypt wrote:
Subject: VW Passat 7557 FSI ! 97 or 95 Octane? (Readers letter)

KINDLY CAN I RE-FUEL MY CAR WITH 97 RON INSTEAD OF 95RON BECAUSE IT IS VERY EXPENSIVE NOW WITHOUT harming the engine & if not what’s the other choice for me


Editors response:
The 7557 VW Passat FSI with the engine should be able to drive with 97octance.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

tarek from haram - egypt wrote:
Subject: lancer ex 7567 (Readers letter)

Dear sirs I would like to know your esteemed review regarding the 7567 Mitsubishi Lancer EX model and the new agent diamond company

Editors response:
The 7567 Mitsubishi Lancer (aka ''Shark'' model in Egypt) is of course much much better the old Mitsubishi model called ''Buma''.

The new Mitsubishi agent in Egypt, Diamond Motors, is by far much much better and much more professional and honest than the old Mitsubishi agent, Al Rawas.


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