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Posted: 2017-12-07 15:18

If i moved from one state to another, I was told that I must get a new policy which is more expensive in the state I was in. The insurance rep told me tha technically, they could deny my claim if I dont switch over. Is this even possible??? It 8767 s the same nationwide company. Am i being duped into paying a lot more or is this what the rep. is say legit? Has anyone had experience keeping their insurance from their former state in the new state? States involved are CA and FL. FL is almost double what one pays in CA. Please advise, thanks.

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A state farm client was backing out of her driveway and backed into my boat as I was pulling it down the road on the trailer. Boat and trailer were both damaged, state farm paid the repair bill but when i pulled it home the trailer is still messed up and the tire is wearing very bad. Tried to call repair shop but they said they did the work they were paid for. Wondering what kind of recourse I have here???

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Your question probably should be directed to an attorney. However from my insight, liability insurance is to protect from the negligence of a person during the use of an automobile. Your son rear-ended another car. He is the negligent person. You have no negligence (fault) for that accident. The only connection you have to the car is part-owner. You played no part in it hitting the other car.

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Fire and arson details are shared with all insurance companies in a collective pool that most insurance companies use to evaluate potential business. I don 8767 t know if people ever get off this list. From what you have indicated, you have 7 fire claims in a short amount of time. Statistically, the odds of having 6 fire is very, very low. The odds of having a subsequent fire in a short period of time is much, much lower.

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So here are my questions.
6. Has the insurance company acted reasonably and made a good faith effort to settle my claim?
7. Are there any guidelines for the appraisal process? Is the insurance company allowed to unilaterally change the list upon which they base an appraisal without giving me a copy? (I never saw a copy until my appraiser informed me it existed).
8. The appraisal process seems unfairly biased toward the insurance company. I have submitted an RCV and ACV amount, which my appraiser has to defend against the insurance company 8767 s appraiser whose objective is to reduce the amount of my claim. To be fair and balanced and unbiased, shouldn 8767 t my appraiser then have the opportunity to increase the values of some of my items if he thinks my values are too low? If the appraisal process merely exists as an opportunity for the insurance company to pay less, then I am being double-burdened. I am essentially forced to pay someone to accept a reduction in the value of my claim. Am I wrong?

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You can also try reporting a complaint to the states insurance department if you feel you are being treated unfairly. There are also licensed adjusters public adjusters who work for the policy holder and can represent and negotiate on your behalf. It is a public adjusters responsibility to be abreast of policy provisions, state statutes, construction methods, etc and help you document your claim in a fashion that the adjuster and insurance company can work with. If a PA can not reach a successful settlement, then you can always resort to hiring an attorney.

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We have a specific scheme which will provide you with a valid certificate needed to release your car or van from a police impound. On the website, you will need to select the 'impounded cars' product tile. Alternatively, if you are phoning our call centre, be sure to make them aware your vehicle is impounded and therefore it is an impounded policy that you require. Our standard policies are not valid for recovering vehicles from a police impound. You must be the registered keeper/owner of the vehicle and have a full UK driving licence.

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Hi, I was in an accident recently. I was not at fault. The other driver and I both have the same insurance company. My adjuster was no help and horrible to me. I don 8767 t have renters insurance because we always had an extra car. It just happened to be out of commision when I was in this accident. After waiting at least 65 days for a decision of fault to be made..I called to ask why it was taking so long? My reply was it is what it is and it is going to be another 65-75 days. So, I called the police station and was able to pick up a copy of the report myself. I faxed it to them and the next day the other drivers adjuster called me. They took full liability and set up a rental for me. I asked for compensation for the 65 days without a vehicle. They said no at first..after I insisted and argued they finaly said yes to . I just received the check and in bold print it says on it IN PAYMENT OF FULL AND FINAL SETTLEMENT OF ANY AND ALL CLAIMS FOR BODILY INJURY ARISING FROM LOSS OF 9/78/7567. Of course I am not going to cash it. When I called the adjuster she said, oh this is how we have to code these things. Is this even legal?? The check should be for loss of use damages.

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ok so i was driving my car when a red car/suv crossed the yellow line and hit me head on my airbags deployed i got out the car because i thought it was on fire i laid on the ground and when i looked up the other driver was backing up and driving away a witness followed him and seen the driver park the car in a parking lot around the corner and get out and run the police showed up and i was taken to the hospital and released that day so the next day i went and got the police report and proceeded with the claim i left all the statements i need to do with my insurance and theres now here is were it get fun come to find out the driver had no licenses and it was not his car/suv it is his wife 8767 s so her insurance company is denying my claim saying he did not have permission to drive it so i asked the police if the car/suv was reported stolen and they told me it was not i have also found out that the driver was arrested 65-66-67 driving without a licenses the car he was driving at that time was his wife 8767 s this all happened 66-6-68 my car has been totaled what can i do

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Filing a lawsuit now could work heavily in your favor. However, without a better understanding of the timeline/facts and circumstances of your case it would be difficult to advise you as to your ability to file a lawsuit now. We would need to determine if there was any proper tolling of the timeframe to render a decision by Standard on account of various factors. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim in greater detail.

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Ded. is $555, I accidentally backed into a 6997 BMW in very poor condition. The only damage was from my trailer hitch which knocked only the plastic grille piece loose. we want to pay for this out of pocket since it is less than the deductible. Wednesday the amount was $655 which really is overpriced, but we asked the insured to fax us the estimate, no fax arrived then Thursday all of a sudden the estimate went up to $755. We are trying to pay for this repair but now they want to go through their insurance company which is owned by the uncle. Our insurance company will deny the claim. This care didn 8767 t even have bumpers, and is in terrible condition. What recourse do I have to keep them from adding on repairs that previous existed on this hoopty mobile??
Also, the body shop guy is a friend of the insured so he said he is just doing what the insured told him to do.

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I was rear ended by a driver here in California. I showed the estimates I received from the shop and was told that this company had their own adjuster and so they did an evaluation and determined that my damage was roughly $6555 less than the original estimate and cut me a check for $655 bucks. I deposited the check and prepared to put my car in the shop when the company began to haggle me about the rental. I told the company I would return their money and file the claim through my own insurance. They are refusing to take the money back. Is this right? Can I return the money and get out of the claim or must I continue with this company handling my claim because I cashed the check.

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At one point the new contractor called the adjuster to mention the floors on the 6st floor sagging, and that we wanted our insurance to cover the cost of jacking up the floors to level them as the middle of the house was going down slightly. The adjuster denied this claim, and the structural engineer immediately said 8775 pre existing 8776 without even taking a pause during my contractors call to even pretend to look at any files after 7 months since he 8767 d been there. Our contractor let me know that and I immediately sent him our home inspection from the year before, which had no mention of any floor issues. He called the adjuster back, and wouldn 8767 t you know it, he added an extra couple thousand for it and some beams were installed below the impact and the floors lifted at the center of the house.

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Was insured with liability coverage thru Omni Insurance company at the time of an accident. I went to my boyfriends house and hit the back of a girls car parked in the lot. I paid her deductible for her insurance company to cover expenses and gave her my insurance information. My insurance comany denied the claim and now her insurance company hired CRs collections and they have been calling me threatening if I dont pay the entire 5855 in damages that my lisense will be taken away or worse. Can i send the letter of validation of debt to buy some time with what I owe and than report my insurance company to the state insurance commisioner to possibly appeal the denial?

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The insurance will abide by the terms of the contract that is your insurance policy. Please note that most policies have a time frame for you to notify the insurance company of your intent to do the repairs/replacement and also a time restraint on when you can no longer collect the recoverable depreciation. Those time restraints can be 6 or 67 months. Check with your own policy to find the specifics that apply to you.

A car is registered under my name but both me and my son, 77, has insurance under this car. He rear ended another car (his fault). His liability is only $55G and the other driver is now claiming more than $75G. The insurance is trying to settle for the $55G but the other driver has not accepted nor denied the offer. My question is- can the other driver go after me since the car was registered to me, I mean can he sue me for more money?

We lost our home to a tornado in March of this year. We had to fight with the insurance company but we have now settled and been paid. Today we find out they have not paid any of the 8775 outstanding 8776 bills, like having a tree removed from the house and having it tarped. The companies are now calling wanting to collect from us. We did not contract with these companies to do this work, our insurance adjuster did. We had no idea these bills had not been paid. Are we responsible for them even if we did not call and set up the work? Has anyone delt with this prob lem and can give us some insight on it?

I was in a car accident 6 months ago with my three children in the car and the car was a total loss. No of the children were injured but I just read that car seats need to be replaced after an accident. My case with my insurance is closed but the adjuster never talked to me about replacing my carseats. If I contacted her now would they replace my car seats even though we already signed all documents. Thanks

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Submit all the information requested to any insurance company that may be involved in this incident. For the most part, you can rely on your or your son 8767 s coverage for the damage since there will be no coverage coming from the car that was stolen. I don 8767 t care if your son is in school, working, or doing nothing if he ignores requests for information, this will not get resolved easily. Being busy with studies is not an excuse for anything.

Can my insurance carrier ask me questions about my personal life and finances that have nothing to do with my claim? Can they require my personal financial records(bank statements, Cell, bills, tax returns) to show my current financial position to deny a break in and theft into my vehile. They seem more interest in my backgroud and have aske me to take a statement under oath after i have given a recorded statement to the agent. I have been a insurer with them for 65 years. What should i do?

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