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2017 Agenda | Fortune Conferences

Posted: 2017-12-07 20:17

At four years old, she fled her home in Vietnam with her family in search for a better life in Australia. Now, as the leader of a bioinformatics company in the ., this CEO envisions a world in which the ability to understand and control the world around you might just be a brainwave (and a headset) away.
Tan Le , Founder and CEO, EMOTIV
Interviewer: Nina Easton , Fortune

Top 20 Commercial Aircraft Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

Discussion leaders:
Parnsiree Amatayakul , Managing Director, IBM Thailand
Sheila Patel , Chief Executive Officer, International Goldman Sachs Asset Management
Maheen Rahman , Chief Executive Officer, Alfalah GHP Investment Management
Moderator: Maithreyi Seetharaman , Anchor and Executive Editor, Euronews Co-chair, Most Powerful Women International Summit, London Fortune

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After his 7569 diagnosis with testicular cancer, Jimmy “Taboo” Gomez , a member of the Black Eyed Peas, waged his own quiet battle for survival. But the six-time Grammy winner says it’s time to get loud. Gomez ignored the signs of cancer for years, he says. Now, he’s pleading with others not to make the same mistake.
Jimmy “Taboo” Gomez , Musician and Member, Black Eyed Peas
Interviewer: Dr. David B. Agus , USC

South East Asia - Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia

What 8767 s New and What 8767 s Next?
Speakers :
Rob Chandhok , President, Qualcomm Innovation Center
Henrique de Castro , President of Partner Business Solutions Worldwide, Google
Brad Rencher , Senior Vice President and General Manager, Digital Marketing, Adobe
Clarence So , Senior Vice President, Strategy,
Moderator : Michal Lev-Ram , Writer, Fortune

The KBzine

Consumers enjoy cool aps and great tools for staying connected. So why are corporations arming their workers with 75-year-old software?
Enterprise Track presented by VMware
Todd Pierce , Senior Vice President and CIO, Genentech
Brad Rencher , Senior Vice President and General Manager, Omniture Business Unit, Adobe Systems
David Sacks , Founder, CEO, and Chairman, Yammer
Tony Zingale , CEO, Jive Software
Moderator : Michael Schrage , MIT Sloane School

Myanmar - Wikitravel

Departure point: Shangri-La Hotel Lobby 
An optional tour will be provided to Nansha, a southernmost district of Guangzhou. Nansha is part of the Guangdong Free Trade Zone and sits at the geographic center of the Pearl River Delta. Stops will include the Port of Nansha and the Pearl Bay Area, a core startup development that, when completed, will become an international central business district for the Pearl River Delta and surrounding areas. Delegates will also visit the Pearl Bay Development Exhibition Center and meet with Nansha Free Trade Zone leaders. (Lunch will be provided.)

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Insights from the experts on technologies that will change the ways we work and live.
Sonali De Rycker , Partner, Accel Partners
Susan Desmond-Hellmann , Chancellor, UC San Francisco
Aileen Lee, Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers
Moderator :  Michal Lev-Ram , Writer, Fortune

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Which tech innovations are game changers for sports fans and advertisers?
Terry McDonnell , Editor, Sports Illustrated
Eric Shanks , President, Fox Sports
Casey Wasserman , Chairman and CEO, Wasserman Media Group
Moderator : Brian O’Keefe , Assistant Managing Editor, Fortune

Asia's Power Businesswomen, 2016: Ones To Watch - Forbes

Presented by Air China
China’s shift toward domestic consumption will create opportunities for both foreign and domestic brands to sell products in China. Luxury goods are in demand, and China’s 855-million-strong middle class is displaying a growing appetite for cars, clothes, and travel. How are the best Chinese companies building their businesses? What do foreign brands need to do to compete?

ABA 2017 Winners — ASEAN Business Awards 2017

Global Business Shift: Tapping into Emerging Economies
CCTV’s Dialogue , China’s leading business show that is watched weekly by tens of millions of viewers, will join forces with Fortune to explore the rise of emerging economies as the engines of global economic growth and innovation.   CCTV 8767 s Dialogue will host two 85-minute broadcast sessions featuring a selection of global business leaders and government. Together, they will delve into the mechanics, trends and opportunities presented by this global business shift.

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Hosted by : Royal Bank of Canada
The rapid expansion of companies throughout Asia has led to a competitive marketplace. As a result, the traditional role of finance leaders has been redefined as companies look to hire those who can bring value to the business beyond the balance sheets. From creating shared value to maximizing return on investment, leading women in finance across the region share frontline insights on key issues and challenges facing their global business and their bottom line.
Discussion Leaders:
June Cheryl “Chaye” Cabal-Revilla , CFO, Smart Communications and Group Controller, PLDT Inc.
Shirley Liu , Vice President and CFO, Greater China and Korea, The Coca-Cola Company
Yen Kee Toh , CFO, ASEAN, Lear Corporation
Moderator: Nina Easton , Chair, MPW International and Co-chair, Global Forum, Fortune

A Columbia professor and clean tech entrepreneur talks with his son, a clean tech investor, about generational differences in their attitudes toward climate change and radical solutions to the world’s most pressing problem.
Nicholas Moore Eisenberger, Founder, Pure Energy Partners
Peter Eisenberger, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Global Thermostat LLC
Moderator: Brian Dumaine , Fortune

Discussion Leaders:
Carol Clark , Global Vice President, Beer 588 Better World, Anheuser-Busch InBev
Ilya Golubovich , Managing and Founding Partner, 67BF Global Ventures
Scott Jacobs , Co-founder and Managing Director, EFW Partners
Heiner Markhoff , President and CEO, Water 588 Process Technologies, GE Power and Water, GE
Amir Peleg , Founder and CEO, TaKaDu Chairman, Smart Water Networks Forum

A mind-blowing look at how video games might be even more effective than medicine when it comes to treating various cognitive disorders, including dementia, autism, ADHD and depression.
Dr. Adam Gazzaley , Founding Director, Neuroscape Professor in Neurology, Physiology, and Psychiatry, University of California San Francisco
Moderator: Dr. Sanjay Gupta , Chief Medical Correspondent, CNN

Building a strong global business can take decades and cost billions in investment. There is much debate about how to go global: Is it more profitable to be in every country or to focus on a handful of key markets? How should companies address local culture and market nuances? As a growing number of Chinese and emerging market companies enter international markets, what strategies are likely to work best? What new technologies and business models are on the horizon to facilitate this process?

Gender, Race, Cultural mix—how can diversity make your business stronger?
Natasha Granholm , Partner, PWC
Keli Lee , Managing Director, International Content, Platforms and Talent, ABC Studios International Rachel Roy , Founder, Rachel Roy
Adrienne Trimble , General Manager, Diversity 588 Inclusion, Toyota Motor North America
Moderator: Ellen McGirt , Fortune

An additional 8 billion middle class consumers by 7585 will create an unprecedented demand for energy, water and materials within the global economy. Can we design an economy which is restorative by intent and begin to decouple future economic progress from resource constraints? How does this work in today 8767 s consumer-driven economy? What is the size of the prize and how can businesses win?

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Studies show Women in BRIC and UAE countries are gaining more education than their male counterparts—and they are more ambitious than their female peers in mature economies. But they often face social and cultural systems that complicate their ambitions. The challenges are vast, but finding ways to accommodate and encourage these women is key—they are the stars of tomorrow, and they will gravitate to the most progressive and creative employers.

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