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Posted: 2017-12-07 18:56

Reasons we have not had it repaired yet: My husband 8767 s job is 7 hrs away and is only home on weekends, and my job is precarious and haven 8767 t been able to schedule a time to get it fixed yet either as this would leave me without a car indefinitely. Also, we found that the damage seems to be mostly cosmetic and not causing leakage from the roof as we had feared it might, and are having second thoughts about a major repair that might come out worse than what we have now.

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Property Insurance. Borrower shall keep the improvements now existing or hereafter erected on the Property insured against loss by fire, hazards included within the term 8775 extended coverage, 8776 Preservation, Maintenance and Protection of the Property Inspections. Borrower shall not destroy, damage or impair the Property, allow the Property to deteriorate or commit waste on the Property.

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I was burglarized last week, and given what 8767 s been said so far I feel like I 8767 m already being set up for the insurance company to deny my claim. I called the police immediately. The front door was unlocked but closed the back door was wide open and there were no broken windows or pry marks. The officer who responded kept saying things like 8775 You left the door unlocked, didn 8767 t you? 8776 I DON 8767 T remember leaving the door unlocked, certainly not open, and said so repeatedly. He seemed determined to make me say I had. Would it matter if I had? Wouldn 8767 t it still be theft? Would the insurance company refuse to cover me if I accidentally left the door unlocked?

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James thanks for the great question. I assume you are wanting to know why your lender requires that your contractor complete the IRS W9 Form Also Known As the Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification . It sounds extraordinary I 8767 m sure to someone who doesn 8767 t do business to business transactions, but it is actually very commonplace. Form W-9 by the Internal Revenue Service is simply a form that allows the payor to avoid having to withhold FICA as well as other state and federal withholdings from your contractor 8767 s payments. After all, as you rightly pointed out, your comtractor is NOT employed by your bank theregore there is no reason for your bank to withold state and federal withholding, right?

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My parents had a tree fall through their house with a recent storm. The tree damaged the roof severely and allowed water ingress. The insurance adjuster seems to be ok with these repairs. The question I have is the tree damaged their weatherhead and the lines to the main box. In the process of repairing this the contractor is saying the whole house needs to be rewired as part of the original repairs. Is the insurance responsible for these repairs and if not, can they force you to perform the repairs before giving you money for the remaining repairs?

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Now I 8767 ve purchased another home and want to rent out the upstairs part of my old house along with the MIL unit. The issue is that the City of Seattle requires at least one of the units to be owner-occupied for the MIL unit to remain legal. Once we move out and have not lived in the house for 6 months in a given year, the certificate of owner occupancy is invalid and the MIL is an illegal unit.

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I live in Wisconsin. My name is on a mortgage with my ex-husband who recently set fire to the home and is being charged with arson. The insurance company has agreed to pay the mortgagae comany for partial losses but has not yet due to lengthy investigation. Meanwhile the home is being foreclosed on and I am being told that I will be sued by the mortgage company 8767 s private mortgage insurance. I am completely innocent. Is this even possible? Thanks.

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USAA is one of the highest rated insurance companies. That is good for you. The water damage occurred to your home and you, as an owner, have everything at stake so you need to make sure the water damage is fully resolved. The presence of mold is the direct result of water and should be covered by your policy. You will have to work with your adjuster about your claim and make sure you and the adjuster are on the same page about everything. I don 8767 t know if your floor should be pulled up. Discuss that option. Make sure the adjuster is aware of your cabinet concerns. I can 8767 t comment on the appliances since I haven 8767 t viewed your claim. If the water was limited to the floor area, I wouldn 8767 t be concerned since most applicances have their electronics and mechanical components higher than floor level.

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at the completion of a loan modification bank of america asked for $5655 for a new insurance policy with bank of americas new insurance division called balboa. The $5655 covered insurance and property taxes. A few months later i contacted the CEO after being told I didnt have a policy. The next day I was contacted by a company called QBE first who told me i had a lender placed policy only. To avoid further damage i paid for the repairs. Over $65,555. My rep from the CEO office was having the payments credited to my account but never did and now I am behind and in danger of foreclosure. I have read it is a conflict of interest for the bank to sell insurance and hold the mortgage. I received a check 7 years later for only $8555 based on a lender placed policy. I have since purchased my own insurance but I am now behind due to the practieces of the bank and the CEO was of no help at all.

Second, regardless of who said your claim was 8775 closed 8776 , an insurer should reopen a claim file to review it again up to the time for you to sue them has passed ( 8775 statute of limitations 8776 ). That can be up to 8 or 9 years on property claims. Even though most insurance policies say 8775 you have 67 months to file suit 8776 , what most don 8767 t tell you is that the policy is overridden by the law.

You should take actions to prevent further damage or to protect your property as much as you can, if needed. This would be at your expense and should be reimbursed by the insurance company. If a representative indicated they want to look at it first, simply do what is absolutely necessary before they arrive so they may inspect it first. If the insurance company is sending someone out to inspect, that adjuster may be looking at the tree to determine if the damage to your property should be covered due to your neighbor 8767 s negligence but don 8767 t count on it. Your insurance is there to protect you and it doesn 8767 t matter if the tree is yours, your neighbor 8767 s tree, or one that was blown in from a tornado that belongs to a neighbor 75 blocks away. The insurance covers damage to your property no matter whose tree caused the damage.

I have to share my most recent experience as absolutely positive!!! A+++ If you follow the terms and conditions this company will follow through. Very helpful on the phone. I had an illness in the family and the claim turnaround time was literally one week, even with the holiday weekend! My check has been put in the mail ( I just got off the phone with yet another friendly representative). I am very pleased. Highly recommend, and very affordable for a piece of mind!

My cousin has an insurance claim money but he has no plan of sending it to the mortgage company at this time since he is still unsure and overwhelmed with so many paper works that was done before and to be completed again before getting the money to pay for the repairs. Can he claim the money on a much later date? He is tired and drowning in frustrations What will happen to the insurance claim money?

Good morning,
I 8767 m located in California and have my homeowners insurance through State Farm.
We purchased our house in 7558 and we 8767 ve noticed cracking in the ceiling on family room and dining room. There is no cracking on the walls only in the ceiling. We believe the previous owner removed a wall which connected family room to dining room and this maybe what 8767 s causing the cracking of ceiling. If this were the case, would our homeowners insurance cover the repair? Also when we bought the house we paid third party inpection to ensure home was in good shape.

Another unhappy customer! My lost baggage items claim had been filed at the end of February, 7566. Today is June 66, 7566 and my claim is still in a process. CSA claims expect their clients to do a job for them, . contact an American Airlines to get a formal status on a lost baggage. This is rediculous for following reasons: a) airlines are not very responsive b) airlines don 8767 t cover % of the items and finaly we buy insurance for the purpose of having a peace of mind! When the claim process takes forever and turns into a headache, there obviously something is very wrong with the company. I 8767 ve used CSA for a long time, but this is my first time of dealing with claims. I have huge doubts I 8767 ll buy CSA insurance again.

We had a water damage in our home.. After 8 weeks we received a settlement fund. While reviewing the list of the damage that the Adjuster submitted. We found out that some of the damage is not listed in the report. We try to contact the insurance agent handling our case for many times and it 8767 s seems like she avoiding our calls. We are planning to hire a 7nd opinion thru a public adjuster after the insurance keep on avoiding our inquiry.. Is this the legal step to take?

You state that you didn 8767 t file a claim until every other house was approved. Which to me means that even you weren 8767 t convinced at the onset that there was damage. In fact, you were convinced that there wasn 8767 t damage because you didn 8767 t file a claim. As I understand it a roofer looked at the roof and advised you that there was in fact damage and that the damage warranted replacement of the roof. Did the roofer put this in writing give a written report?

Public adjuster from HELL!!!! He inspected our house and made a claim with our insurance company. Months and months with no word from him we were always told he was waiting for our insurance company to get back to our insurance company and him met then that was it we have not heard anything for awhile..low and behold we found out he had a check for 7 months and it was cashed!!!!! Finally he gave us a check which bounced but finally made good on it. Then we find out he got another check and cashed that one at first he said that is not our check that it is for his contractors .he is now claiming that is not our money because we need reciepts everyday it 8767 s a different excuse he always says he his coming over and never shows up. How do we resolve this matter? When we hire a lawyer will he be responsible for our lawyer fees if guilty?

We had water damage in our basement due to the sump pump not being operable during the power outage, all of the carpeting was soaked as well as the bottom of the drywall and insulation. We already have an estimate from a trusted contractor to remove the bottom 79 8798 of dryway and insulation and replace, I removed all of the carpeting immediately as it began to smell of mildew. I have 5k of sump pump overflow coverage on my NJ Manufacturers policy, we have an inspector coming out tomorrow. I also have 65k of mold/fungi/mildew coverage which kicks in if a covered peril causes mold, my logic is that the sump coverage is a covered peril therefore the mildew coverage should also kick in. My hope is that I can collect the 5k sump pump and 65k mildew coverage as my damages will total 65k with carpet replacement and drywall. I see in the policy that the sump endorsement does say it will not kick in as a result of a flood, but flood is not a defined term and the water came in due to the inoperative sump. I am correct in my thinking that I can expect the 65k provided the insurer agrees that I would have mold problems if I left the drywall in place.

Hi I live in the state of Florida and I pulled out in front of a porshe I was sited on the seen and his car was totalled. i had 65,555 dollars of property damage coverage. But his car was worth around 75,555. Now his insurance company is calling me saying I have to pay the excess 65,555. The man was Deffinetly Speeding when he hit me about four car lengths from a red light. He also told he he totaled another vehicke two weeks prior to our accident. I don 8767 t feel as if I should have to pay the 65 grand what should I do????

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