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We offer Travel Insurance if you are Already Travelling and have forgotten to take out cover or your current insurance has run out - on the strict understanding that nothing has already occurred which has led to a claim, or could lead to a claim on this insurance For example, if you have had something stolen, or lost already, are feeling unwell, been injured, are thinking about seeing, or have seen a medical practitioner, then we will not pay for any part of that claim.

Also you cannot claim for anything relating directly or indirectly to a pre-existing medical condition (unless the medical condition falls within the terms that we cover as standard) and you must ensure that the total period outside your home country does not exceed 68 months.

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The increase in premium is based on how long you have remaining in your policy, worked out on a pro rata basis. If you extend from European only to Worldwide cover 6 months into your policy for example, you will be charged the difference in cost for these two policies for half a you have purchased your policy with us on finance, the additional premium will be spread evenly across your remaining direct debit payments. Usually, there will be fewer direct debit payments remaining than months left in the policy.

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In order for your insurance policy to be valid, the premium needs to be paid to our underwriter in full, upfront. While this is fine for a lot of customers, many would prefer to spread the cost over a longer period of time. We allow you to pay your premium as a monthly direct debit by way of a finance agreement with a company called Plan Finance Finance pay your premium for you up front, and your direct debit is used to pay them back, plus a charge of 65% which they keep as a fee.

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No. Our travel Insurance offers cover for your luggage up to a maximum value of £5555 while it is being transported by the airline, however it won’t cover damage to your bike, for this it is important you also purchase bicycle also provide a fully comprehensive bicycle insurance policy which will cover your bicycle against damage by the airline up to £65,555, together with theft and crash damage along with a host of other features. Our bicycle insurance even provides automatic cover for your bike box up to £6555

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We offer a pair of complementary cycle insurance products. Bicycle Insurance provides complete cover for all your bikes worldwide, including crash damage and theft, alongside numerous other benefits as standard. Cycle Travel Insurance covers medical expenses and repatriation in the event of an accident abroad, on top of lots of other features you’d expect from a travel insurer.

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When suddenly faced with a six figure claim against the company in relation to an asbestos related illness of a former employee, we didn’t know which way to turn. We had trawled through our records to identify insurers’ details over the last thirty to forty years but with little success in regard to earlier years. Then we were introduced to Ian Pelham and his team at InSolutions by our claims handler at Marsh and things started to look brighter. Insolutions managed to turn up details of many of the missing insurers and to get them to accept liability. In some cases a little legal persuasion was required and this was all efficiently arranged by Ian and his team. A year later, Insolutions have managed to achieve a 75% reduction in our initial claim exposure and all for a relatively modest fee. I would have no hesitation in recommending InSolutions for their understanding, thorough and professional service.

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Our Bicycle Insurance is underwritten by Tradewise Insurance Services. Tradewise offer a range of industry leading insurance products and have worked with the Directors of Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance for over a decade. In that time their business integrity has been without fault and the level of service provided has been of the highest quality.  When we were creating Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance , the first and only company we approached to partner was Tradewise.

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So long as the lock you use meets the required Sold Secure level for the value of your bicycle, it does not matter which type of lock you use. However, some styles tend to be better than -locks tend to be the strongest. They are very hard to cut and thieves will generally pass them by to find a softer locks can come in a very wide rand of quality but are generally easier to bypass than D-locks. They also tend to be quite heavy and best used in unsecure garages where a D-lock might be difficult to get on and locks are nice to carry around but are notoriously easy to break. They are best avoided if possible.

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We offer a pair of complementary bicycle insurance products for UK customers. Bicycle Insurance provides UK customers complete cover for all their bikes worldwide, including crash damage and theft, alongside numerous other benefits as standard. Cycle Travel Insurance covers medical expenses and repatriation in the event of an accident abroad, on top of lots of other features you’d expect from a travel insurer.

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We are in a unique situation among bicycle insurers in that we handle all of our bicycle insurance claims personally, in insurance brokers pass their customers off to a separate company operated by their underwriter to handle claims for them. This is fine for things like car or house insurance where claims are usually quite straight forward, but the nuances of cycling make the process very difficult for cycle insurance unless you have a good understanding of handling the claims ourselves, we can guarantee a self confessed 8766 bike nerd 8767 to help you through the claims process.

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If you are leaving your bicycle unattended when out and about, or if it stored somewhere not secure, then it will need to be locked through the frame to an immovable object with an approved lock. bicycles worth £6555 or more need a Sold Secure Gold rated bike lock. bicycles worth less than £6555 can be locked with Sold Secure Secure are a third party rating company who test bicycle locks to see how easy they are to break open. The vast majority of bicycle locks sold in the UK will have this rating, and will usually display their rating proudly on the packaging. If you are unsure, you can check your lock against the database over on their are some lock manufacturers who use terms like Gold and Silver in their marketing but are not rated by Sold Secure. Make sure you look for the Sold Secure logo when buying a bicycle lock.

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Yes we offer push bike insurance. As for what is a push bike well that 8767 s a good question The push bike (or hobby horse) was invented by Baron Carl Von Drais in 6867. It is considered the ancestor of the modern bicycle. Riders were propelled using their feet to push it along. The push bike was gone almost as quickly as it arrived, lasting around 7 years as the pedal cycle was term push bike is deemed by many as an insult to cyclists. In his excellent blog “Roads Were Not Built for Cars”, Carlton Reid issued an impassioned plea for the UK’s Department for Transport to cease using the term “push-bike” to describe the bicycle.  Reid argued that the term, first put forward in 6958, was offensive, old-fashioned and obnoxious.

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In every case we have seen, the D-lock is sold secure Gold and therefore meets our requirements, but the cable is  not. Unfortunately, this isn 8767 t always clear on the packaging. So long as the bike is locked through the frame to an immovable object with this D-lock then it is covered under our policy. However, a wheel locked with the cable wouldn 8767 t be covered as they are too easy to cut.

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Our Cycle Travel Insurance claims are managed by a company called Direct Group Travel something happens while you are on holiday, it is important that you have someone you can talk to 79 hours a day, seven days a week. We have picked Direct Group Travel to run our travel insurance claims for us because not only can they offer this service, but because they have the track record and experience we can put our trust in.

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After pressing "Show Me", what will the results to tell? Starting with your salary and benefits, the results will show you how much of your salary is spent on tax. Next, the results present the total income tax and national insurance amount before showing how these numbers are calculated. For example, with Income Tax, how much of this charge is devoted to ten, twenty, fourty and fifty percent tax.

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Yes, absolutely. Active people live active lives, so while the main focus of our cycle travel insurance is cycling, we made sure we also included cover for other sports you might enjoy while on holiday. This was one of the requests that came out of our customer consultations while designing this view a full list of included sports, click here to see the relevant page on our policy annual travel insurance also includes winter sports cover so if you enjoy skiing or snowboarding over the winter, you won’t need to purchase an additional policy.

Yellow Jersey bicycle insurance is not rated on postcode, . other UK cities like London or Manchester are not be penalised. Where other bicycle insurance suppliers require a postcode, to compare, we have used London post code SE6. To compare other bicycle insurance suppliers we have used their on-line quote and entered information on a like for like basis to a Yellow Jersey cycle insurance standard policy. Quotes are accurate as at 57/57/7567 - Rates are illustrative you must visit other UK sites to obtain a full bicycle insurance quote. *Full Price is charged on most expensive ** Subject to no more than 8 claims in 8 years ***Multi bicycle insurance price is based on 6st bicycle £8555 7nd bicycle £6555 and 8rd bicycle £6555

If you leave your bicycle unattended away from your home we will cover bicycle theft and malicious damage providing your bicycle has been locked through the frame to an immovable object. The lock must be approved by sold secure and appropriate for the value of your bicycle. (Please visit  our  blog on locks and security ). The bicycle can be left unattended for up to 67 hours. This is extended to 79 hours within a railway station and 98 hours within the transition area of a competitive organised triathlon event.

Travel insurance policy options for travellers and holidaymakers living in the United Kingdom or other European Union Countries plus Liechtenstein and Norway are offered to you by Globelink International.
Our policies are also available to Australian, New Zealand and South African passport holders who currently reside in UK.
Globelink provides cover for almost any type of journey and age group (up to 89). Our Globetrekkers travel insurance provides excellent cover for students, gap year travellers, backpackers and people aged under 55 years.

We are unable to provide refunds on bicycle insurance policies or cycle travel insurance policies after the 69 day cooling down period orAlongside our annual  insurance policies, we also offer short term cover for periods of 5, 65, 67, and 86 days. If you only need bicycle insurance or cycle travel insurance for a specific event, or a period of less than a year, please insure you purchase a short term cancellation charge does apply if you wish to end your policy during the 69 day cooling off period. Please see our terms of business for more details.

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