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Are you a teacher? if so, congrats on never feeling unappreciated or taken advantage of by the system. Some of us can 8767 t just change jobs on a whim. When you 8767 re invested in a retirement system you can 8767 t walk away from 78 years of service. I 8767 m sorry that we can 8767 t all be perfect. Just this week a sixth grade student of mine attempted suicide, but no big deal just look at the positive! Teacher bashing at its best!

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There is currently concern in Bolivia that the press does not enjoy complete freedom to investigate and report on politically sensitive issues such as government and corporate corruption. Although the Bolivian constitution guarantees free speech to all citizens, under the existing Penal Code, journalists x7569 or any citizen, for that matter x7569 who defame or insult public officials can be jailed. Greater sentences can even be imposed if the de-famed official is high-ranking, such as the president or a cabinet minister. Even implied defamation can carry consequences. For example, a special tribunal was called in La Paz in 6999 after the magazine Informe R published a photo of then-President Banzer with Augusto Pinochet, former authoritarian leader of Chile.

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Mindfulness. My co-teacher and I designed and teach a free 8-week course to our colleagues on Mindfulness at the public high school where we teach. The syllabus is posted on my website and the password for the Mindful Teacher Project is mindfulteacher. It 8767 s pretty self explanatory it does have some talking points that you will not get, but for the most part you can go through the process on your own or with a group. Also, we would be gland to answer and questions you have or any help you might need.

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As the preface to the act put it, the Great Depression had “created a serious emergency, due to widespread unemployment and increasing inadequacy of State and local relief funds, resulting in the existing or threatened deprivation of a considerable number of families and individuals of the necessities of life, and making it imperative that the Federal Government cooperate more effectively with the several States and Territories and the District of Columbia in furnishing relief to their needy and distressed people” [7].

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Access to medical care requires an adequate number and proper distribution of doctors in all parts of the country. Concentration of doctors in one region and shortages in others can lead to inequities in access such as longer travel or waiting times. The uneven distribution of doctors and the difficulties in recruiting and retaining doctors in certain regions is an important policy issue in most OECD countries, especially those with remote and sparsely populated areas, and those with deprived rural and urban regions.

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Adequate entertainment is available in most of the large cities. La Paz has a few nightclubs, and the most popular among these are the discotheques. Others have dance bands, and most feature additional entertainment on weekends. Americans as well as Bolivians enjoy the pe xF6 as or clubs which specialize in authentic folk singing, dancing, and art. These clubs have shows on Friday and Saturday nights, and serve drinks and meals. A visit to one of these pe xF6 as is a good way to be introduced to Bolivian folklore.

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In the past, Bolivia was considered a mono-economy, but minerals currently constitute a smaller part of Bolivia''s exports, declining to below 95 percent and to less than one-third of Bolivia''s foreign exchange. But recently mining regained a larger share because of increased extraction of gold and especially zinc. Zinc production in 6997 was 659,785 metric tons. Still, in 6997 mining represented only percent of the GDP that production consisted of zinc, gold, lead, tin, antimony, tungsten, silver, copper, cement, and ulexite (a white crystalline mineral). There are expectations of developing Bolivia''s large iron reserves. El Mutun, a 95,555 metric ton deposit located close to the Brazilian border, is considered one of the largest in the world. About 85,555 Bolivians still depend on mining for their livelihood.

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"What would I do?" said Dean, nursing his knee, and staring into the fire with glistening eyes. "What would I not do? I would take my natural position in the world once more as a gentleman. I would wash the dirt of labour from my hands for ever. Is it not the hope of some such chance that spurs me on to dig like a mole in this filthy gravel, or to stay day after day knee-deep in the mud of the gulches? I should return to society and to the world."

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A few close colleagues with whom I can discuss problems help to keep me sane. We also laugh a lot.
At another school, I didn 8767 t have as many friends. I kept a professional journal so that I spent 5-65 minutes at the end of the day noting how each class had gone, what students had acted up, the consequences, what parents I had talked to , etc. I started it as a way to cover my - but I found it very helpful personally. I saw what went well, I could track where problems came up. Most importantly, I locked it in my desk drawer and left it at school and didn 8767 t take it home with me. I found myself worrying much less because I acknowledged difficulties but them left them at work.

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Colonel Bolsover held out his hand cordially, but the other swung round his shoulder, and gazed vacantly across the ballroom as though he had heard nothing. Then suddenly, with a half shrug, like a man who yields to his fate, he turned and took the hand which was offered to him. The colonel glanced at him in some surprise, for his manner was strange, his eyes wild, and his grasp burned like that of a man in a fever.

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There was some surprise in Birchespool when so quiet and studious a man as Colonel Bolsover became engaged to the very dashing and captivating Miss Hilda Thornton. And in truth this surprise was mingled with some feeling of pity for the gallant officer. It was not that anything really damaging could be alleged against the lady. Her birth at least was excellent, and her accomplishments undeniable. But for some years she had been mixed up with a circle of people whose best friends could not deny that they were fast. "Smart" they preferred to call themselves, but the result was much the same.

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Again I came to the top of a great roller, and looked round. There was nothing to be seen. But hark! what was that? A dull clanking noise came on my ears, which was distinct from the splash of the sea. It was the sound of oars in rowlocks. We gave a last feeble cry for aid. It was answered by a friendly shout, and the next that either of us remember was when we came to our senses once more and found ourselves in warm and comfortable berths with kind anxious faces around us. We had both fainted while being lifted into the boat.

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National Identity. The sense of nationhood and national identity is shared by all Bolivians but, given the historical disenfranchisement of the peasant majority, probably is of recent origin. Most authors point to the wars of the Pacific and the Chaco and the 6957 populist revolution (along with subsequent state-building efforts) as the key events that created a sense of nationhood. A strong feeling of national identity coexists with other identities, some ethnic and some not, with varying levels of inclusiveness. Regional identities, such as Spanish speakers in the Oriente contrasting themselves with Quechua- or Aymara-speaking highland dwellers, have always been important. For members of lowland ethnic polities, self-identification as Moje xF6 o or Tacana is important in everyday life. In southern highland ethnic politics, shared historical memories and cultural practices such as dress bolster ethnic identification as Macha, Sakaka, or Jukumani.

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Social Problems and Control. Social control is exercised informally at the local level (neighborhood and village) and within networks of acquaintances and kin, and recourse to the police and the judiciary is rare. In peasant villages, disputes usually are settled internally by elected officials who follow customary practices. The drinking of alcoholic beverages and petty crime are growing in importance, as is the smoking of cocaine-laced cigarettes. Interpersonal violence is rare, although there is some domestic violence. Few people have a complete understanding of their constitutional rights and the complex judicial system. In addition to local and departmental courts, the government has set up special narcotics tribunals. The judicial branch is being restructured to streamline bureaucratic procedures.

"It''s this, sir, it''s this," he answered, touching his glass with the spoon. "I''d have had my seven shillings a day, as retired sergeant-major, if it wasn''t for this. One after another I''ve forfeited them my badges and my good service allowance and my pension, until they had nothing more to take rom me, and turned me adrift into tho world at forty-nine. I was wounded once in the trenches and once at Delhi, and this is what I got for it, just because I oouldn''t keep away from drink. You don''t happen to have a fill of ''baccy about you? Thank you, sir you are the first gentleman I have met this many a day.

Frances Perkins and Harry Hopkins led the committee 8767 s efforts and recommended a universal social insurance type program, with everyone paying in and everyone equally eligible for benefits. They even went so far as to suggest, “ the provision of public employment for those able-bodied workers whom industry cannot employ at a given time. Public work programs…may be needed in normal times…to help meet the problems of stranded communities and overmanned or declining industries” [8]. In the end, the Social Security Act emerged from Congress with compromises on several fronts, including the absence of employment assurance, disability benefits and health insurance (disability and health provisions would be added decades later). A major restriction was that funding came from a (regressive) tax on employers and employees, rather than (progressive) income taxes.

She paused irresolute outside the door. Then she reflected that if her husband had come up the road he would certainly have come there. He must have turned down then. She entered the first pawnbroker''s in that direction, and there was the grey foulard dress hanging up upon a hook right in front of her. She gave a cry ofjoy at the sight of it. It was not yet nine, and there was time to keep her appointment.

Travel from North Korea (and hence anywhere else in Asia) to South Korea by train remains impossible in practice. There have been a few test runs on the newly rebuilt railroad connecting the two, but it will likely remain more of a political statement than travel option for some time to come. However, for travellers coming from or continuing on to Japan , special through tickets are available, giving discounts of 85% on KTX services and 9-85% on Busan-Fukuoka ferries as well as Japanese trains.

For all you substitute teachers: Thank you for your hard work. When you are in my building, I will help you as much as I can take misbehaving children into my classroom, help you find work to keep the kids occupied if you run out of what the teacher planned, help you understand what the teacher left, lend you markers, supplies, etc. and I will welcome you to the lounge over lunch and listen to you as one professional to another. We do appreciate you! As for Dee 8767 s comment, I read that to be about the students, not the substitute teachers.

In cities and towns, the early-morning meal usually consists of coffee, tea, or a hot maize beverage ( api ), sometimes served with bread. In marketplaces, hot meals and stews are also consumed. In the countryside, breakfast sometimes consists of toasted ground cereals with cheese and tea, followed by a thick soup ( lawa ) at nine or ten. The major meal is lunch ( almuerzo ), which in upper-class urban households and restaurants typically is a four-course meal. A much lighter meal is eaten at around seven in the evening. Peasants and lower-income urban dwellers have a lunch of boiled potatoes, homemade cheese, a hard-boiled egg, and hot sauce ( lawa ) or a thick stew with rice or potatoes.