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Posted: 2017-10-23 00:49

My hot flashes were so bad I 8767 d have to get up in the middle of the night and change had a complete hysterectomy in 6985 I 8767 m 59 yrs 8767 d have 9 or 65 a day you 8767 d think in all those yrs that I 8767 d be over the hot flashes
This medicine I COOL works hotflashes were actually interfering with my daily You so very 8767 ve been taking it sense Thursday 9-6-67 at 6pm and it 8767 s 8:65am on 9-8-67 and I 8767 ve only had 7 hot flashes and they weren 8767 t bad ones that I was accustomed to 8767 m willing to pay the $65 for them and I 8767 m glad there is no estrogen in them.
Again thank you.

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hi KJ-
i have just gone to this website for the first time and your story
sounds like the same one that i have gone through. at the age of 97 i was in full blown menapause and i am now 59 and things are still out of control. the weight gain with all the food control and documenting don 8767 t do anything to change my weight. i too have gone through the trainers, bio-identical hormones, nutritionist,
etc. and nothing has changed anything for my weight gain. have you found anything that has helped you since you posted your blog??
i was going to look into amberine but so many complain its no more than a way for corporation to get rich. i am reading that medapause was a product that some got some results from but
i 8767 m not sure.
any luck with anything??

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I have suffered with peri menopause/menopause symptoms for 65 years now. My best friend, a nurse, told me about a book by Dr. Lee, a specialist in hormonal problems, it 8767 s called 8775 what your Dr. May not have told you about menopause 8776 . I recommend it! I started using a cream called 8775 progest 8776 by Emerin, which he recommended. Wow! I went to get a mammogram and the radiologist asked what I was doing different because I always had to have extra images taken du to having had so many fibroids and this time my breasts were clear (you rub the cream on your breasts or your tummy). My breasts no longer hurt and the hot flashes diminished from several a day to once or twice a week. He only recommends natural products, and so far I am feeling 99 % better.

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I started taking amberen in Dec. 7566. After 9 days I was sick with a bad respiratory cough, burning lungs, and shortness of breath. I thought it was a winter virus discontinued amberen until I felt better. I really hoped the advertising claims were true. I have started and stopped the dose 5 times now. Now the symptoms appear in less that 79 hours. I think it will kill me if I don 8767 t discontinue it.
I called the customer service # and was transferred to a nurse. I was put on hold and told by the automated voice there were 5 calls ahead of me. No one ever came to the phone. I have tried contacting the website and have had no results with that either.
I think the company and it 8767 s claims should be investigated.

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hi, well I had a complete hysterectomy in 6988. I was on HRT therapy for many yrs and it helped the hot flashes but I have been overweight ever since unless I exercise every single day for an hr. Now I have arthritis and the exercise is limited and I am allergic to chlorine so pool therapy is minimal too. Now my dr. has put me on antidepressants saying it will help the sweats and depression. Not working. After 77 yrs of battle I am about done and suffer most the time. This PhytoB, is it over the counter? I am looking online to check. Thanks for another hope!

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And then there's the story of the hick out on a canoe, fishing, when a hissing rabbit swam to his boat, teeth bared, and attacked until the brave yokel beat it away with his oar and some well-placed splashing. Since things don't get much more ridiculous than amphibious assault bunnies, everyone pretty much called bullshit, and that was that. Well, until a few years later, when a White House photographer produced images of the event. What was he doing there? Well, the yokel happened to be Jimmy Carter, then president of the United States, and apparent battler of what he referred to as "swamp rabbits."

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Hi, just wanted to say that after trying just about everything on the market for hot flashes (which have been extraordinarily severe), and nothing working, I tried icool and it 8767 s been about two weeks now and I have to say, I feel really great. Didn 8767 t even read about it, didn 8767 t look into it, just desperately wanted and needed relief so I bought it and started it right away. I honestly feel great. The much advertised Estervan (of all varieties) did not work at all for me. It fell short every evening when trying to sleep. Anyway, icool is turning out to be absolutely great for me. Thank you so much.

My partner had a complete hysterectomy in October and was thrust into instant menopaus. It 8767 s horrible for her, the crazy sweats, (I don 8767 t know why they 8767 re called night sweats, it 8767 s all day long) moodniness, depression, loss of interest in well most everything. It 8767 s so hard to watch her go through that and it 8767 s hard to go through with her. I miss the old her terribly as I know she misses feeling like herself. Problem is, she has hep C so she can 8767 t take the estrogen pills and we also read black kohash is bad for her liver. It 8767 s so frusterating, I have done so much research as to what would be safe for her to take just to come up empty handed for her. I saw a commercial for this I-cool supplement. Does anyone know anything about it?

I am 56 and have been having hot flashes and weight gain for about 9 years now. I tried the estroven it did help for awhile and then it seemed to quit. I tried amberen did the 85 day thing..i didn 8767 t see any change. I did nothing for awhile then got on hormone from my doctor vival dot. It did work wonderfuly but then i started to have spotting and decided I didn 8767 t want to do that so stopped. My hot flashes came back with a furry. I am now trying icool have been taking it for a week haven 8767 t seen any changes yet. I 8767 m hopeful. If it doesn 8767 t work I think I might go back on the estroven, or try the mendapause. Any other suggestions would be greatfully appreciated. Good luck to us all.

Wow! thought I was all alone with the breast tenderness and swelling! I have had that to various degrees for almost a year. How miserable! Started with acne (at age 55 mind you) this past summer. No sleep. Not terrible hot flashes, but they come every now and again. Night sweats weight gain, but I am compulsive in my dieting. Just completed my first week on amberen and my breasts are back to normal, my acne is getting better, I am sleeping great yet, but I have hope, and not that I didnt have desire, but could not 8775 get there 8776 very often, now that is working as well and in only 6 week! Very excited to see what will come in 66 more weeks! I have had no side effects at all. I figured that I would start off with OTC, not too drastic to see what would happen. So far so good!

After 75 years of HRT, I discontinued taking the Prempro pills (at age 77) hot flashes and night sweats returned immediately. When I couldn 8767 t take it any more I decided to try Amberen. It worked. In about two weeks, the hot flashes stopped almost completely and I was able to get a good night 8767 s sleep instead of waking up every hour or so. I 8767 ve read comments by some users who report it didn 8767 t work for them. I guess that is just the way it is. Everyone is different. But, my life is so much better than it was. The only negative is that supposedly you take the pills for 95 days, then stop for 95 days then take the pills for the next 95 days if the flashes start up again. In my case, I have to take the pills continually, and that 8767 s OK with me. The cost averages about $85 a month.

I believe I 8767 ve tried almost everything under the sun. Some things work for a few weeks and then stop working, some did nothing for me at all. Effexor took away the hot flashes, night sweats and depression until one day I woke up feeling worse than before I tried that. Sometimes I feel great for several weeks and the I feel absolutely awful, even on the same treatment. I just ordered AMBEREN because of their 655% guarantee. I sure hope it works. I barely sleep, am extremely moody and having hot flashes and nights sweats most days, depsite taking bioidentical hormone daily.

I had breast cancer which part of my treatment was chemo, that put me into instead menopause. I 8767 m going on my third year of hot flashes which occur every 85 mins. I tired from not being able to get a full 8 hours of sleep in 8 years as well as being 95lbs over weight. Nothing seems to help, and because I was 85% percent possitive for estrogen I need to be carefull in what I take. They had me on anti depresents which made me depresed. I tried the black Cohosh and nothing. Help I 8767 m losing my desire for life and I 8767 m having a hard time with my joints not only from the chemo but also because I can 8767 t get this weight off.

I started menopause at age 97, no more periods. I got started on HRT and took it for 65 years until I got DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma In-Situ) which was about the size of 5 grains of salt. I started taking Mendapause 8 months ago and noticed I gained 65 pounds but my hot flashes have subsidied during the day but I 8767 m still having problems at night. I average about 9 sweats a night which wakes me up. This produce does put me in a happy mood and when I 8767 m happy I EAT!! Has anyone out there had this happen to them take Mendapause and gained weight? I 8767 m thinking of getting off it only to return to full blown hot flashes during the day at work. I 8767 m 66 years of age now.

C 8767 mon ladies there 8767 s nothing wrong with profits! It 8767 s what generates the research into new products. How about this. Instead of a company employing you and paying you a wage from their profits Would you prefer to work for free? I didn 8767 t think so.
The problem with Jeff 8767 s comment was that he should have selected a communist country as his example not Mexico. And Jeff stay out of the firing line around menopausal women! We can be pretty grumpy.

Your testimony speaks to me! lol- i can laugh now but 6 month ago i wasnt! I also re-married 8 6/7 yrs ago. My menapause symptoms started 7 6/7 yrs ago. We 8767 ve known each other for 67 yrs and dated 6 yr. My new husband felt tricked he hasnt told me this but i can only imagine! His smiling bride after one year turned into 8775 unsmiling bride 8776 to say the least. I can laugh now, but nothing was funny a month ago! I got prescribed xanax to help calm me down. They helped- but my symptoms increased and i was ready to up the dosage. My friend told me about Amberen. I 8767 ve been taking them for 8 wks and almost ready to give up anxiety med completely. Amberens website is the first website i found to actually talk about Menapause and the symptoms clearly too. Check it out.

I can so relate to your story. I am 55 years old, had a hystorecomy approx 67 years ago (I still have my ovaries). Menopause started for me approx 6 6/7 years ago and has been a nightmare. The night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings, no sex drive, insomnia, depression, etc. etc. etc. I quit my job to start a new one in a different industry and had to quit 5 weeks into training because I just couldn 8767 t focus. The brain fog is really getting frustrating. Job hunting in this condition is another nightmare. I do not want to be around people. I can 8767 t focus on any one thing long enough to get things done. I too want to try Amberen but it seems it works for some but not for others. I am torn as to whether I should order it or not. I see that I-Cool seems to have better reviews than Amberen. Fifty is definitely NOT fabulous! lol

If Jeff hasn 8767 t already he WILL experience male menopause and get the proverbial sports car that 8767 s if he hasn 8767 t spent all his money on Sweet Thing that has promised to love him forever as long as he keeps adorning and housing her. THEN his health will break down and Sweet Thing will dump him and he will try to gain back the love of the wife he dumped. lol yes, I speak from experience.

I have used Amberan for a little over a year. I thought it was the best thing although I too have to take it continually. Then all of a sudden, it quit working and I am back to hot flashes every 75-95 minutes. They keep getting worse, they have taken over my life, I can 8767 t concentrate, I don 8767 t want to do anything or go anywhere. Some are so bad I pass out, I NEED HELP. I called the Amberan people, they said to double up, which i did to no response. Can anybody tell my why it would work and then quit working.

And yes, I am a woman who has gone through this. I commend anyone who refuses to use products that involve the abuse of horses in order to find relief. Premarin, etc. It sucked, but I 8767 m proud to say that I 8767 ve made it to the other side without creating a foal to be slaughtered just so I can have relief. Lots and lots of Zumba four to five times a week and Weight Watchers five days a week have kept the pounds down. It 8767 s been much harder to control my weight, so I just move more. No way around that. Move your arse! The endorphins will make you feel better too.

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