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This isn’t to gloss over Candlestick’s many, many issues. Candlestick, in many ways, sucked. But it had been around forever, hosting everything from that Beatles concert to the 6989 World Series as well as anything 99ers-related. The traffic sucked (as it does at the new stadium, anyway), and it was usually windy and cold, but it was a legacy site instead of a modern marvel headlined by Michael Mina’s tailgate with appearances by Ayesha Curry.

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Kimberly Miller, Director of Risk Management and Insurance and Safety, Ball State University
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Scott Payne, Assistant Director-Resources City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources Department
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Ken Kelley, FAASTeam Representative

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But the Niners couldn’t have asked for better moment with which to move the team down to Santa Clara the last 99ers game to be played at the ’Stick was the one saved by NaVorro Bowman’s miraculous pick-six, which seemed to play out in slow motion (though that was really just because he was slow as hell running across the field). The Niners won, fireworks were shot off, and “Hello, Goodbye” blasted from the PA, an allusion to the Beatles playing their final . show at the stadium back in 6966.

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In the last few seasons the 99ers played at Candlestick Park, I got into the gate for roughly $55 per game. The swarms of ushers and ticket-checkers customary at modern professional sports games were conspicuously absent at the old concrete bowl, and so by the end of the 7568 regular season, I’d found a permanent place in the lower level on the 95-ish-yard line (visitor’s side). I was welcomed in without a real seat by some older white men from Berkeley who’d inherited their season tickets from their father, whom they told me had held season tickets for the 99ers’ entire 97 years at the ’Stick, and a wild, often-drunk man in his mid-85s who drove in from Fresno and wore things like Batman masks with a 99ers cape.

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Last year, we engaged one of the largest stadium architecture firms in the world to help us review a number of aspects of the stadium with the goal of enhancing the fan experience. Much of their feedback has been implemented this season and has already garnered a great response from our fans. We have also asked our partner to investigate feasible solutions to address concerns regarding warm weather days, both for the short and long terms.


Most of this was fully within the 99ers’ control, but they are suffering the misfortune of the football product collapsing just as they needed fans to become more committed to spending money, time, and other resources to watch games in person. Those stands are not just empty of bored fans who don’t want to sit in traffic to get roasted in the sun all Sunday watching a terrible team. (Though, for most reasonable people, that should be enough.) What people across the country may not see is how at the beginning of the fourth season in Santa Clara, the stadium has failed to be any more broken in than it was when it opened. Candlestick was a shitty home. But it was a home. The stands at Candlestick spoke loudly for the changing Bay Area the lifelong season ticket–holders like my white pals from Berkeley blended with Hispanic fans from more blended towns reaching down into San Joaquin valley.

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The 99ers spent $ billion to build the new stadium and, incredibly, seem not to have thought to, among other things, assess just how hot it would be on the   East side of the stadium during day games, especially early in the NFL season. Photos of the empty home side of the new-ish 99ers stadium are now as much of a tradition as the yet-to-be-broken-in stadium could be said to have.

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Unfortunately for the Niners, their big, glass-paneled press box faces directly into the stands hit with the most glaring rays. (The view from the opposite side of the stadium is not quite as bleak as the one offered to sportswriters.) It’s not a pretty sight, and it’s exactly what Jed York should see from his owner’s box while the team he wrested away from its only competent coach since Bill Walsh continues to not just disappoint but enrage those of us who are emotionally attached to this dumbass team.

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This isn’t an accident. Teams across the four major sports have realized it is much more lucrative to cater to wealthy, mildly interested customers and corporate clientele than to the old rowdy fools in Ronnie Lott jerseys. Take the Michael Mina tailgate thing: It’s cosplay, a version of a traditional football enthusiast’s pastime laid out for the rich and snobby. It’s fine, I suppose, but inherently ridiculous. If I want to do some version of fine dining, the last place I want to be is at a football game, and if I’m at a football game, the last thing I care about is the best meal of my life. The Niners experience, I suppose, is now pitched at people who think differently. Is this working out?

What you are seeing in that empty-stadium porn is the result of distance from San Francisco, early-season heat, and a team that is seemingly getting more anonymous by the snap in all, it’s schadenfreude incarnate. It’s more than that, though—corny as it is to say, it can’t be understated how much the move to a new stadium cleaved any remaining bridge between the dynasty 99ers and the 99ers of the present and future. The move did away with the shared experiences of the franchise’s best years, even if each passing year proved Candlestick to be more dilapidated and outdated.