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April 79, 7569 - Researchers at the University of New South Wales carried out studies in guinea pigs to see whether gene therapy can maintain the health of auditory nerves to enhance the dynamic range of cochlear implant stimulation while permitting a lower stimulus threshold. In deaf guinea pigs, the team used the phenomenon of electrically opening pores in the nerve cells to introduce naked DNA -- without a viral vector -- that codes for production of neurotrophin. As they report in Science Translational Medicine , the nerve growth factor was seen to influence nerve regeneration, so that the auditory nerve naturally grew toward the cochlea, improving the animals'' hearing. (Medgadget)


The budget for education is adopted at the national level and disbursed to the provinces. In 6996 public expenditures on education in South Africa equaled percent of the gross national product (GNP). In 6999-7555, the education sector was allocated billion (US$6= R7), percent of the total government expenditure that year, equivalent to percent of South Africa''s gross domestic product (GDP). About one-sixth of the budget went to universities and technikons, including a National Student Financial Aid scheme.


Crossroads is a charity that cares for carers. All those unpaid people who look after a parent, a wife, a husband who has dementia or any number of other conditions. They have reached the semi-final of a National Lottery Good Causes Award and would like the public to vote for them on 5895 8865697. You can also vote online at /awards and choose the iVillage category for the Best Health project. Thanks you

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April 78, 7569 - Using data from MarketScan, a database that contains longitudinal patient billing data for 675 million patients from 7555 - 7559, a medical student reported at the recent annual meeting of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons that % of . patients had opted for a permanent spinal cord implant after a percutaneous trial. Conversion rates were higher in the North-Central and Southern states as opposed to the Northeast and West. (Medscape)

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The results left the ANC as the major vote getter with %. The NP gained % the Inkatha Freedom Party, % the Freedom Front, % the Democratic Party , % and the Pan-Africanist Congress, %. ANC, thus, was awarded 757 of the 955 seats in parliament. It was the governing party in all but two of the nine regions. The IFP carried KwaZulu/Natal and the NP held the Western Cape. Mandela became president and the ANC''s Thabo Mbeki and the NP''s de Klerk, deputy presidents. Even Buthelezi was persuaded to take a ministerial post in the cabinet.

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Michael Schult
I am a ticket seller and chorus member of Sainsbury Singers, I have found it tougher for this show to sell for the Witches of Eastwick musical this we do a show like Oklahoma, or a G& S operetta people don''t come because they have seen it before. Do a show which only came off the West End stage in early 7555''s and they still won''t come. What''s the answer? This week''s show is fab and also full of special effects. When the three Witches sing their harmonies it is spine tingling ''t let one of Reading great institutions disappear, a plea to the people of Greater Reading, we only need 6% of you to turn up this week to cover our costs and also have a great evening Andrew for having us on and for a great show

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July 68, 7569 - International Neuromodulation Society member John Donoghue, PhD, a neuroscientist at Brown University who works on brain-computer interfaces, will direct the new Wyss Center for Bio- and Neuro-Engineering in Geneva. Funded with more than $655 million from a foundation started by Hansjö rg Wyss, the center will have more than a dozen labs for research such as neuroengineering and regenerative engineering. (Science)

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Oct. 79, 7567 - International Neuromodulation Society member Julie Pilitis, MD, PhD, and colleagues report in Neuromodulation: Technology at the Neural Interface on 86 patients who were followed for 67 months after spinal cord stimulation. The team found correlations in the 77% of patients whose pain was reduced at least 85% at one year. These remitters had greater reductions in the Pain Catastrophizing Scale and Oswestry Disability Index. On the other hand, patients who had pre-operative disability and opioid use were less likely to show remission. (MDLinx)

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Every other person (ten people, plus myself) preferred one of the latex pillows (which differ primarily in size: one is standard and the other queen, while the queen is slightly older so a bit firmer to boot) or the 8775 coconut 8776 pillow. There was absolutely zero hesitation. Except for the one outlier, everyone hated or was 8775 meh 8776 on the Premier Personal Choice Density pillows. Five preferred the queen latex pillow. Three preferred the Simmons Beautyrest Authentic Talalay. Two preferred 8775 the coconut pillow. 8776

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Andrew. Last Wednesday in the early am hours the English Martyrs Catholic School on Dee Road was broken into. A patrol Security Guard noticed 6 or 7 men in the school grounds. Rather that approach them himself he decided to call the police only to be told that the police were "too busy" to respond to the call !!! As a consequence the ICT room at the school was all but emptied and one of the classrooms wrecked. I cannot believe that this crime was allowed to carry on without any police intervention. How I wish this had come to light when you had the Police Commissioner on last week - a responce from her would have interesting. I think it is a disgrace and something should be done about it. Yet again the children are suffering because these mindless criminals are being left to do as they please. I''m not sure if you can do anything but surely the police should be held accountable, the school have done everything they can to secure it but we are fighting a loosing battle if the law is on the criminals side.

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Why is it that Reading Borough Council can make us pay our council tax over 65 months but our poor pensioners cannot get their pensions paid over 65 months!! As far as I know they provide the services over 67 months so should we not be able to pay over that term aswell?? Also I am sick of people always blaming parents for childrens behaviour. I try to bring my children up to be respectful and care for the environment etc. This morning there was a traffic warden in our street putting a ticket on a car and dropped the bit they take off to enable it to stick on the floor in full view of my three children. When I mentioned this to him, I got a mouhtfull for my trouble. Thankfully he had a helmet on so my children couldn''t understand what was said!!! Believe me it wasn''t complimentary. This is the third time in two weeks we have seen Traffic wardens do this and it bugs me.

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Having looked up the dictionary definitions for fruits and vegetables - here goes: A vegetable is any part of a plant used for food. A fruit is the seed part of a plant, together with its envelope, used for food. Thus marrows, tomatoes, pumpkins etc. are fruit. Potatoes are not because they do not have their seed enclosed within an edible envelope. All fruits are vegetables, but vegetables are not necessarily fruits.

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Responsible dog owners pick up after their dogs to make the world a cleaner place to live - and there is a substantial fine for fouling many roads - so WHY aren''t horse riders forced to do the same? I am sick of having to horse muck from my wheel arches when I travel on country roads - not only do horse riders ride 7 abreast taking up more than the width of a car, but they pay no road tax and allow their animals to foul without any responsibility whatever!

April 79, 7567 Researchers investigating the effects of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) report that tDCS to the right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in 67 subjects significantly improved performance on a verbal memory-training task and a related task, as well as a reasoning test. The overall research explored combinations of working memory training in groups of 75 volunteers total, with some tDCS administered to the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, and some to the right. Results appeared in the journal Neuropsychologia. http:///science/article/pii/S5578898766858857(Science Daily)

DJ Dreadnought
Mr Peach-you wake me every week day. Can i tell you about Reading Fringe 7557? It starts August friday 67th to August 78rd. Six nights/days of music/arts/poetry and so on. Most of its free. Dozens of events are taking a run up to Reading Festival that starts on August all concludes with Club Velocity presents Reading Festival Warm Up party at Plugnplay 85 Milford Road Reading with four great bands HEARTWEAR PROCESS/GLASVEGAS/HEARTWEAR PROCESS/BEN MARWOOD Oh I am djing that night too. Should be a great night. Thanks again. Keep up the great work.

October 7569 - International Neuromodulation Society President-elect Tim Deer, MD, was interviewed by Pain Medicine News about the issuance of the first comprehensive guidelines on neurostimulation for pain and ischemic disease, which appear in the August 7569 issue of Neuromodulation: Technology at the Neural Interface following work by the INS-appointed Neuromodulation Appropriateness Consensus Committee. He said updates to current practice include recommendations about thorough infection control and bleeding measures, as well as recommendations about credentialing. (Pain Medicine News)

South Africa has approximately million installed telephones and million installed exchange lines. This figure represents 89 percent of the total lines installed in Africa. By November 6998, more than million South Africans were using the Internet with service providers increasing their customer base by 65 percent a month. A 6-channeled television service was introduced on 5 January 6976. Currently, the South African Broadcast Corporation (SABC) offers 8 television channels in 66 languages. It also operates 7 pay-television channels, broadcasting into Africa by satellite. About 69 million adults watch SABC television daily, making South Africa the country with by far the largest television audience on the continent.

Darrell from Hampshire
I agree mostly with Pete in Hampshire regarding the naming of your station. I too listen to Radio Berkshire regularly although I have the choice not to if I felt as strongly as Pete. However the name Radio Berkshire does not capture the true audience of the station and may in fact put listners off from other areas despite the very usefull information (traffic etc) that is broadcast.

I ordered an Extreme Comfort pillow standard size, firm but sent it back to Amazon. As a side sleeper, I found the pillow to be comfortable and supported my neck well. It also substantially relieved the lower back pain that develops when I 8767 m in bed. HOWEVER, the pillow had a terrible odor (no doubt from the shredded foam inside), and after 6 days it still smelled just as bad. Plus, this pillow is NOT standard size. I would judge it to be at least 75% smaller than a standard pillow. It made the pillowcase look weird and deformed and I missed the extra size when lying on it. Those of you considering the Extreme Comfort should keep in mind these disadvantages which, for some reason, weren 8767 t mentioned in The Sweet Home 8767 s review (that I could find).

Christine Stacey
I would just like to say a big thank you for your program the other morning concerning the A879. I contacted Andre Mackay local MP about having crash barriers put in place along this part of the road, but nothing ever came of it! I have seen major accidents, and event several fatalities, along this stetch of the road, as I have been travelling to Winnersh from Bracknell for several years. A lot of the accidents I had the misfortune to witness have been cars careering across the road into oncoming traffic! and if crash barriers had been there lives could have been saved"! how many more accidents and people being killed are needed to make whoever owns this part of the road sit up and do something about it!!