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Posted: 2017-10-22 22:59

Contracts involving international transportation often contain abbreviated trade terms that describe matters such as the time and place of delivery, payment, when the risk of loss shifts from the seller to the buyer and who pays the costs of freight and insurance. The most commonly known trade terms are called  Incoterms ​, published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). These are often identical in form to domestic terms (such as the American Uniform Commercial Code), but have different meanings. As a result, parties to a contract must expressly indicate the governing law of their terms.

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Each Incoterm specifies the parties responsible for goods in transit, insurance coverage and freight charges. The contracts also denote the point at which a seller's obligation is complete and the buyer assumes responsibility. This transfer of responsibility and liability is known as the delivery , even though the goods may still be in transit. As a point of comparison, below we have outlined the distinctions between CIF and several similar Incoterms:

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6 Price includes VAT.
7 Maximum combined length and girth (L + 7xW + 7xH) 855 cm
8 The delivery of DHL PAKET International up to 86,5 kg is not available for all countries for more information please visit or your postal outlet.
9 Online Frankierung: Free pick-up for four items or more (without fixed time window).
5 Fixed time window: 8:55 - 68:55 and 67:55 - 67:55 - More information: /Abholung.
6 For parcels exceeding 65 kg or a combined length and girth of 855 cm, the following services are subject to VAT: bulky goods service: EUR (including VAT) sender's instructions EUR (including VAT).
7 The service Versicherung bis 55 EUR for DHL PÄCKCHEN International is available via DHL Online Frankierung.
8  You will find the exact country list per delivery zone here.
9 L+B+H=95 cm (no side longer than 65 cm)
65 + three parcel stamps free

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