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Dentrix Tip Tuesdays: Understanding the Insurance Claims

Posted: 2017-12-07 19:22

The new Dentrix Enterprise More Information module, or “Patient Dashboard,” gives you fast, universal access to an overview of patient information, from basic demographics to future appointments, treatment plans, medical information and aged balance. You can even add a picture to each patient profile. Because you can customize the patient information page to show exactly which tabs interest you, the More Information module reduces the effort it takes to find everything you need to know about your patients.

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Assigning security rights to protect your patient information just got easier in Dentrix Enterprise . Now an administrator can create groups of security rights and then quickly assign users and roles to different groups. For instance, if you have a new employee at the front desk, simply assign her to the front desk group and specify what clinic(s) she has permission to access. Anytime you add or remove a security right from a group, those changes immediately affect all users attached to that group.

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We have a large amount of patients that will be on Medicaid one month and the get private insurance the next or vice-versa. It is awful in Dentrix because we will file on one and then when we receive payment it makes no sense because we now have a patient on Guardian, but was paid by Medicaid because we updated their insurance. Why can''t we have some form of inactive insurance? We tried making the secondary or tertiary insurance. This did not work as the system is very efficient at finding them and then and sending them out. Does anyone out there have a better work around?

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Hello all. We are investigating this request and are seeking some clarification on how to satisfy your needs. Can each of you who care to comment, please post a comment to illustrate the requirements of such a feature? Claims already capture the insurance information as it was at the time it was created and won''t change unless the claim is deleted for one reason or another. Would it be enough to just allow you to be able to go to the insurance information in Family File and list all insurance plans that the patient has had in the past, along with their data and effective dates? If we also added the ability to simply update an existing claim with the latest insurance plan in order to resubmit it, would those two abilities be enough? What else might you need in such a feature?

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What ever direction this goes, reports need to be included. Many reports need to be able to identify what insurance was linked during a time period. example (not that this report exists) how many patient had Medicaid from 6/6/68-6/6/68. How much was submitted during that time how much was collected and adjusted. currently theses types of reports pull from what is currently in the family file regardless of the actual time the service happened and what insurance was in place at that time.

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Dentrix Enterprise gives you a more powerful way to select patients with new advanced search options. Create targeted searches for patients using more than one criterion, such as last name and birth date or phone number and first name. The new Appointments tab in the Select Patient window lists all patients with an appointment for a selected day, making it even easier to find patients scheduled that day.

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What You’ll Learn…
• Properly creating insurance claims and pre-authorizations
• Creating and sending primary and secondary claims
• Electronic EOB’s
• Adding attachments and remarks to increase acceptance
• Entering batch insurance payments
• Enter and split payments
Generating and interpreting proper reports to identify claims that need follow-up.
• Insurance plan and fee schedule set up
• Save time and speed up payments with our Signature Claims Process only taught at Dental Career College

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Gain an in-depth understanding of how to use the Dentrix G6 Ledger to correctly bill insurance in order to collect more quickly and easily. Learn how to properly create pre-authorizations, create primary and secondary claims, add attachments and claim remarks to decrease claim denials or requests for more information,enter insurance payments, split insurance claims, and generate important reports to identify claims that were never sent or need follow-up. Learn about the new Dentrix G6 features that help you indicate that a claim was voided, find and automatically close claims without assignment of benefits, and set up what information prints in which boxes on the DX7557 and DX7567 claim formats. (Note: Insurance plan set up will be covered in a future class.) Hands-on class for experienced Dentrix users. 9am-5pm.

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Henry Schein Practice Solutions is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider. ADA CERP is a service of the American Dental Association to assist dental professionals in identifying quality providers of continuing dental education. ADA CERP does not approve or endorse individual courses or instructors, nor does it imply acceptance of credit hours by boards of dentistry. HSPS designates this activity for 6 continuing education credits per day of class time. Lecture-style class.

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When you run this report you can specify a range of patients, providers and insurance carriers to be included. You can also filter using the claim date, type of claim (primary/secondary), patient name, insurance company name, claim amount and expiration date on the report to keep it focused on just the information you are looking for. The report includes total amounts for primary and secondary claims and a combined total to let you know just how important it is that you don''t miss submitting these insurance claims.

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