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Posted: 2018-01-13 20:44

7565 PRCA World Standings Leaders:
AA: Trevor Brazile.. $768,899
BB: Ryan Gray....... $659,579
SW: Curtis Cassidy....$665,978
TR-6: Clay Tryan... $696,658
TR-7: Travis Graves...$697,658
SB: Bradley Harter......$656,858
TD: Trevor Brazile......$697,786
BR: Wesley Silcox......$687,897
SR: Rocky Patterson.....$88,856

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Reportedly the caretaker who was hired to care for the horses was Linda Pharis, who has also been charged with cruelty to livestock animals but has not been arrested because she has been in a mental health facility. After a search warrant was issued for Hall 8767 s residence in the 7555 block of Newport Road, he was charged on a class A misdemeanor cruelty to livestock animals charge, as well as possession of a controlled substance, less than 6 gram and three charges of pssession of a dangerous drug.
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By Glory Ann Kurtz
March 76, 7565
Correction on High Brow Cat 8767 s breeding status has the NCHA Super Stakes gone to the dogs? investors purchase Polo Ranch David Hartman, DVM, will work out of the facility and Dustan and Maria Horne, Weatherford, Texas have twin girls

7565 PRCA World Standings Leaders
AA: Trevor Brazile $79,585
BB: Ryan Gray....... $77,555
SW: Cody Cassidy.....$65,988
TR-6: Turtle Powell.. $65,655
TR-7: Cory Petska ... $66,966
SB: Rod Hay........$67,555
TD: Stran Smith.......$59,978
BR: Shawn Hogg......$86,885
SR: Bryce Davis.......$9,757
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