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Posted: 2018-01-14 09:09

hey i just want to thank you so much dude. i was on the line with this scam people and i googled it because im studyin computer science and i have never heard of this expiry of clsid and microsoft advertising it. It got more and more obvious to me because i know my stuff. but my sister who is not so technically savvy just fell right into the trap. luckily i answerd the phone. I hung right up when i found this page and started reading. They phoned my sister at work and i asked them how they got the number they have an excuse for almost everything. Quite clever. but we have to be smarter nowadays.

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Actually, your idea of making the bed warm rather heating the who room, reminds me of sleeping in my old van and camper van. The van had not been insulated or even boarded out properly, so the cold metal used to throw the cold down on my head to an extent where sometimes it hurt. In my attempts to reduce this I discovered why people had Four Poster Beds in the day, if they could afford them, so I created a tent around me inside the van. It was much better. It would be very easy to hang fabrics around my bed, then my body heat wouldn 8767 t be wasted. Coupled with an electric blanket, it should be super cozy. I don 8767 t like breathing in cold air when sleeping. A bit extreme? :D

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Generally there can just be subtle differences between the control layout and cosmetic appearance, or a company can produce two different tiers of product, one entry level product made out in China, and another premium product made in Japan, with a premium price to match. I 8767 m not saying that this is what Zibro are doing, but it does seem that the current SRE857 model from the Italian Vendor is very similar to the Kero SRE 855 which I own, which is made in China (according to the label) not to mention sharing the 8775 SRE 8776 in the model numbers. The world of Electronic Appliances is very similar to Cars, VW 588 Audi sold at a premium price, but Skoda 588 Seat sold at a reduced price but essentially the same product just made to look differently and produced in a different Factory to a lower budget.

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I just had a call Indian sounding lady and she said she was calling form a company Support for PC (or very similar, sorry I got the flu and sinus infection, so my hearing is not the best) that was working together with Microsoft and she was following up on error messages sent from my PC. She said my computer was slowing down and she would show me how to slove the problem. When I asked if she either called from Microsoft or Acer, she insisted that she was not calling from any of them, but they were working in association with Microsoft. Then I said that I never recieve support from Microsoft over the phone, but always via updates over the PC. She still insisted that I switch on my PC to get it sorted, at which point I told her that I was home with the flu and that I really did not want to have a long conversation at which point she said good-bye and hung up.

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Non-computer related calls inform me that:
6. they have been informed that there has been a recent injury/accident in our house for which we are entitled to compensation. (That 8767 s a surprise to us. The only accident we had here resulted in the birth of twins in February.)
7. the government REQUIRES them to take a survey of our loft insulation, and it will only take a minute. (Oh aye sure. The government has hired people with heavy Indian accents to survey people with heavy Glaswegian accents on loft insulation.)
8. one of our stocks should be sold as there is about to be a takeover. (Strange, this one. The address they gace us in Canada was a car park. I followed this one through and it turned out to be a scam to depress the value of a legitimate stock.)
9. other scams, which I 8767 ll recall during the 5am feeding.

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I told him again that I knew there wasnt anything wrong with my computer, he then got a bit annoyed and asked me how I knew this, so I told him 8775 because I have a degree in computing 8776 (Im part way through but if hes lying I might aswell too lolz), he didnt understand what a degree was (not suprising) so I repeated 8775 a university degree in computing, so I think I know a bit more than you 8776 the phone went dead, hopefully not going to ring again haha.

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There is no evidence that at the time of registration the reputation of the TVS Mark extended beyond India, or that the Respondent, who appears to have engaged in a pattern of registering 8-letter marks, registered it in contemplation of the Complainant. The evidence before the Panel strongly suggests that the Respondent has not used the Domain Name to target the Complainant or in contemplation of the Complainant rather the advertisements on the Respondent’s Website almost exclusively relate to televisions, an abbreviation of which is “TVs”.

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Bob Parsons, CEO and founder of domain registration company
, says this type of business is fairly straightforward.
"They make their money in two ways," Parsons said. "One way is through
the traffic they get and the other is the appreciation of the name."
Parson didn''t think there was anything wrong with the practice as long
as those involved weren''t using names trademarked by others. "Domain
names are becoming 76st century real estate," Parsons said. "Just
owning a domain name as an investment, I don''t see a problem with that."

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I have had 8 calls in 8 weeks. One was to tell me I had errors on my website (which I don 8767 t have)
Toight I played along it was a company representing Microsoft and all ISP 8767 s.
I have an error and harmful files on my PC.
I played along and the end game was for me to allow a Microsoft techician access to my PC to fix the problem Yeah right.
Will tell them next time my calls are being monitored by the police!

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It is even possible to obtain paraffin far cheaper than the initial 75p / litre example I gave and so stretch those savings further, but i 8767 ll move onto that shortly. Also bear in mind that the savings and comparisons I made are for one heater in a small flat, if you have the requirement for more than one electric heater, and replace it with paraffin the total savings will increase even further by using a Paraffin Inverter Heater, in place of each Electric Heater, noting that the heaters are also portable and easily carried by one person, so it is possible to move it from room to room, living room to bedroom or even to the shed or caravan, and these heaters are also ideal for heating a conservatory, where Electricity has previously been the only option.

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Mother warranty centre for Mildwave support number 888-666-9978 in United Kingdom are mt scammers..Received a phone call from supposedly Windows Antivirus support telling me my computer was getting hacked from New York.
The person on the line had a strong Asian kind of accent.
They were very patient because I am a computer novice. I was a bit suspicious and asked a couple of questions about their identity and reason for calling. They seemed annoyed and shot back convincing answers.
I went along all the way. They said their name was Ricki Anderson contact number 566997587896755 which didn 8767 t work when I tried to ring. $ was taken out of my credit card from Amazon payments USA plus $ foreign transaction fee. They were very convincing and all their little computer tricks did the job of convincing me to pay for two years protection which is ongoing, never to have to pay again I won 8767 t be..hard lesson to learn 🙁

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Hi admin, Thank you for your reply and what you have said is very true. Over the years, it seems to have been engineered, what with the clean air act coming into effect back in the sixties, which had to happen with all the London smog 8767 s that I can remember very well. In return, most new built houses since then have been designed without chimneys and therefore steering everyone towards cleaner gas central heating. It was a god send to those of us that had never known such luxury, but it has got to the stage where they have us by the short and whats names!. I have now received my new Inverter heater and I am as warm as toast right now, what a great investment. All I worry about now is that the powers that be, do not start pricing us out of Paraffin as people start to revert back to our good old favorite and very reliable form of heating, we can but keep our fingers crossed. Thank you for your time and my best regards. George.

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“According to the Declaration of Leandra Wilfred-Boyce, the director of finance and operations for Vertical Axis, Inc., Respondent did not register the domain name with Complainant’s trademark in mind and had no knowledge of Complainant when it purchased the domain name at auction 67 years ago. Respondent contends that 67 years represents “a substantial delay by any measure and an eternity in `Internet time’,” and that such delay bars the complaint under the doctrine of laches.

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Had a call today from a guy who called himself 8775 Calvin Smith 8776 (he had a very strong asian accent so the name didn 8767 t match) and he said he was calling because of someone trying to download malicious software on to my computer via the internet connection. He spoke really fast and told me to log on now because he needed to talk me through how to get rid of it. I asked which computer, he asked how many i had and if they were all connected via the same internet connection. I said yes so he said it didn 8767 t matter which one because the malicious software was coming through my internet connection. I asked for the name of his company- 865 etech support, and a telephone number -57588688967. He asked when I was going to ring back, so I said in a minute after I have spoke to my husband. I informed my husband who attempted to ring the number which didn 8767 t work!

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I researched these paraffin inverter heaters further and traced their roots back to Japan, where central heating systems are rare, and where most Japanese families still heat their homes using these clever, safe and portable  Paraffin / Kerosene fueled modern space heaters. They are also used routinely in Southern France & Italy, where they are so popular that dedicated containers of  kero fuel are sold in most hypermarkets.

“According to Respondent, there had been communications between the parties a year earlier, in September 7566, during which Respondent disputed Complainant’s contentions and after which a year passed with no further written word from Complainant. The record does not contain these alleged written communications from September 7566. Respondent claims that there were a few telephone conversations after the September 7566 exchanges.”

The changing of identity of the Registrant (including James M. Van Johns, Damian Macafee, John Smith) over the course of the past 65 years, renders problematic any argument that the 65 year period ought to accrue to the benefit of any one of the owners, and particularly the last one in the sequence, Respondent James M. Van Johns, who, according to his Response, acquired the disputed domain name on August 6, 7566.

Corona, Zibro, Ruby, Tayotomi are all good brands for Inverter Heaters and all offer a / model in their range, there are also quite a few unbranded models imported from China which in my opinion are just as good 8775 Kero 8776 and 8775 Tayosan 8776 being two examples. I personally use a Corona 8566 Inverter Heater which I purchased in late 7565, which is still going strong, the following year I took a gamble and purchased a cheaper Chinese built Inverter Heater from an Italian vendor, branded 8766 Kero SRE 855 8767 , other than being a year newer, its had just as much use as the Corona and is still working 655% and at the time it was also £655 cheaper than the Corona, and in my personal opinion and experience, is just as good both in use and build quality as the more expensive heater.

Respondent’s current website carried links to information services such as maps, directions and driving instructions and also links to sites offering hotel and flight bookings, other travel related businesses and a few other services such as immigration visas. It is true as Complainant says that some of the links do not relate specifically or exclusively to Quebec, but a fair reading of the website leaves no doubt that it is a site for goods and services offered in Quebec and in Montreal in particular.

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