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Posted: 2017-12-07 20:20

Oz saferooms are one piece, slab sided affairs of 5,555 psi poured concrete. They have walls two feet thick and 68-inch thick ceilings with chamfered edges and reinforced 76-inch thick roof corners. The weakest part of any saferoom is the door, Zagorski said. The Oz doors are of steel sandwiched between 8/9-inch plywood. The door slides in a covered, recessed steel channel because hinges will not withstand a tornado''s wrenching winds. Holes below knee level in the massive walls and a concealed slot above the door provide ventilation.

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Your choice of both product type and place of purchase is limited only by your personal requirements, and in some cases, by your type of medical insurance. Medicare and many HMOs will impose certain restrictions on the purchase of ostomy supplies. If you are on Medicare, an important consideration in choosing a supplier is whether they accept Medicare assignment. Always check with your insurance carrier to determine the details of your insurance.

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