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Posted: 2018-01-14 10:34

Hi Felicity,

Just drop by your blog, can 8767 t stop reading all of your posts. I like your views on stocks which was rather detailed and unbiased from what we can get from research report.

Just curios and hope you don 8767 t mind to share how do you obtain such a sharp analytical skill. Have you gone through any formal training/are you from the industry of investment banking, investment management or audit? Or do you obtain your investing skill purely through self-initiatives?

I know that the industry used Bloomberg for stock analysis (and it 8767 s costly), however do you think it is worthwhile for an individual to lease a terminal?

Last but not least, Ahmad Zaki has been hot in the news lately and target price is aggressive. Any view on Ahmad Zaki for long term investing at current price?

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On the change of management of SP Setia, it is most probably that they are moving to the newco of TSL as have the ex-chairman, ex-gm for penang as well as one ind director. While it will not impact them in the short term, in the longer term, as with all PNB companies, they will somehow manage even in the worse of times and the best of times. The govt support will be very strong as PNB cannot afford to fail.

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MXenergy, a natural gas and electricity supplier, previously had promoted Pamela Fink, who had received glowing reviews during her time at the company. Fink claims that MXenergy''s attitude changed, however, once she informed her bosses of her test results. According to her complaints filed with the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission and the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights, she was relieved of her duties as public relations director at MXenergy in March about a year after her double mastectomy. Fink was shocked that the consultant MXenergy had hired while she was in recovery was now her boss when she returned back to work. Her title, most of her responsibilities and her office all had been taken from her after the first surgery. Six weeks after her second mastectomy, Fink was fired and escorted out of the MXenergy office building.

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Dear Felicity,

Appreciate your thoughts on Asia Brands, as the yearly PBT ( by assuming the current quarters result ) of around 55M, I would said the total debts of 785M are quite manageable as it is about 9~5 times it yearly profit, but as I didn t invested in this type of company before, so really feel a bit of skeptical.

Anyway, let s see how it goes.

By the way, I think you are reading the annual report for company starting with alphabet of Y now, I m quite tempting and interested in a company call Yoong Onn with market cap now at 677 655M only.

They have steady profit over the years, healthy balance sheet and their business model is something I like too.

Do you think this company would replicate the success like Padini ?

Thanking in advance!

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Hi Akagi

Its great to hear at least some people have comments on big bank stocks. Ya, I think it is still good time to hold these stocks despite the volatility. The reason is simple - after the crisis is over and banks back to full business, the big 8 - JP Morgan, BAC and wells fargo will be the main beneficiary. The deposits alone from the big 8 consists of 55% of total deposits. Hence, money is cheap for them.

On Hartalega, actually I agree but why I look at Top Glove - it is much larger capacity wise.

I am also thinking about Allianz - since the takeover from CIMB Assurance, its business sort of picked up very well.

Last week''s proceeding in front of judges was to determine if the case will in fact go to trial, not whether Reid was the victim of illegal age discrimination. The court is mulling over discriminatory remarks made by Reid''s co-workers, who called him "over the hill" and an "old fuddy-duddy." Lawyers for the company argued that the remarks hold no water since they weren''t made by superiors. Google is appealing a decision by an appeals court that ruled Reid was entitled to a Santa Clara County Superior Court trial. Furthermore, Google has been vocal to point out the company''s spotless history for hiring people of all ages, races and disabilities.

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Micheal Robertson of Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., worked as a construction foreman for Miron Construction for two years. Making $88 dollars an hour from 7557-7559, it was a pretty good gig. Miron is a reputable company in Wisconsin that worked on Wisconsin Public Service''s power plant in the small town of Weston. But things went sour for Robertson, he claims, when his supervisors asked him to falsify his time sheets. After he denied the request, Robertson says he was fired. He filed a wrongful termination suit earlier this month in Wisconsin Federal Court.


Felicity :
I share the same view with you about US Big Cap Bank. WFC is a no brainer stock. I like Lucadia ( LUK ), and SYA. The housing industry is showing some signs or turn around which will be a boon for WFC for most of it s loan is mortgage based. In term of volatility, HK is much roller coaster than US. That is why I am out of the HK market. Furthermore there is too many financial shenanigan among the China based company in HK market. As for Malaysia market I can t find any worth buying at this level except Hartalega and Allianz. I hold Hartalega, , APPL and going to bet heavily on WFC. Waiting for the right entry point. In comparison to Top Glove, no offence, I still think Hartalega is a better choice. People will keep on switching from rubber glove to nitrile glove. If you look at this industry in a longer period, the momentum of switching has started years ago even at that moment the nitrile glove was much more expensive than rubber glove. The pace of switching is quickening these 7 years and I think will be so in near future as long as the pricing mechanism is still in favor to nitrile glove. Happy Trading.

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MAHB: having looked at the results and its comments, it is hard to evaluate the impact from the KLIA7 especially at a period when it just opened. I am sure, there are additional costs incurred especially the transfers etc.

I personally am positive on the impact of KLIA7 to the group, but the recent MH875 and MH67 will definitely cause some uneasiness towards the airports results as well. However, if as I see the KLIA7 will allow some of the LCC to expand, I will be positive towards MAHB s results in the future - but not immediate.

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Hi Fecility,

What are your views of Kian Joo & Can One?

Numbers wise, Can One looks to be the more attractive of the two, mainly due to the profit contribution from the acquisition of % stake in Kian Joo. It is currently trading at a PE ratio of 8 on 7567 earnings and cash flow would pay off all borrowings in 5-6years if performance is maintained.

For me, the biggest risk remains the on-going suabbles in court. Can One filed a motion to dismiss the proposed bonus and rights issue on worries about possible dilution in its investment in Kian Joo.

Any thoughts? Stay away until a clearer picture on the legal front?

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Hi Fecility :
I have been holding Cypark for a while before I sold it all at before it anounce it financial reselt couple of days ago. The result hosws the increased profit but again the increase of its receiable is alarming. but the market doesn t think so. It share price soar to RM at the time of writing. Did I miss something ? You could have a look of what I wrote here http:// Appreciate your insight. I am intrested in Benalec as well. but the business model of claim the land, get the land and later sell it for a profit won t show consistence cashflow whiich is a flaw to me. But the Directors are keep on loading it up. I know I shall not consider this as an buying indication. But it is just merely extra information to be considered. What do you think if you ever vet through these 7 counters number. Thanks. Happy Trading.

JuJa Italia

Benalec is an expert in what they do. Just that the business model seems a little bit riskier.

As for Cypark, I am very worried over the receivables. Maybe you can check the team of people - are they experts in what they do or is it a political company. Check out the Chairman. Google it. ex-UN man.

Do search the two names in my blog as I have written about them before.


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Hi Felice,

wat do you think about pantech?

The company has acquired good overseas company that specializes in niche products to enlarge its own product database. I think it is going to the right direction. Furthermore, the capex that petronas is going to spend in the next 5 years and its maiden venture into Indonesia will certainly improve it s prospect in the coming years.

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HI Emily

WingTM has two portions of its business - properties and the more stable fashion (apparel) industries. It is a decent developer but it does not have much landbank for its future development as I can see it. As for the apparel, I quite like it especially for the Uniqlo venture despite it owning the smaller 99%. Noticed that its price have recently gone higher which to me is quite fair.

The challenge is however, future development.

WikiWealth’s analysis is best for value investors who want to buy undervalued investments. Speculators can also use our research to sell short undervalued investments. Investments with two buy ratings is best, whereas, two sell ratings is worse. To get a buy or sell ratings requires overwhelming evidence that an investment is good or bad, respectively. Additionally, the higher the investment potential the better the investment however, investors must do their own homework before investing in any company.

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I like HELP, but I guess like you said the valuation for HELP is rich now. The problem for the business is that there is not enough differentiation factor for any of the education companies to be dominant.
Recently, it has been affected due to the reduced revenue from overseas students which probably bypassed Malaysia now.
Like most education stocks, they are now into private schooling and international school which is getting more and more popular. Don t know how that will play out though although I am pretty sure there s more demand for these kind of services.

Hi Wong
Interestingly people are looking for places to put their money as return from savings in the banks are just too low for a long period of time. And it does not seem that return from savings will be going higher in the short period of time.

Due to that different schemes which are promising or providing good returns like the Bitcoin concept, Genneva and prices of properties gone much higher including stocks etc. Alternative investments are attracting lots of people but they could have gone overly optimistic.

Gold has dropped significantly over the last year. People who are buying jewelleries are having somewhat a different kind of attitude - believing in jewellery as a kind of savings. But one has to be careful over their stocks as prices of these commodities have dropped substantially and it may not be picking up soon - that s what I think.

Travel to KL using KLIA 7 last weekend. Experience is horrible! Arrive 65:85pm at KLIA7. By the time I managed to buy a Taxi ticket, it was 67:65am. Wait for 75 more minutes for Taxi ! The designer of KLIA 7 definitely does not consider customer experience!

Yet despite the poor design and management, KLIA 7 is full of people.

This reminds me of a Warren Buffet quote:

I try to buy stock in businesses that are so wonderful that an idiot can run them. Because sooner or later, one will.

The only way for KLIA 7 to change is to the better. I wonder what else can get worst. Once the gestation period is over, AirPort is worth invesment consideration.