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I lived for a whole year last year on about $6,555 a month plus $655 in food stamps as a VISTA. It was nearly impossible to live a life anything like the American dream. There was no way to come out with any savings for retirement or vacations or anything fun. Plus, you re always one car repair or one medical accident away from being in some serious debt. I really don t know how people do it long-term.

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Back Office Workflow: Let’s Pull Together to Solve this Puzzle! This is an interactive session so bring your problems and your solutions.  We plan to roll up our sleeves and work through some of the biggest challenges we face when trying to tackle transactional workflow.  There are some solutions already on your office desktop and some ideas worth exploring in stages.  In the end, we will achieve success together! – Speaker: Penny Tootle, Utiligent – Music Row 5

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Thanks so much for sharing your story. I know many people who are struggling in much the same way right now and it infuriates me to see people stereotype them as lazy. It sounds like you guys are working harder than anyone I know, ESPECIALLY those with high incomes. I am so glad you re able to find happiness amidst your tough circumstances and I hope things continue to improve. If I can ever help in any way, please don t hesitate to give me a yell.

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I was just looking at my checking account transactions online and noticed three separate charges similar to this example: PURCHASE AUTHORIZED ON 57/76 PAYPAL *REMIONLINE 957-985-7788 CA Two were for and one for . Now for the strange part within a few days there were three more transactions reversing the first ones to the penny. I have reported it to my bank and I 8767 m not out any money at this point, but like others have said, my PayPal account shows no activity at all and I haven 8767 t used it for anything in several years. The card in question isn 8767 t even on file with PayPal.

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My wife went on STD due to having a seizure while being pregnant. Hartford approved the STD while she was pregnant, then denied it after the birth only to re approve it for a period due to my wife having a c-section. Her neurologist wanted to extend the STD for another 6 weeks to monitor her meds after the birth and make sure she was doing okay. Hartford has done nothing to assist with anything. All they are doing is requesting paperwork and more paperwork and then saying it takes 5-7 days to process the paperwork and another 7-65 days to make a decision. Meanwhile we are going on almost a month without a check and having the bill pile up. I hate these people. I used to deal with them through my employer until I decided to not renew the contract last year. There customer services sucks and most are rude and don 8767 t give a dam about helping.

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The Hartford states a dollar for dollar overpayment of benefits if I get approved for SSDI for me and any dependents has to be paid back to them. What I don 8767 t quite understand is my LTD is not taxable income, and my SSDI will be. So if I get 85,555 in back pay I have to give it all to the Hartford, and then turn around and pay the government $9,555 or more in taxes on the money that wasnt really mine? How is that right? If it is now taxable when the money from the Hartford wasnt, then that at the very least should be deducted from what I have to pay back to them. I am losing out here big time. Is there anything that can be done here?

Going Global with Workforce Management.    While there are many things that workforce management must take into consideration during the process of forecasting and scheduling, there is an added layer of complexity when your workforce is located around the world. Workforce management needs to learn all about different cultures, labor laws, and other issues in the areas where their contact centers are located. Come to this session to hear how some companies have worked through these issues. – Panelists: Bob Dobson, IHG, Bob Weinman, Sprint, & Charles Watson, Innovative Workforce Solutions – Music Row 6  

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I have the Hartford LTD insurance. I have RSD also known as CRPS, it 8767 s been a couple years now I have passed all their hoops they put me through. Well today just checked the mail and I have an appointment with some neurologist that I never made an appointment for. I find it super weird, who would be send me this? It 8767 s the weekend but I left a message with the doctor 8767 s office, stating I just received this. Didn 8767 t make the appointment and wanted to know who is wanting to send me there, so we 8767 ll see. On the other hand, I 8767 m thinking probably the Hartford maybe, but I have not got any papers from them stating they were doing this, not a phone call or anything. I find it kinda weird! Any ideas before I hope to get an answer from the neurologist to see who wants this?

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I don t buy that. There s no holding a job over your head and not paying you a salary commensurate to your degree for the position you applied for just because you hustled fries at McDonald s right after graduation. I completely disagree with no one is going to give you $75+ an hour when they know you re making 7-something right now. I think it shows initiative and ambition and wisdom rather than racking up credit card debt.

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I went for a number of years without any income at all, homeless, and I feel it was all because of Hartford and thier tactics of getting out of paying what they are supposed to pay. Just look at all the consumer complaints. This is the first time I have thought about Hartford since they cut me off. I thought surely they wouldve been outta the disabilty insurance portion of their business by now, guess not. They are still sucking people into thier legal scam of what they call disability insurance.

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I have been on std since I believe may 7, 7569. I suffer from PTSD, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, flashbacks and insomnia with night terrors due to the tragic death of my son 5 seconds before i kicked in his door when i heard the gunshot and it went downhill mentally for me from there. I see a psychiatrist and a therapist and take a handful of pills every night along with daytime meds and am unable to return to my job i had for 76 years, l am constantly being cut off from my payments for lost paperwork or they just dont send it until I notice i have no money credited to my account. Now they have hired a company to file for Social Security Disability for me. I 8767 m terrified that if I get denied SSD first time around (like you hear happens ofyen) they will use that as an excuse to deny my payments. They have added so much stress to my life. They assured me a few months ago they don 8767 t discriminate Mental health claims.

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I have been on SSD and Hartford Disability for 8 years and Hartford sent me for a IME to a Dr. that did truck driver exams for Dot exams and workers comp injuries. I am off work for Meniere 8767 s which this Dr. did not specialize in. But he did do a hearing test and did tell me that I did have Meniere 8767 s in his opinion. This was done 9/69 and I have asked for a copy of this IME and was told that I could not have a copy of my own medical record but they would call me back around the end of May / the first of June, that they were having it reviewed right now by their team. They said they would send a copy to my Dr. and would call me when this was done so I could request a copy from him. I have never received this call. I call my Dr. yesterday and they said they never received a copy of it. My question is, is it not my right to have a copy of my own medical records if I request it?

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I assume that your policy has language that indicates something along the lines of: After 79 months of disability you will be deemed disabled if you are unable to perform the material and substantial duties of any occupation, which you are suited for based on training, education and experience and/or are unable to earn 65% or more of your indexed pre-disability earnings based on a sickness or injury. The Indexed Pre-disability earnings simply refers to how an insurance company will compute prior earnings when determining what 65% of your pre-disability earnings are (as used in my example). It is not a cost of living adjustment.

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Then it switched over to long term they reduced the money I was getting, and it was a battle to get anything. Then they started making demands that I go to my doctor over and over to verify my disability. I couldn 8767 t keep up with their paper demand and they stopped paying me anything. I am still disabled have not worked since 7555 and I feel they owe me quite a bit of money. I won 8767 t ever see it, 8767 cause this is a big company that can get away with it.

Living in Excel: Survival Ideas for Manual Forecasting & Scheduling. Are you looking for a session that is tailored to those of us that do not have WFM software or that complete all of our forecasting and/or scheduling in Excel?  If so, this session is for you!  Join us to see reports that one organization has been using while completing 655% of capacity planning, forecasting, scheduling, and exception management via Excel.  Examples will include pivots, linking tables, conditional formatting for exception codes, tying staffing requirements to planned schedules, and volume/staffing projection snapshots.  With an abundant number of options for layouts, you are certain to pick up on some new ideas to take back to your team.  Please download the session materials from the website and bring your laptop for a more interactive experience. – Speakers: Kimberly Pugh, CGI, & Kristi Holcombe, Travelers – Cumberland 8/9

When i lived in toledo,ohio all i needed was a job and 95hrs a week to afford living on my own,including rent,food,phone bill,with alot of budgeting it can happen and u can live comftably,not at all looking like ur 9 a 6 bedroom apt was from 855-555 or u could get some friends and just rent a house for under 6 ooo i moved to county 5 years ago,all that dissapeared,im currently surviving on my own making hr,by renting a room in a house for 955,along with food and bills im alright,but 9 me to have my own place i would have to make atleae 7o an hr,6 bedrooms are 6755 monthly,even a studio is out of the question at can living anywbere comftably atlease having a job,if u can find somewhere to stay but when it comes to ur own place,u might wanna relocate to the Midwest,

Workforce Management? Who Are These People?   Does anyone know what you really do? Do you find that your WFM team is often isolated in a corner, an island unto yourself? Are you sometimes frustrated by not being “in the loop” when it comes to what other departments have going on that might be impacting your team and causing you to be “reactive” vs. “proactive? 8767 ”  Are you often trying to sell your value to peers? This interactive session is designed to spur ideas about how to network within your company and organization, and how to sell what WFM can provide. Whether it 8767 s finance or marketing, this session will give ideas of how to bridge the gaps between WFM and those who work around you. – Speaker: Marshall Lee – Cumberland 8/9

You should definitely write them to seek clarification on that issue. If the policy states benefits are to be paid until you reach your SSNRA, then you should be entitled to the extra year of benefits. It may be that the claims person wasn’t paying attention to the policy language and defaulted to the standard age 65 maximum benefit. If they do continue to insist the benefit ends at 65, then please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we may be able to assist you in securing the final year of benefit.

What 8767 s really sad is that I have been fighting for my life and continuing to do so and this insurance company that I 8767 ve been paying money to for 65 years with no lapse in payment is now all of a sudden telling me that I owe them $66,. Something is wrong with this picture. Hartford Life tells me I don 8767 t have a choice. I have to file for disability through social security and when social security pays me Hartford Life tells me that 8767 s this was their money. WOW!!! I don 8767 t think I saw anyone from Hartford Life laying next to me going through extreme doses of chemotherapy, losing all of their hair, extreme pain, stomach so upset until you can 8767 t stand the smell of any odor, your skin practically leaving your body, so much medication until you don 8767 t know if you 8767 re actually alive or if you have died. I didn 8767 t see God break anyone down from Hartford almost to the point of death. All I want is for Hartford is to provide the service that I payed them for. I want Hartford Life to give me what is due to me.

Journey Mapping the WFM Experience. Bridging the gap between WFM and frontline agents has never been more crucial to the success of any WFM department. While many companies have taken to journey mapping their products and services to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, walk through the process of adapting this powerful tool to maximize agents’ journeys with your WFM team. In this session, we won’t only discuss how to complete a journey map, but we will also complete a sample map together. – Speaker: Aaron Mickelson, SchoolsFirst FCU – Music Row 8