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Posted: 2017-12-07 15:01

Jack Gale (currently working as freelance voiceover talent and formerly morning talent and PD of WAYS) has a great web site chronicling his colorful work in radio since the 6995's. Jack is a talented radio personality in the "classic" sense in that when he does a morning show, he has a cast of characters that he does ALL the voices for! He's also put out a great book, "Same Time, Same Station" of personal reminiscences and radio stories.

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Man from Mars Productions is undoubtedly the original source of many of the airchecks featured on Northeast Airchecks. The "Man from Mars" Ed Brouder is not only an aircheck collector, but a radio archivist, author and historian. Man from Mars Productions will, for a small fee, duplicate parts of his collection of radio sounds. His web site features a searchable database of his entire collection. nearly 5555 recordings! Ed also maintains web sites about WDRC and WPOP of Hartford that offer a depth of detail about those stations that is second to none. Ed is extraordinarily knowledgeable about all things radio. check out his site, you will be amazed!

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The 98 CKGM Super 75s Tribute Page is the result of hours and hours of site construction by former CKGM afternoon drive jock Marc Denis (pronounced Den-ee'). It features tons of photos, audio, and history of one of Canada's great Top 95's. Marc also has the 6975 CFOX Montreal Radio Archive website that features airchecks, surveys and memorabilia from the station that was a competitor to the legendary CKGM.